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Some Concepts from FutureLib

Paul Jervis Heath
December 10, 2014

Some Concepts from FutureLib

I presented to the Faculty and Department Librarians about some of the work Modern Human have been doing on FutureLib and some of the concepts that we've generated with their project team. Here's the presentation deck for people who like slides with no context, and I've also posted a blog article on the Project Blog with more explanation of the concepts and rationale. You can find that at: https://futurelib.wordpress.com/2014/12/15/meeting-the-fdl/

Paul Jervis Heath

December 10, 2014

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  1. MODERN HUMAN IMMERSE IMAGINE INVENT EVOLVE interpretation: analysis divergent thinking:

    ideation discovery: design research convergent thinking: experimentation refinement: evolution
  2. MODERN HUMAN David is a 3rd year undergraduate. He goes

    to his supervision on Thursday morning. After the supervision his supervisor emails him a list of books to act as a starting point. Study magnet goes and finds all of the resources on the list through the Universal Search API from the library. It returns results for all the books on his list, shows ratings from other students and highlights what essays each result has been used for in the past. David opens up Study Magnet on his laptop. He copies and pastes the reading list into the application. Study Magnet helps David choose a shortlist of 4 books that he'll read first. Fortunately they're all available at his College library. He heads over there to grab them. While David is writing his essay he tags the books he actually references in Study Magnet. It creates a bibliography for him in his selected referencing style (his supervisor insists on Harvard APA). He copies and pastes this into his essay in Microsoft Word on his laptop. 01_ Receives reading list by email 02_ Chooses resources from the list 03_ Writes his essay and builds his reference list AT A LIBRARY
  3. MODERN HUMAN Katarina is also a 2nd year undergrad. She

    heads straight back to college after her Friday supervision. She has so much work she needs to get a head start on this essay. Universal Search from a library terminal shows that many of the books on her list are already on loan. She could use eBooks but she'd prefer to have the physical copies for this essay. Lucy’s mobile vibrates. It's her Libraries App telling her that someone is requesting to borrow one of the books she currently has out of the library. She's all but finished with it and they agree to meet at the requestors college library to exchange the book. Universal library search gives her the option of requesting a transfer from another library user. She sees the current borrower of one of the books has had it for a few days. Thinking that they might be finished with it she requests a transfer of 2 books from 2 people. Matías's mobile vibrates. His Libraries App also tells him that someone wants to borrow a book he currently has out of the library. He still has some more to do but he thinks that they might be able to share the book if they work in the same location - they arrange to work at Katrina's faculty library the following day. The following day Katrina and Matías meet at her faculty library and share the textbook for a couple of hours. Katrina gets everything she needs. Matías retains the book to return to the library later. When Katrina meets Lucy, Lucy scans the barcode in the book. So does Katarina. The lending record is now passed to Katarina and she takes it to a desk at her college library to start reading right away. 01_ Searches for resources 02_ Requests a transfer 03_ Meet to transfer resources 04_ Meet to share resources AT A LIBRARY
  4. MODERN HUMAN Hannah and some of her fellow NatSci undergrads

    are getting together to do the problems set by their supervisor. They'll work on the problems individually but find that it's useful to study together because they can help each other out and discuss their solutions and methods. They meet at the JCR but there's quite a lot of people around today and it's too noisy to try and study. They talk about going to a coffee shop, or heading to one of their rooms but one of Hannah’s colleagues mentions that she noticed the library space finder last time she was searching for books. Maybe there will be a suitable space? Students can't book these spaces but they can use them if they are free. As it seems like the best option and the Moore is quite close anyway they head over there. They find they can use the space for the next 3 hours. That'll be plenty of time so they get to work. Hannah does a quick search from her mobile and notices that the Moore Library has several new shared working spaces that they can use. She's impressed that the rooms have whiteboards and flexible furniture. The reviews and photos show that they are really great spaces to work in. 01_ Meets his friends to study 02_ The JCR is too noisy 03_ Searches for work spaces 04_ Study alone, together AT A LIBRARY
  5. MODERN HUMAN _ What will the challenges of the concept

    be? _ Identify the 3 challenges that result from the concept then phrase each challenge as a “How might we…?” question. How might we…?