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Trust and Teams: GORUCO 2017

Trust and Teams: GORUCO 2017

Goruco 2017! goruco.com

Rebecca Miller-Webster

June 24, 2017

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  1. https://www.flickr.com/photos/z_b_p/2854947005 CC BY-NC-ND 2.0 Trust and Teams Rebecca Miller-Webster VP

    of Engineering @DevMyndSoftware Founder @writespeakcode @rmillerwebster | github.com/rmw | Rebecca Miller-Webster.com
  2. Trust matters • Fundamental to our sense of safety, autonomy,

    and dignity as a human being • Part of every relationship • Allows us to disagree, debate & test each other’s thinking • Trust on teams is correlated with business profitability @rmillerwebster | @DevMyndSoftware | @writespeakcode
  3. Trust is choosing to risk making something you value vulnerable

    to another person’s actions. @rmillerwebster | @DevMyndSoftware | @writespeakcode
  4. What do we care about? • money • job •

    promotion • goal • belief you hold • cherished way of doing things • your “good name” • sense of happiness and wellbeing • work you or team are doing • deadline you need to meet • your reputation or status • your health or happiness • thoughts • ideas • efforts • hopes • concerns @rmillerwebster | @DevMyndSoftware | @writespeakcode
  5. B R A V I N G boundaries reliability accountability

    vault integrity non-judgement generosity Elements of Trust Rising Strong Brené Brown @rmillerwebster | @DevMyndSoftware | @writespeakcode
  6. Boundaries • Do you respect my boundaries? • When you’re

    not clear about what’s ok and not ok, you ask. • You are willing to say no. @rmillerwebster | @DevMyndSoftware | @writespeakcode
  7. What can you do? • Clear expectations, including … •

    Success Criteria • Timeframe • Resources • Be reasonable and flexible @rmillerwebster | @DevMyndSoftware | @writespeakcode
  8. Reliability • You do what you say you’ll do •

    At work this means staying aware of your competencies and limitations so you don’t over promise and are able to deliver on commitments and balance competing priorities @rmillerwebster | @DevMyndSoftware | @writespeakcode
  9. Cycle of Commitment Request / Offer Respond Commit Act Report

    @rmillerwebster | @DevMyndSoftware | @writespeakcode
  10. What can you do? • Agile: Stand up, Planning Poker

    • Respond positively when someone asks for help • Clarify requests & offers: who, what, when • Be committed to what you ask for • Report on commitments @rmillerwebster | @DevMyndSoftware | @writespeakcode
  11. Accountability • You own your mistakes, apologize, and make amends

    @rmillerwebster | @DevMyndSoftware | @writespeakcode
  12. What can you do? • Take responsibility for your behavior

    and the impact it had on others • Apologize @rmillerwebster | @DevMyndSoftware | @writespeakcode
  13. Vault • You don’t share information or experiences that aren’t

    yours to share • I need to know my confidences are kept and you are not sharing with me information about other people that should be kept confidential @rmillerwebster | @DevMyndSoftware | @writespeakcode
  14. What can you do? • Ask if subject knows its

    being shared • Don’t give or receive gossip • Difficult circumstances • Be vague if saying nothing is creating gossip • Ask a person what you can share @rmillerwebster | @DevMyndSoftware | @writespeakcode
  15. Integrity • You choose courage over comfort • You choose

    what is right over what is fun, fast, or easy • You choose to practice your values rather than just professing them @rmillerwebster | @DevMyndSoftware | @writespeakcode
  16. What can you do? • Be explicit about the things

    that matter - Examples of good and bad • Check yourself when someone does something differently - Is this a thing that matters? • Create new expectations when things happen - take responsibility for not being explicit • Be thoughtful and intentional about handling disagreements @rmillerwebster | @DevMyndSoftware | @writespeakcode
  17. Non-judgement • I can ask you for what I need

    and you can ask for what you need • We can talk about how we feel without judgement @rmillerwebster | @DevMyndSoftware | @writespeakcode
  18. What can you do? • Ask for help • Help

    others when they ask • Deal with your own shit @rmillerwebster | @DevMyndSoftware | @writespeakcode
  19. Generosity • You extend the most generous interpretation possible to

    intentions, words, and actions of others @rmillerwebster | @DevMyndSoftware | @writespeakcode
  20. What can you do? • We are each responsible for

    our own behavior and the things we can control • Don’t hold grudges • Get to personally know people - listen, ask questions @rmillerwebster | @DevMyndSoftware | @writespeakcode
  21. Trust and Teams @rmillerwebster | github.com/rmw | Rebecca Miller-Webster.com •

    The Thin Book of Trust by Charles Feltman • Rising Strong by Brené Brown • “Anatomy of Trust” by Brené Brown • Understanding Computers and Cognition by Terry Winograd VP of Engineering @DevMyndSoftware Founder @writespeakcode