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Understanding Value Proposition

Understanding Value Proposition

Muhammad Asim Khaskheli

March 20, 2021

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  1. What is Value Proposition? Why Value Proposition? 02 INTRODUCTION NEED

    01 KEY ELEMENTS What are the key elements of Value Proposition? 03 Concluding Value Proposition 04 CONCLUSION
  2. Value Proposition is a fancy word for what product or

    service are you building. What is Value Proposition • It's not about idea or a product. It's about solving a problem or a need for a customer. • What pain are you solving? • What gain are you creating? • And most importantly, who are your customers?
  3. A powerful proposition helps your customers truly understand the value

    of your company’s products and services. It also helps your ideal customers to see how your services benefit them and their best available option Why Value Proposition?
  4. • They are the people who will use your product.

    • You are solving their problem. • Do they really have this problem? • Am I targeting the right people? WHY CUSTOMERS? WHAT CUSTOMERS?
  5. • What problem are we solving? • Is it a

    need or a specific problem? WHAT PROBLEM?
  6. • There are so many solutions to this problem but

    what is my solution? • Is my solution really solving their problem? • Solution that creates value for company. • Solution that creates value for customers. WHAT IS THE SOLUTION?
  7. • Differentiators must be quantifiable so that they can be

    tested and measured with your customers. • You need to be able to test whether the solution you’re providing actually fits a need. If you can’t quantify a solution to customers, you won’t know whether your solution is sufficient. If it's not quite a fit. You want to make changes to your product early to better align it with the needs of the customer. THE DIFFERENTIATOR