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Mobiconf 2014: Designing in the post-screen era

Mariusz Cieśla
October 03, 2014

Mobiconf 2014: Designing in the post-screen era

Designing experiences in the era of beacons, sensors, wearables and Internet of Things. Talk given at #mobiconf 2014 in Krakow.

Mariusz Cieśla

October 03, 2014

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  1. @dotmariusz — mobiconf 2014 “The emergence of proactive experiences is

    tied to the changing role technology plays in our lives” — Tony Costa, UX Magazine
  2. ` “I always wanted to be able to browse the

    Web on my fridge.” @dotmariusz — mobiconf 2014 — Nobody, ever.
  3. ` It’s safe to assume we have enough touchscreen devices

    in our homes already. @dotmariusz — mobiconf 2014
  4. ` “As device simplicity goes down. System complexity goes up”

    @dotmariusz — mobiconf 2014 — Cliff Kuang, Wired
  5. ` “Live in the future and build what’s missing” @dotmariusz

    — mobiconf 2014 — Paul Graham, YCombinator