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The Entrepreloper - Bring your idea to life

Jose L
April 10, 2013

The Entrepreloper - Bring your idea to life

This presentation intends to guide you through the challenges and barriers of bringing your own project to life, ideally turning it into a company. From the idea to fund raising or constitution it'll cover the crucial and pain points of the whole process, the typical blockers, boosters and general assumptions that normally accompany this concept. Interestingly enough, the same errors, techniques and strategies appear to be repeated over and over again around a topic that has evolved dramatically fast over the past years. The proposed approach will put all that into value, analyzing the factors needed nowadays in any early stage tech/software project, all together visioned from the perspective of an engineering side.

Jose L

April 10, 2013

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  1. the entrepreloper ‣ competitiveness + passion = joy ‣ perseverance

    + energy = resilience ‣ efficiency + curiosity = achievement ‣ abstraction + imagination = quality ‣ laziness + risk taker = outcome
  2. why? change in tech ‣ uncertainty about top jobs in

    5 years time ‣ no idea about main jobs in 10 years time ‣ 20+ different jobs in your entire life ‣ no long living experts (ie.: mobile)
  3. why? it is easy! ‣ lighter + faster than startups

    and big corps ‣ low entry barriers ‣ simplest minimum iteration ‣ impossible to lose - already have nothing
  4. why? ‘cause you can ...and that is your biggest asset.

    Because you can’t stand your life differently...
  5. define yourself ‣ skills ‣ abilities ‣ needs self swot

    - know yourself before you know the world Strengths Weaknesses Opportunities Threats
  6. build your team ‣ keep it basic...but cover your needs

    ‣ look for other entrepreneurial souls ‣ encourage experience in their fields ‣ be patient...but do not fall asleep
  7. define a plan ‣ short steps ‣ encourage commitment ‣

    celebrate achievements ‣ keep two eyes into motivation
  8. take what you need 0 initial cost CPU comsumption billing

    Easier scaling Only Java, Python and Go Less flexibility Programming language freedom No locks, full access Minimum fee Scaling is on your side Monthly system costs / instance ~ 165 € ~ 150 € Monthly storage costs / instance ~ 85 € ~ 95 € 100K USERS 1 PICTURE /DAY / USER 1 TB TRANSFER 1 TB STORAGE photo app
  9. forget about the next billion dollars idea ‣ if this

    was your main goal, maybe this is not for you ‣ it will undermine your most pure motivations ‣ it is as likely as to win the lottery
  10. don’t follow the big lie ‣ it is unusual to

    meet success right away ‣ even the guys above failed in first place ‣ never stop learning ‣ experience will make you better