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Design in a Post-truth World

Tom Morgan
September 13, 2017

Design in a Post-truth World

A talk about how our relationship with the truth has changed and how that affects the way we work particularly in relation to agile and user centred design practices.

Tom Morgan

September 13, 2017

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  1. This is very big news, it’s important to know. And

    that’s why I’m bothering telling you so!” “ ~ Dr Seuss
  2. our view of the truth effects the way we work

    and what we expect to achieve
  3. As a person with a disability or health condition I

    need support so I can live my life independently.
  4. “What we really need to do to design, is look

    at the extremes” – Dan Formosa, Smart Design, “Objectified”
  5. We've seen deaf users spending time describing situations which we

    don’t need that much detail about we believe this is because users such as there are in clearly defined and recognisable situations which we deal with regularly so if we allow these users to answer simpler more tailored questions then we’ll see them completing the transaction quicker & being more satisfied without impacting our ability to make a decision.
  6. Why do we drift away from these things and back

    toward our old view of the truth?