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The innovator's mindset – Genetec Elevate 2024

The innovator's mindset – Genetec Elevate 2024

The speed of change around us is now dizzying.

Technology, markets, customers, competitors, employees, etc.; nothing escapes! To survive, we are all condemned to adapt, innovate and transform ourselves continuously.

During this workshop, I would like to humbly share with you my experience as a leader and privileged witness to the titanic transformation of La Presse, the scaling of teams and the creation of innovative products: the digital edition for La Presse+ tablets, the Mobile app and its "Mobile first" creation tools. A journey and learnings that – I hope – will inspire you to find innovative solutions to your challenges of tomorrow.

A look back at this grandiose human adventure to share with you experiences and learnings to succeed - together - in this ever-changing world.

Jean-Marc De Jonghe

May 26, 2024

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  2. @madmac 2 • Medias — 1995 • La Presse —

    2003 • VP Digital Product & Strategy — 2010 • Led La Presse’s digital transformation, creation of La Presse+, digital workflow and our New Mobile App Jean-Marc De Jonghe VP Digital Product & Strategy Inspire 🧠 mindsetinnovateur.com
  3. @madmac 5 💃🕺 Not about the way you code It’s

    about the mindset you have A successful organization
  4. 9 Today • High-level look at our transformation and results

    • 5 learnings to inspire your journey
  5. 4,6 ★★★★★ 77k review No 6 - news and magazines

    350k/day 760k/month 275k/day 500k/month 4,6 ★★★★★ +100k review No 1 - news and magazines RESULTS
  6. 14 Daily Audience 2002 2012 2022 0 200 000 400

    000 600 000 800 000 1 000 000 1 200 000 375 275 470 350 30 230 255 Newsprint* Web** La Presse+ Mobile App Competitive advantages *Newsprint base on weekly average — 2000 *Web ComScore
  7. 17 Traditional organization Digital & innovative organization There is a

    durable and reproducible recipe There is no sustainable recipe except adaptability and agility New World Old World A radical transformation
  8. 21 Speed and impacts of change « We tend to

    overestimate what we can do in the near future and grossly underestimate what can be done in the distant future. This is because the human imagination extrapolates in a straight line, while real world events develop exponentially. (like compound interest) » – Arthur C. Clarke
  9. What actually happen 22 Results / performance Time Atomic Habits,

    James Clear What you think should happen A mirage Speed and impacts of change
  10. 23 The speed of change is accelerating Impact of changes

    Analog PC Computer 1884 1990 Internet 2000 2010 2020 Social AI https://www.digitaltransformationbook.com/the-speed-of-change-4-waves-of-digital-acceleration/ Mobile <- +100 yrs -> Cloud & big data
  11. •Change is now truly a constant process, not an event!

    • We are very bad at predicting it To remember
  12. Anyone can optimize the "today" - the real challenge is

    planning and organizing yourself to be relevant and competitive tomorrow. How do we prepare ourselves for it?
  13. What actually happen 39 Results / performance Time Atomic Habits,

    James Clear What you think should happen A mirage Speed of change is exponential We must prepare our organizations, our teams and ourselves for here
  14. 43 « The greatest danger in times of turbulence is

    not turbulence itself, but to act with yesterday's logic » – Peter Drucker Speed and impacts of change
  15. @madmac 46 In a world where everything changes so quickly

    Individuals + Mind Mindset Adaptability + Ignited by the new problems Focused on customer value
  16. @madmac Unicorns No thank you ! When recruiting or building

    your dream team S K I L L S W I L L Soft Skills Hard Skills 54
  17. @madmac With time Relevant (and our future leaders) With time

    Obsolete S K I L L S W I L L Soft Skills Hard Skills 55 When recruiting or building your dream team
  18. Keys to stay open to change •Acknowledge the facts. Everything

    changes. If it was not clear before COVID, it is certainly clear now. People who will be very successful will be fully stimulated by change. Are you going to stay the same? Or will you adapt, grow and succeed? •Stay curious. Try to ask questions instead of stopping. Do not immediately oppose the change. •Break the cycle of resistance to change. Try to name two positive things about the proposed change. Look for opportunities, advantages and positive aspects. •Understand your resistance. Do a little introspection. Where does your resistance come from? •Are you afraid? •Do you repeat old models that you have learned in your past? •Do you imitate your boss or a mentor? •Do you make presumptions based on something that has gone wrong in the past? •Do you trust and respect the people who make the change? •Do you simply resist change because it is easier to stay still? https://www.gilroyassociates.com/thought-leadership/your-change-personality-are-you-a-healthy-skeptic-or-a-destructive-cynic
  19. @madmac 59 Questions In your personal or professional life: –

    Usually, when big change happens, how do you adapt to that change? – What is holding you back? – What is your banana?
  20. 61 My career at La Presse in a nutshell 2000

