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The Hidden Truth Behind Your Google Lighthouse Score

The Hidden Truth Behind Your Google Lighthouse Score

Join Aymen Loukil as he delves into the challenges that arise in web performance when relying solely on synthetic tools and their scoring systems. Although these tools are invaluable for debugging and testing web performance, they cannot accurately represent the experience of real-life website users. Aymen will share his insights gained from a retrospective analysis of web performance measurement methodology. He will discuss his findings on how to overcome these challenges and gain a better understanding of the user experience thanks to real user monitoring data

Aymen Loukil

June 13, 2023

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  1. @LoukilAymen @SearchLDN Back to 2017, this was my #webperf workflow

    Audit in Lab Write user stories Implement Test in Lab
  2. @LoukilAymen @SearchLDN We need to wait for the next CrUX

    dataset (in 28 days) [Every second Tuesday]
  3. @LoukilAymen @SearchLDN With a score of 50/100, many pages passes

    the Web Vitals Brendan Kenny @brendankenny
  4. @LoukilAymen @SearchLDN Remember my failed #webperf workflow? Audit in Lab

    Write user stories Implement Test in Lab https://www.vectorstock.com/ https://knowyourmeme.com/
  5. @LoukilAymen @SearchLDN Audit in field Prioritize Implement Test in Lab

    Fast validate on users Hear your users experience, validate your effort with them Iterate User first #webperf workflow