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Vocabulary - Sports and Leisure - ESL Lesson Plan Download

Vocabulary - Sports and Leisure - ESL Lesson Plan Download

Throughout this lesson your student(s) will be introduced to different types of sports and leisure activities. The lesson includes several pictures and speaking prompts to encourage students to use new vocabulary words in the correct context.

In this lesson, your student(s) will also learn to differentiate sports, leisure activities and games. With help, they will be able to describe how these are played or completed.

Moreover, your student(s) will gain the knowledge to match vocabulary words and complete sentences with the relevant images. As well, they will learn to fill in the blanks of sentences with the correct words.

Finally your student(s) will learn to practice using words and verbs in different contexts. In particular, you should encourage them to to use the verbs play, do and go with the vocabulary learned. By the end of the lesson, your student(s) should be able to form sentences independently and to ask you or their classmates related questions.

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June 16, 2022

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  2. What do you do in your free time? Do the

    images show sports, leisure activities or games? A B D C E
  3. Football or soccer? This sport is known as football in

    many countries, but as soccer in America, Canada, Australia and other nations. Some countries have their own sport called football, such as American Football and Australian Rules Football.
  4. Match pictures to sentences A B C David plays golf

    at the weekend. Dimitri is playing tennis. Fred plays baseball.
  5. Match pictures to sentences C A B Helen likes to

    play table tennis. Jeff plays ice hockey on Tuesdays. Cricket is a very popular sport in India.
  6. Katie and Derek play board games in winter. We use

    play with some sports and activities C A Jared sometimes plays cards with his friends. B Daryl doesn’t play American football anymore.
  7. What do they play? C A Andrew plays… Tom... B

    D Gary... Alex and Heather…
  8. Where do people play? 1. Tony plays golf each Thursday

    at a golf course. 2. The players run on the basketball __________. 3. A football match takes place on a _________. 4. You play ice hockey on a __________. golf course rink pitch court
  9. You need equipment to play sports A You need a

    golf ball and a club to play golf. B You need a stick and a puck to play ice hockey.
  10. Match the words a board and dice a bat and

    a ball a bat and ball a racquet and ball You need... baseball tennis a board game cricket to play…
  11. Equipment and places for sport 5. Jane plays tennis on

    a tennis __________. 6. The player throws the __________. 7. In tennis, you hit the ball with a __________. 8. In __________, you need a bat and ball. court basketball cricket racquet
  12. Equipment and places for sport 9. The players are skating

    on the __________. 10. You throw the __________ in board games. 11. The men are playing a __________. It’s called poker. 12. In American football the players wear special __________. dice rink card game equipment
  13. Answer questions Which sport do you play? Do your friends

    play sports? Does your family play board games together? Which sports and games do people play in your country?
  14. Practice these common words You kick a ball with your

    foot. You throw and catch a ball with your hand.
  15. Practice these common words You throw the dice in a

    board game. You hit a ball with a bat, a racquet and a golf club.
  16. Match the pictures and sentences A B He is throwing

    the dice. 1 He kicked the ball into the football net. 2
  17. Match the pictures and sentences A B He hit the

    ball with the table tennis racquet. 1 He caught the ball. 2
  18. Match pictures to sentences C A B Toby loves swimming.

    He goes swimming almost every day. Isaac and Jenny enjoy camping. They often go camping in the mountains. William likes fishing. He often goes fishing on Sunday.
  19. Go + verb-ing We use the construction go + verb

    -ing for some activities. Jon loves to hunt. Jon goes hunting in spring and summer. Ben and I go jogging after work. We love to jog. Hilda goes dancing on Thursday evening.
  20. Use go + -ing to make sentences C A James

    goes… Fahad… B D Andrew… Alex and Katie… snorkelling hang-gliding hiking jogging
  21. Use go + -ing to make sentences C A Jenny

    goes… Eric… B D Arthur… Simone… travelling shopping parachuting horse-riding
  22. 13. Kris goes hunting in the __________. 14. Yelda goes

    __________ in Central Park. 15. You might see tropical fish when you go __________. 16. You don’t need any equipment to go __________! Just money! Equipment and places for sport forest snorkelling shopping jogging
  23. Now, make your own sentences A Andrea loves… C You

    need special equipment to go… B They go… D Many people go…
  24. 17. The football player __________ the football. 18. You will

    need a ball and a club to play __________. 19. People go __________ and __________ at the beach. Review! Fill in the sentences below! swimming snorkelling is kicking golf
  25. 20. The players are skating on the __________. 21. Some

    students __________ for the summer. 22. Many people love to __________ in winter. 23. You need __________ to go camping, like a tent and a sleeping bag. Review! Fill in the sentences below! go travelling equipment go skiing rink
  26. 24. This man loves to __________ by himself. 25. This

    cricket player __________ the ball. 26. They are playing football on a __________. 27. She __________ the dice. Review! Fill in the sentences below! go fishing pitch is catching is throwing
  27. Ask your teacher! Do you like… to play tennis /

    to go camping / to play board games? Which equipment do you need… to play ice hockey / to go swimming? Where do you … go fishing / go camping?
  28. 28. __________ is the most popular sport in India and

    Pakistan. 29. At the weekend, many young people like to go __________. 30. In table tennis, you __________ the ball with a racquet. 31. The world’s most famous tennis __________ are in Wimbledon, London, England. Review! Fill in the sentences below! dancing hit cricket courts