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The Green Food Project

Ryan Meglino
January 23, 2023

The Green Food Project

Ryan Meglino

January 23, 2023

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  1. PROBLEM SOLUTION 2 Food is becoming an increasingly large problem

    for our environment and the population, and people aren't aware of the issue or the sustainable alternatives for producing food. Design experiences that will serve as intuitive ways to learn about sustainable food, and bring them to population centers to facilitate discussions and action in the sustainable production and consumption space.
  2. PROJECT OVERVIEW The Green Food Project is an experience-based initiative

    to instill the ideas behind sustainable food into the general public. Through immersive and hands-on experiences, as well as interactive tech elements and incentives, people will experience food in a new way that promotes a healthy environment, and healthier humans. 3

    IMMERSIVE CENTERS • Places where the public can go and be immersed in sustainable food. • Will operate similar to immersive exhibits, and include demos, interactive elements, projection based presentations, and more. • Can reside in existing Whole Foods or Amazon Fresh Locations TECH PARTNERSHIP AND INTERACTIVE ELEMENT • Partnership with Amazon • Gamify purchasing sustainable foods, and provide incentives for the public. • App integration with a “sustainability scanner”, to provide insight on food products eco-friendliness. • Integration with experience centers in Whole Foods and Amazon Fresh locations
  4. IMMERSIVE CENTERS Inspired by things like EPCOT’s “Living With The

    Land”, immersive centers will bring green farming demos and experiences straight to people. The public will get to go hands on with new technologies, experience exciting exhibits, and make connections with local sustainable farms and markets. The Centers May Include: • Immersive Projections • Interactive Screens • Demos of real- world technology • Opportunities to connect with local initiatives and sustainable markets and farms. • Integration with Amazon Accounts. 5
  5. TECH AND INTERACTIVE INTEGRATION Through a partnership with Amazon, this

    arm of the project will bring interaction with sustainable food to people’s lives. This will be accomplished through app-integration, shopping experiences, and more. Potential Elements Include: • An app where food products can be scanned for a “sustainability score” • Shopping incentives for online or in person grocery purchases (ex. Amazon Fresh, Whole Foods). • In-Store scaled back experiences, where sustainable products can be marketed and demoed. 6
  6. USE EXAMPLE 1. You pick up a food/produce item at

    Whole Foods 2. You scan the barcode, and the product registers a good sustainability score. 3. When checking out, the purchase connects to your Amazon account, and the sustainable item is identified. 4. Because you shopped sustainably, you get benefits in the form of sustainability points added to your Amazon account.
  7. PERSONAL EXPERIENCES 01 03 02 7 Before: Knew little to

    nothing about sustainable food and growing practices, and was not very excited by the subject. After: Through an experience with real plants, and an immersive projection show, they are now excited about the idea of helping the planet by using sustainable food. They go home and tell their parents about what they've learned, getting them interested, and becoming a label watcher when grocery shopping, potentially even thinking about starting a small household food garden. Before: She has no idea about sustainable food or where it comes from, or how it can benefit her family. After: By using the app, and linking her Amazon account, she can now save on grocery purchases, while also making sure they are environmentally-friendly, and healthier for her kids. The app also gives the children an incentive to enjoy grocery shopping, and a unique and fun way to learn what they’re purchasing and eating every day. Before: The person's store is frequented by the community, and they are looking for ways to make the store even more appealing, such as supplying more natural and organic products, while also doing their pat to be environmentally friendly. After: Through an experience at the city's sustainable food center, the owner has learned about semi-local farms that distribute sustainably grown produce, and how he can become a partner with them. He has also learned that sustainable produce can provided his customers with healthier foods, and he can be of better service to the community. A 5TH GRADER ON A FIELD TRIP A MIDDLE-AGED MOTHER OF 2 A LOCAL GROCERY STORE OWNER
  8. ROLLOUT/TIMELINE VER 1.0- APP ROLLOUT: Sustainability Score function, digital resource,

    shopping companion. VER 2.0- STORE COLLABORATION: Add functionality with the Amazon and Whole Foods brand, including shopping incentives, interactive experiences, etc. VER 3.0- PHYSICAL CENTERS: Building physical, immersive spaces, that connect to the rest of the experiences in existing Amazon retail locations.