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Bye SEO strategy, hi organic strategy - Carmen Dominguez

Bye SEO strategy, hi organic strategy - Carmen Dominguez

in this deck, I talk about SEO has changed and we should start going beyond just the website and focus on other platforms in the organic sphere

Carmen Dominguez

April 26, 2024

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  1. Bye SEO strategy, hi organic strategy how E-E-A-T is a

    revolution for the industry Carmen Dominguez Hallam @cocogainsbourg Speakerdeck.com/cvdomrod
  2. SERPs are getting busier and busier. Rankings hold steady, but

    traffic drops with time. If you just track rankings, you truly are missing the big picture of your site. in/carmen-dominguez-rodriguez/ #brightonseo
  3. Ranking n° 1 no longer guarantees organic performance This is

    the correlation between one of our client's Click Through Rate and the average position of their main pages & kws. As we can see, the coefficient of correlation is quite low (R2 number is low). That means, high rankings do not guarantee clicks in/carmen-dominguez-rodriguez/ #brightonseo
  4. If rolled out fully, it’s likely to reduce the organic

    real estate on the SERP in/carmen-dominguez-rodriguez/ #brightonseo
  5. A second study conducted by BrightEdge analyzed over 1 billion

    queries across 9 different industries and found B2B tech to be amongst the most vulnerable. We may expect a drop in traffic in the next 12 months as SGE features are rolled out: diversifying from an over-reliance on organic search traffic would be encouraged. in/carmen-dominguez-rodriguez/ #brightonseo
  6. Relying on traditional SEO alone is no longer enough to

    maximise your exposure to potential customers.
  7. Today, users discover information on the internet from a variety

    of sources. in/carmen-dominguez-rodriguez/ #brightonseo
  8. Use your budget where your audience spends time. 22M Monthly

    Search Volume 107M Monthly Search Volume 223M Monthly Search Volume 28M Monthly Search Volume 4.7M Monthly Search Volume 23M Monthly Search Volume
  9. Platforms such as TikTok, Pinterest and Reddit all present opportunities

    for additional organic reach outside of Google search. in/carmen-dominguez-rodriguez/ #brightonseo
  10. Generative AI can create content. Content is faster and cheaper

    to create. Quantity of content grows exponentially. Trusted, authentic content becomes more important than ever. Buyers learn to tune out generic, mass produced content. AI is flooding the web with generic content. in/carmen-dominguez-rodriguez/ #brightonseo
  11. Google is prioritising user-generated content. Content that you can’t 100%

    control. in/carmen-dominguez-rodriguez/ #brightonseo
  12. E-E-A-T is Google’s answer but it should also be yours

    in/carmen-dominguez-rodriguez/ #brightonseo
  13. • Bios • External links to relevant studies within your

    content • Case studies, awards, certifications • Unique content that is not already in the internet • Your author (or collaborators) social media • Schemas And more…! • Engage in forums • Share your content in social media • Collaborate with publications in your field • Be present in relevant events And more…! • Transparency on your content • Cite original content • Be clear who you are as a brand • Bring other experts on board too • Help the user, don’t oversell… • Linked to trustpilot And more…! • Reviews (date, names, stars) • Customer review from relevant users throughout the case • Fast customer service • First person blog post reviews • As covered in Publications And more…! in/carmen-dominguez-rodriguez/ #brightonseo
  14. Google use entities to understand who you are and link

    the content to you in/carmen-dominguez-rodriguez/ #brightonseo
  15. Search engine optimisation Organic search optimisation Push your content, showcasing

    E-E-A-T in all platforms, helping customers discover your brand wherever they are online.
  16. Brand Organic presence What they care about Where they spend

    time Audience E-E-A-T AUDIT PR Social Events Content Website Organic Organic Strategy
  17. Triggers Exploration Evaluation Purchase DIGITAL PR Tiktok presence (Paid) Meta

  18. Digital PR is the act of creating external credibility, using

    a brand’s expertise and experience to create trustworthy PR stories that position brands as voices of authority within their sector
  19. PR & Offsite brand awareness campaigns Google Search Console, branded

    data Offline advertising started: 17th September Offline advertising ended: 27th November • +123% in Impressions • +126% in clicks in/carmen-dominguez-rodriguez/ #brightonseo
  20. Currently making 15% of the referral traffic of our clients

    site in/carmen-dominguez-rodriguez/ #brightonseo
  21. This is yearly data taken from GSC PDP products were

    lacking organic performance until a set of products went viral in social media. The clicks coming improved the overall organic performance afterwards. Insight Products went viral with influencer campaign in/carmen-dominguez-rodriguez/ #brightonseo
  22. E-E-A-T framework can hold your strategy together much further than

    just Google Search Don’t take just my word for it in/carmen-dominguez-rodriguez/ #brightonseo