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dRuby 20th anniversary hands-on workshop

dRuby 20th anniversary hands-on workshop

slide: dRuby 20th anniversary hands-on workshop
text is here : http://www.druby.org/fukuoka2019.pdf

seki at druby.org

April 20, 2019

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  1. What is dRuby Distributed Object System Can invoke methods in

    different process Can send objects between process Pure Ruby http://www.druby.org/fukuoka2019.pdf
  2. 1. Hello, World Setup dRuby Invoke a method in different

    process http://www.druby.org/fukuoka2019.pdf
  3. 1. Hello, World http://www.druby.org/fukuoka2019.pdf require 'drb' class Hello def greeting

    puts('Hello, World.') end end uri = 'druby://localhost:54000' DRb.start_service(uri, Hello.new) sleep require 'drb' DRb.start_service uri = 'druby://localhost:54000' it = DRbObject.new_with_uri(uri) it.greeting ← greeting
  4. 2. Key value store http://www.druby.org/fukuoka2019.pdf KVS irb irb • "greeting"

    • "hello, world." • "greeting" • "hello, world."