    2010 New presses & 100% digital workflow La Presse+ Launch Launch of our « Mobile First » App B2B Phase Migration of our tools into the cloud Idea of La Presse’s edition on a tablet 💡 La Presse NPO 📉 🦠 2020 📉 🥊 🧨 I'm hitting my wall: I am the biggest risk of the project I’ve created!
  21. Am I a great innovation leader? My ability to direct

    and control My ideas are so good, I am a real genius!
  22. @madmac 65 I decide = I'm the bottleneck! Large volume

    of decisions to take Added value delivered Bottleneck
  23. Stability Certainty Simplicity Clarity Comfort Building and improving the known

    Volatility Uncertainty Complexity Ambiguity Discomfort Building and inventing the future Not the same world = not the same leaders The new world
  24. Operations — building and optimizing the known Innovations — Invent

    and create the future 🧠 💪💪 💪💪💪💪 💪💪💪💪💪💪 💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪 🧠 🧠🧠 🧠🧠🧠🧠 🧠🧠🧠🧠🧠🧠 Leadership’s paradigm shift Not the same world = not the same leaders
  25. @madmac 68 Leaders are not Bee queens 🐝 👑 🐝

    🐝 🐝 🐝 🐝 🐝 🐝 🐝 🐝
  26. @madmac 69 Leaders are not Bee queens 🧠 👑 🧠

    🧠 🧠 🧠 🧠 🧠 🧠 🧠 🧠
  27. @madmac 72 In a universe of vast pace of change

    and innovation Is it my role (as a leader) to try to know and control everything? 🐝 👑 My personal disruption?
  28. What actually happen 73 Results / performance Time Atomic Habits,

    James Clear What you think should happen A mirage I have to prepare my organization, my team and myself for here Pace and impacts of change
  29. @madmac 74 From Joe The Learner To Know-It—All Joe My

    personal disruption? Competitor Beekeeper
  30. @madmac 75 It's about my expertise It's about being good

    at experimenting and learning Create safe environments where everyone can create, learn and share new knowledge I am the expert and so I'm right Align, give context, identify the best ideas and put innovation into action My ideas are so much better My personal disruption? Joe The Learner Know-It—All Joe Competitor Beekeeper
  31. New leader’s role To take the difficult or the impossible

    Dissect the challenge Make it solvable To take the vague or the ambiguous To bring clarity To create a shared and common understanding Stressful environment Stimulating environment To take the unknown Experiment Create and share new knowledge
  32. « Weeks of coding can save you hours of understanding

    » What is the problem we're trying to solve? Where is the business value? Why we need to build something new? Are your creating on « one brain » mode? 🧠
  33. Not the same world = not the same organization 🧠

    🧠🧠 🧠🧠🧠🧠 🧠🧠🧠🧠🧠🧠 🧠🧠🧠🧠🧠🧠🧠🧠 80% Value creators Teams close to customers & operations Product and services builders 15% Middle management 5% Top management Decision-making Empower For speed we drive authority downwards
  34. Key ingredients for success 1 Alignment Common and shared understanding

    of what we want to become, what w want to build and why it's important 3 Trust Con fi dence in decision-makers, towards our employees, towards the other teams and towards our colleagues All are well-intentioned and benevolent 2 Empathy Understanding where someone is coming from. What are their POV and why? Understanding why someone is approaching a problem or a challenge a certain way. ⚡ ⚡
  35. A sense of community SOURCE: https://www.cascade.app/blog/cross-functional-teams-culture Purpose Why we exist

    Rules of Engagement How we interact with one another and think about problems Shared Values What we agree is important A SENSE OF COMMUNITY Innovative organizations must nurture a sense of community — which rests on 3 elements:
  36. A sense of community Is this decision the best for

    our current and future customers? Is this decision take into account the impact on achieving our business targets and objectives? Is this decision based on data and customer proof evidence? Have we carried out tests, experiments, POCs to validate our hypothesis? Does this decision make it possible to harmonize and simplify our systems (and the CX) and mitigate the number of possible variations? Does this decision allows us to be flexible, sustainable, resilient? Future Proof? Do we use best practices of tomorrow? Are we taking this decision In a fast and agile way or have we spent too much time on it? 🎛 🧲 👀 🎯 🧪 🔮 🏗 🏎 Take the decision or escalate if blocked
  37. @madmac 85 What are we trying to build? To build

    the "good stuff", you must fi rst develop a common understanding And shared of this "good stuff". The "good stuff" → Why? → For who? → Problems to solve? → How will we know we are progressing? Alignment = Common and shared understanding
  38. @madmac 86 Empathy Active listening Real discussions Shared common understanding

