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Accelerate SEO growth in 2024 with agile data

Accelerate SEO growth in 2024 with agile data

2023 has been a year of massive change in the world of organic search and SEO. From the mass adoption of LLMs / AI to an increasing frenzy of updates from Google (both algorithm and product updates), the challenges that digital marketing teams face continue to mount.

We are seeing a shift from relying on best practices and received wisdom to hardcore analytics powering data-driven operations. This presentation covers the four major trends we have observed in 2023 and how we think those trends are going to impact marketing teams next year.

We also identify key areas of priority for SEOs to manage and provide some case studies and product offerings that DemandSphere can provide in order to help teams accelerate growth.

We believe that in the realm of pre-click user behavior, there are few sources online that can compete with the wealth of insights provided by SERP monitoring. We discuss how we have taken this strong focus on SERP monitoring and enabled teams to move faster and do more by democratizing access to this data, both in our DemandMetrics platform and also our BigQuery data warehouse product, SERP Intelligence.

Ray Grieselhuber

December 13, 2023

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  1. Accelerate growth in 2024 with agile data Ray Grieselhuber DemandSphere

    Speakerdeck.com/raygrieselhuber @raygrieselhuber FOUND Tokyo 2023
  2. Key trends for 2024 Speakerdeck.com/raygrieselhuber @raygrieselhuber 1. Ad-based business models

    are weakening 2. Content volume will scale massively 3. SEO investment is expanding 4. SERPs will continue to evolve
  3. Speakerdeck.com/raygrieselhuber @raygrieselhuber Ad models are affected by Post-ZIRP (ゼロ金利後) financial

    markets Money supply SPIKED but now is decreasing Money is not as cheap anymore
  4. Speakerdeck.com/raygrieselhuber @raygrieselhuber AI content explosion + technical issues affecting crawls

    https://www.demandsphere.com/blog/the-impact-of -compute-on-content-and-seo-in-both-directions/
  5. Impacts: • Fold visibility • CTR • Clicks / Sessions

    • Conversions • Revenue 600+ distinct elements across the SERPs Paid Content • Pixel depth: 120px • Pixel height: 320px • Visual position: 1 • Nested position: 2 Organic Result • Pixel depth: 440px • Pixel height: 330px • Visual position: 3 • Title changed
  6. Daily layout changes on Google SERPs Paid Content • Position

    (order of items) • Product Name • Price • URL • Pixel Data Organic Results • Organic Position • Visual Position • Title • Meta Description • Product URL • Pixel Data Popular Products • Position (order of items) • Product Name • Price • URL • Pixel Data
  7. Increasing adoption of SEO data across disciplines Speakerdeck.com/raygrieselhuber @raygrieselhuber Complexity

    increases Developer •APIs •Data lakes SEO Analyst •SERP data •Crawl data •GSC •GA •Exploration Content Team •Content & topics •Content performance •Visibility trends Product •Technical •SERP rankings •Indexation •PAA + Knowledge Graph Executive / Reporting •Permissions •Dashboards •Speed of answers •Forecasting •Predictive Performance Team •Ad data •Hotel Ads •Shopping •Google for Jobs •etc.
  8. We mapped every element on the SERP and put it

    into a data warehouse Speakerdeck.com/raygrieselhuber @raygrieselhuber
  9. Sometimes you need more than SQL Speakerdeck.com/raygrieselhuber @raygrieselhuber • Pandas

    / Dask / Pola.rs • Data Science notebooks • Numpy • PyTorch • Scrapy • Advertools • Plotly • spaCy • NLTK • scikit-learn
  10. What vs. why KPIs Speakerdeck.com/raygrieselhuber @raygrieselhuber What? •Impressions •Clicks •CTR

    •Rank •Organic Traffic Why? •Pixel depth •Visual rank •Zero-click •Layout change •Visual SoV •SERP Features
  11. Visual Share of Voice Speakerdeck.com/raygrieselhuber @raygrieselhuber Visual Share of Voice

    includes: • Visual calculation of SERP elements in SoV formula • Google properties are included
  12. Prepare for SGE: Scraper Analysis 81% 44% SGE appearance SGE

    auto-expand 83% Links included 82% Follow-up prompts 679 Avg. pixel height (Desktop) 211 Min pixel height (Desktop) 2,090 Max pixel height (Desktop) 23% Google “content marketing” Speakerdeck.com/raygrieselhuber @raygrieselhuber
  13. Early adopters of human + AI content will win big

    Custom Knowledge Graph Prompt Engineering Retrieval Augmented Generation (ProseVector Engine) Content Publishing ProseVector by DemandSphere