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Let's Make Music with Node

Let's Make Music with Node

overview of protocols for talking to other music devices, and (hopefully) a way of thinking about functional programming as applied to making music. Code: https://github.com/mattly/nodepdx_music

Matthew Lyon

May 16, 2013

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  1. M I D I first demo in 1983 (that’s 30

    years ago) Dave Smith + Robert Moog + many others usical nstrument igital nterface Thursday, May 16, 13
  2. MIDI is a serial protocol npm: midi (linux, mac, windows)

    channel messages note event control event program change panic system messages Thursday, May 16, 13
  3. O S C developed at UC Berkeley open-ended messages UDP

    for transport not enough time to go into it pen ound ontrol Thursday, May 16, 13