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Developer portal

Developer portal


March 09, 2024

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  1. Problems • Developer increase cognitive when they must to understand

    too much technologies such as frontend, backend, devops, security, … => developers are tired, company difficult to recruit new developers or recruit with high cost • Switching context when they must to use many tools => lost time, reduce developer productivity • Onboarding new developers takes a long times • Collaborative issues when document system, tools are distributed in many places • Administration issues when each tool has different authN, authZ
  2. Design principles ➔ Focus on innovation ~ developers don’t need

    kubernetes, they need kubernetes features ➔ Focus on efficiency ~ solve the most common challenges encountered by developers ➔ Self-service access ~ developers can free to use what they need to
  3. IDP includes 3 types of feature ❖ Core features: ➢

    Service catalog: tracks all necessary metadata for service such as services, websites, libraries, pipelines, secrets (vault), app status (argocd), quality status (sonarqube), … ➢ Templates plugin: is created by platform teams -> developers can easily access and use to create new services or interact with infra such as create a k8s namespace, … ➢ Techdocs plugin: enable auto-documentation ❖ Support features: authentication, authorization, Chat AI, ToolBox, Playlists, Learning Paths, Search ❖ Generic features: ➢ Announcement feature -> can use jira, chat tools (MS teams, Slack, …) or emails ➢ Q&A feature -> can use jira, chat tool (MS teams, Slack, …) ➢ RBAC K8s manager feature -> can use open-source tool (rancher, devtron, …) or CLL