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Selenium + Specflow: ATDD for .Net

Selenium + Specflow: ATDD for .Net

Ryan Cromwell

March 12, 2012

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  1. Acceptance Test Driven Development (ATDD) is a practice in which

    the whole team collaboratively discusses acceptance criteria, with examples, and then distills them into a set of concrete acceptance tests before development begins. - Elisabeth Hendrickson
  2. IDE • Record and Playback • Create quick bug reproduction

    scripts • Create scripts to aid later automation • Not scalable WebDriver • Create robust regression scripts • Scale and distribute scripts across many environments • API (Java, .Net, Ruby, Javascript, Python, others)
  3. BDD – Behavior Driven Development Gherkin – Given, When, Then…

    plus others Top of the testing pyramid http://specflow.org/
  4. Good • Given I go to Address Book • When

    I Quick Add John Doe • And I Quick Add John Doe • Then I’m told of the duplicate Bad • Given I Go To <Url> • When I Type John Doe • And hit Save • And I type John Doe • And hit Save • Then I see “Sorry, duplicate”