    🧠 🧠 At kick-off, Take time to share the same definition vocabulary Build « Proof of concept » & Prototypes Show and learn ! Imagine the tutorial of the product or service you’re trying to build Dont be afraid to dive-in and learn the tech behind the product and service you are trying to build You need to meet! Agreement on which problems need to be solved and in which order Goals, important milestones Customer’s needs and chalenges Global or total customer experience — CX Features: MVP desirability, delightful, etc How will we operate this thing ? Who? Vision Why are we doing this? Deicisions guiding principles Focus on the What, not the How Resist talking about solutions Clarity
  39. @madmac 87 « The craft of programming begins with empathy,

    not formatting or languages or tools or algorithms or data structures » - K E N T B E C K , A U T H O R 
 E X T R E M E P R O G R A M M I N G E X P L A I N E D * Empathy for our teammates, our code consumers, our business and our end users.
  40. Empathy: the heart of successful team dynamics 🧠 Product owners

    🧠 Product Designers 🧠 Quality Engineer 🧠 Architects 🧠 Users / Customers 🧠 Sales 🧠 Finance & Legal 🧠 HR 🧠 Marketing 🧠 Research 🧠 Infra & Security 🧠 Engineers 🧠 Product managers 🧠 Customer Support 🧠 Business inteligence 🧠 Shareholders 🧠 C-level 🧠 Partners. 3rd parties Roles or job functions
  41. Empathy: the heart of successful team dynamics 🧠 Users /

    Customers 🧠 🧠 Partners. 3rd parties 🧠 🧠 🧠 🧠 🧠 🧠 🧠 🧠 🧠 🧠 🧠 🧠 🧠 🧠 🧠 🧠 🧠 🧠 🧠 Vertical A Vertical C Vertical E Vertical G 🧠 🧠 🧠 🧠 🧠 🧠 🧠 🧠 🧠 🧠 Vertical B Vertical D 🧠 🧠 🧠 🧠 🧠 Vertical F 🧠 Finance & Legal 🧠 HR 🧠 Partners. 3rd parties 🧠 C-level 🧠 Shareholders Verticals or Silos
  42. Empathy: the heart of successful team dynamics 🧠 Users /

    Customers 🧠 🧠 Partners. 3rd parties 🧠 🧠 🧠 🧠 🧠 🧠 🧠 🧠 🧠 🧠 🧠 🧠 🧠 🧠 🧠 🧠 🧠 🧠 🧠 Vertical A Vertical C Vertical E Vertical G 🧠 🧠 🧠 🧠 🧠 🧠 🧠 🧠 🧠 🧠 Vertical B Vertical D 🧠 🧠 🧠 🧠 🧠 Vertical F 🧠 Finance & Legal 🧠 HR 🧠 Partners. 3rd parties 🧠 C-level 🧠 Shareholders 🤡 ♥ ♥ 🤡 Natural empathy Don’t understand ♥ 🤡
  43. @madmac 91 What is empathy ? Empathy = Taking the

    time Empathy = Give people a voice Empathy = Broad knowledge Empathy = Connection
  44. Best orgs are made of teams with empathy Broad knowledge

    Depth & expertise Coding Sustainable code, Ef fi cient, Flexible, Maintainable, Resilient, Scalable, Secure, etc Testing Automation, Continuous Integration,, Exploratory Testing, etc Deploy SLO, Blue-green, Canary, Rolling, etc Analysis Discovery ROI, Biz Problems, ICE, MVP, MMF, Delighter, etc Products Target audience, Features / competition, etc Business Vision/goals UX/UI Users + interfaces How it works Onboarding, Context of use, etc Source: https://medium.com/agile-pies/t-shape-specialist-s-and-why-do-you-need-your-team-to-have-such-5a854433c849 Customers CX, Markets, Ideal Customer Pro fi le, Must important problems to solve, etc Roles, Job functions, Verticals, Silos
  45. @madmac 94 Spend time with people 👂 📆 ♥ 🤡

    Do you have 30 - 60 mins for me? I would like to understand your domain better Why are you passionate about what you do? What is your ultimate motivation or goal? What do I need to do to make your life easier? What is the number 1 reason you reject a request / design / solution? What is the number 1 issue you have to troubleshoot? Why are they saying no? Why am I getting this resistance? What I have to do to not increase their stack?
  46. Increasing the empathy muscle, it’s an investment! Increasing quality of

    designs / solutions Increasing relationship Very broad perspective, future proof & resilient designs / solutions Diversity of thoughts and POV Influence, growth and opportunity Understanding the business ❤ 💪 ❤ 💪 ❤ 💪
  47. @madmac 96 Challenge – Which area /domain of your organization

    do you understand the least, but could have the potential to improve the quality of your work / design / solution the most? – Who could you identify in your organization as a SME to help you upgrade yourself in this area?
  48. @madmac Plateau Comfort zone Con fi dence zone Beginner’s valley

