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Dealing with Fear

Jose L
October 01, 2014

Dealing with Fear

Therapy for start-ups

Jose L

October 01, 2014

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  1. Think about it! #GoogleLaunchpad #BER The world does not need

    this start up to succeed, but that you succeed at some point
  2. Deliver the promise, but take the short route 5 1

    client can be enough y Don’t reinvent things a Don’t worry about rules / conventions #GoogleLaunchpad #BER
  3. Facebook - Fast Development [ 1 month Time to market

    first audience s Entry audience Selected students as beach head #GoogleLaunchpad #BER
  4. w Keep it simple Code as few as you can

    z Go around problems e Discard unnecessary features #GoogleLaunchpad #BER
  5. Twitter - Tweet & SMS U Message length Option A

    Analyze tweets Split into parts Send in different batches Word splitting Option B Limit tweet length #GoogleLaunchpad #BER
  6. Momenta - Picture processing A Image quality Option A Crop

    images Resize images Store different sizes Extra processing on clients Option B Unique size for images #GoogleLaunchpad #BER
  7. My stack, my stories Life in Auto mode Build web

    service / API in few days Build clients in few weeks No down times #GoogleLaunchpad #BER
  8. Time to market 6 months Time to market 2 years

    Facebook SDK Own hosting Backend PHP Zend GitHub Crashlytics Paw AFNetworking SVProgressHUD Facebook SDK TheAmazingAudioEngine JASidePanels Google App Engine Crashlytics GitHub Paw Trello PhraseApp