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Transforming Insights Into Services

Transforming Insights Into Services

Keynote given at UXLib on 18 March 2015. Full description will follow.

Paul Jervis Heath

March 18, 2015

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    Cambridge, Wednesday 18 March 2015 MODERN HUMAN
  2. MODERN HUMAN MODERN HUMAN Imagine what’s next… We’re a boutique

    design practice and innovation consultancy that specialises in imagining disruptive new products, services and experiences then making them a reality. @modhuman #uxlibs
  3. MODERN HUMAN IMMERSE IMAGINE INVENT INSPIRE design research service development

    divergent thinking analysis & storytelling concepting divergent thinking convergent thinking convergent thinking @modhuman #uxlibs
  4. MODERN HUMAN “Service design is all about making the service

    you deliver useful, usable, efficient, effective and desirable.” – The Design Council @modhuman #uxlibs
  5. MODERN HUMAN “It’s not intangible or about the feeling you

    give customers or users. It's about actual things, which service designers might call touchpoints.” – The Design Council @modhuman #uxlibs
  6. MODERN HUMAN Touchpoint A point of interaction between a person

    and any agent or artefact of an organisation. These interactions take place at a certain point in time, in a certain context, and with the intention of meeting a specific customer need. @modhuman #uxlibs
  7. MODERN HUMAN Channel A medium of interaction with customers or

    users. Print, the web, mobile, voice calls, and bricks & mortar locations are all common channels for reaching out to and interacting with customers. A channel defines the opportunities or constraints of a touchpoint. @modhuman #uxlibs
  8. MODERN HUMAN There’s no such thing as the eureka moment.

    Good ideas are hard work. @modhuman #uxlibs

    from: Diffusion of Innovations, Everett M Rogers. (1962). Crossing the Chasm, Geoffrey Moore. (1991). @modhuman #uxlibs
  10. MODERN HUMAN WORKAROUNDS Quick, seemingly efficient solutions that address the

    symptoms of a problem not the root cause. VALUES People’s values play an important role in their motivations. What do they value? What’s important to them? What’s not? INERTIA Situations in which customers act out of habit. How can you leverage or break that inertia? SHOULD VS WANT People struggle with the tension between things they crave in the moment and things they know are good for them in the long term. How can you help people move from where they are to where they want to be? What are we looking for? @modhuman #uxlibs
  11. MODERN HUMAN _ Close your laptop and tell stories. It

    makes the most of our human capacity for spotting patterns in narratives. _ As you talk have someone else write each observation on a sticky note. Print out all the photos you took. _ Build an insight board of all of the post-its and photos. _ Affinity Sort: organise it into themes. Code your observations. This all lays the groundwork for recognising insights. _ Observations are raw data. Insights are the interpretation of patterns in your observations. What did you find out? @modhuman #uxlibs
  12. MODERN HUMAN _ Don’t try and think about everything at

    once. Find a good place to start. _ Don’t focus on the obvious. There’s a risk that you just confirm your own preconceptions and prejudices. _ Start with unexpected observations. _ Why is this a pattern? Why is it unexpected? Why is it meaningful? Look for the unexpected and ask why? @modhuman #uxlibs

    MAKE AND WRITE A STATEMENT UP TO 3 LINES LONG. “The reason there are still sharks around is that sharks are better at being sharks than anything else is.” – Douglas Adams, author of hitchhikers guide to the galaxy. MODERN HUMAN @modhuman #uxlibs
  14. MODERN HUMAN _ Intuitive _ Not obvious _ Generative _

    Sticky A good insight is… @modhuman #uxlibs
  15. MODERN HUMAN @modhuman #uxlibs department college supermarket solo or collaborative

    medium of discourse transparency necessity of external funding source of funding pace
  16. MODERN HUMAN Moving to design Turning insights into new products

    and services MODERN HUMAN @modhuman #uxlibs
  17. MODERN HUMAN Brainstorming is no way to solve really difficult

    problems or invent new products, services or experiences. @modhuman #uxlibs
  18. MODERN HUMAN Quantity of ideas people come up with in

    a brainstorm Quantity of ideas people come up when working alone x2 Source: Does Group Participation When Using Brainstorming Facilitate or Inhibit Creative Thinking? Administrative Science Quarterly. Taylor, Berry & Block, 1958. @modhuman #uxlibs
  19. MODERN HUMAN Using traditional brainstorming When encouraged to discuss and

    critique each others ideas +20% Source: The "Rules" of Brainstorming: An Impediment to Creativity? IRLE Working Paper No. 167-08. Feinberg, Nemeth, 2008. @modhuman #uxlibs
  20. MODERN HUMAN “You can discover more about a person in

    an hour of play than in a year of conversation.” – Plato: Greek philosopher, mathematician & student of Socrates @modhuman #uxlibs
  21. MODERN HUMAN Source: The future of prototyping is now live.

    David Aycan and Paolo Lorenzoni, Harvard Business Review. What are the different ways we could solve this problem? Does our solution resonate in the marketplace? PURPOSE Can the problem be solved this way? Early to explore options and midway to explore way to deliver specific features Once an opportunity area has been identified to explore market appeal WHEN After functionality has been identified but before means is determined. Low Just enough to appear real in the marketplace FIDELITY High enough to prove feasibility RAPID PROTOTYPING LIVE PROTOTYPING TECHNICAL PROTOTYPING Are the economics attractive enough to justify scaling? Late Very high PILOT @modhuman #uxlibs
  22. MODERN HUMAN _ Use prototypes to learn about user behaviour

    with your concept _ Validates emergent service against business objectives and goals _ Validates Concepts with Users Experimenting with prototypes @modhuman #uxlibs
  23. MODERN HUMAN _ Day-in-the-life videos _ Scenario testing and concept

    probes _ Wizard of Oz and paper prototyping _ Service walkthroughs, role play and bodystorming _ Mock environments and pop-up shops Prototyping methods @modhuman #uxlibs