    98 Learning is escalating an S-Curve Mastery Time LEARNING A NEW SKILL Beginner Master
  49. @madmac 99 0 Con fi dence SET OF COMPETENCES A

    Upgrade yourself… go ahead, jump ! Comfort zone SET OF COMPETENCES B 0 Con fi dence Scary zone
  50. @madmac 100 The beginner’s valley 0 Con fi dence SET

    OF COMPETENCES A SET OF COMPETENCES B 0 Con fi dence Always look like a step backward ! Upgrade yourself… go ahead, jump ! Comfort zone Scary zone
  51. @madmac 101 The beginner’s valley 0 Con fi dence SET

    OF COMPETENCES A SET OF COMPETENCES B 0 Con fi dence Upgrade yourself… go ahead, jump ! Comfort zone Scary zone Make this zone safe
 for the team !
  52. 102 Be ready for the falls! It's part of the

    process! As a leader, we must make sure to make this space
 hyper "safe" for our team
  53. @madmac 103 The great danger If we are afraid of

    failing and not being up to the task, if we are afraid to be judged, the logical reaction is to try to be perfect. (Or try to be perfect) Paralysis Paralysis Paralysis Paralysis
  54. « Weeks of coding can save you hours of understanding

    » I dont have time for this! ⌨
  55. @madmac 106 Why empathy ? Empathy = Better code/design/solutions Empathy

    = Future proof Empathy = Leaders of tomorrow Empathy = Connections
  56. @madmac 107 Challenge 1.Make a commitment of booking a least

    two (2) 30 minutes in person meeting, by the end of the month, with someone outside your – Domain, Silo or Vertical – to understand what makes them tick and get a broader understanding of the organization and what we’re trying to build and become. See the new frontier that it open 2.See the new frontier that it open help you on your journey? 3.Rinse and repeat 📆
  57. A clear "destination" A clear « why », A shared

    and common understanding Shared values Rules of engagement Purpose Clear vision & goals A sense of community Empathy for our customers for our colleagues, for our leaders and for ourselves Empathy Keys for high-performance teams in this new world Individuals who believe their talents can be developed (through hard work, learning, good strategies, and input from others) have a growth mindset. Growth mindset
  58. @madmac 110 Jean-Marc De Jonghe [email protected] ca.linkedin.com/in/dejonghe speakerdeck.com/jdejongh Connect with

    me 🧠 mindsetinnovateur.com https://forms.o ffi ce.com/r/H3HH3us3un Please give me some feedback 👇
  59. @madmac 112 • Crossing the Chasm (1991, revised 1999 and

    2014), Geoffrey A. Moore • Creativity Inc (2014, Random House Canada), Ed Catmull with Amy Wallace • Being Digital, Nicolas Negroponte (Knopf 1995) • TedTalk, Dan Pink sur la surprenante science de la motivation, Dan Pink https://www.ted.com/talks/dan_pink_on_motivation? language=fr#t-1010302 • The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People: 30th Anniversary – Special Edition – Stephen R. Covey (2020 Simon & Schuster) • Why we plan – Part I – Failure to Rescue, Buridan’s Blog http://buridansblog12.rssing.com/chan-20258046/all_p1.html • ICE Score all you need to know Itamar Gilad https:// itamargilad.com/ice-scores/ • The Phoenix and the Unicorn, Peter Hinssen (2020 nexxworks) • Complicated vs Complex and why it’s matters - Roland Wolfig https://beya.io/2016/03/complicated-vs-complex-and-why-it- matters/ • Complexity and Strategy https://hackernoon.com/complexity- and-strategy-325cd7f59a92#.5h6wyrxvk • Prototyping: Fake It till you make it (WWDC 2014, Apple Developper, Apple Inc.), Get a glimpse of Apple's prototyping process and the range of tools and techniques they use, some of which might surprise you. https://developer.apple.com/ videos/play/design/12/ • The Future of Jobs : Employment, Skills and Workforce Strategy for the Fourth Industrial Revolution (World Economic Forum, April 2023) https://www.weforum.org/publications/the-future-of- jobs-report-2023/ and https://www3.weforum.org/docs/ WEF_Future_of_Jobs_2023.pdf • How to Evaluate Your Product with Smoke Testing By Shanelle Mullin, Published: Feb 28, 2022 | Last updated: Apr 30, 2023 https://cxl.com/blog/smoke-test/ • Continuous Discovery Habits: Discover Products that Create Customer Value and Business Value, Teresa Dorres, Product Talk LLC (2021) • Why T-shaped people? Jason Yip, https://jchyip.medium.com/ why-t-shaped-people-e8706198e437 • Cross functional empathy: 90 day of devops, Video, Chris Kranz, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2aJ4hA6TiZE • 30 behavioral interview questions to assess soft skills https:// business.linkedin.com/talent-solutions/resources/interviewing- talent/behavioral-interview-questions-important-soft-skills References