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Communities and contribution

Oliver Davies
September 28, 2023

Communities and contribution

Oliver Davies

September 28, 2023

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  1. About Me • Self-taught software developer (started in 2007). •

    Full Stack Software Consultant. • Web Development Manager at Transport for Wales. • PHP and Drupal specialist. • Open-source software maintainer and contributor. • Meetup and conference organiser. • School of Code mentor (BC14 and BC15). @opdavies
  2. How I Started • Built a website for a Tae

    Kwon-Do school (HTML and CSS) in 2007. • Learning from online resources like blogs, forums, YouTube, Lynda.com and Total Training. • Learned more as the project developed, including PHP. • Introduced to Drupal in an answer to a forum post. • Started some freelance work and went full-time in 2010. @opdavies
  3. Communities • Drupal and PHP • JavaScript • Linux and

    DevOps • Tailwind CSS • Neovim • Accessibility and security • School of Code (students and mentors) @opdavies
  4. Why? • Paying it forward. • Giving something back. •

    Helping me and others learn. • Developing a personal brand. • Building and growing a network. • Improving opportunities. @opdavies
  5. Summary • Software is not just about code. • Communities

    are great for getting experience, learning and networking. • Open-source, public speaking, blogging, mentoring look good on a CV. @opdavies