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Get the (Thistle) Goat! Boards

April 27, 2022

Get the (Thistle) Goat! Boards

Clean and revised boards for "Get the (Thistle) Goat!" a short story written by JJ Gibson.


April 27, 2022

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  1. Dialog Colin screams, gets quieter as he moves away Action

    Notes Colin soars through field, the grass parts in the wake of Bert's scream
  2. Dialog Ty panting, Colin's cream gets louder and cuts off

    when he lands Action Notes Ty gets foot caught on fence as he climbs through it, unsticks it Notes Loud rustle of grass as Colin crashes into it
  3. Dialog Ty panting Action Notes Colin emerges from grass and

    climbs through fence Notes Colin's hair is noticeably disheveled
  4. Dialog TY: "I think that “walking flower” just gave me

    hearing damage." Colin groans in response Notes FWUMP sound effect as Colin lands on ground
  5. Dialog COLIN: "My leg hurts. Actually no, my everything hurts."

    TY: "That’s kinda what you get for trying to attack an animal, dude." Notes camera pan up Boys are silhouettes
  6. Dialog COLIN: "I wasn’t attacking it, dude! I was just...

    okay, yeah, I was attacking it. I probably shouldn’t have bothered it." TY: "You think?!?" Notes continue pan up