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My project , presented at The "Computer Society of India" day , March 2010

Shrayas Rajagopal

March 06, 2010

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  1. Hi!

  2. “Geek Programming .c .cs .css .php .cpp .m .html .java

    .js .sh *nix Stay up till 3 in the morning
  3. Windows NT addresses 2 Gigabytes of RAM, which is more

    than any application will ever need. “ Microsoft, on windows NT : 1992
  4. Way

  5. Sql

  6. Sql

  7. You are on a need to know basis and You

    don’t need to know! “ “The Rock” Motto
  8. Communication is not only the essence of being human, but

    also a vital property of life. “ “John A. Piece” Motto
  9. foo

  10. Multiline Querying Select * from foobar; ^temp = ‘Hello, world’

    Select substring(^temp,6) from dual; delete from foobar where id = 2;