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Let's write RBS!

May 13, 2023

Let's write RBS!


May 13, 2023

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  1. • Work for Money Forward, Inc. ◦ a Rails app

    engineer ◦ an RBS maintainer • Live in Okayama • NOT flat earth believer Masataka Pocke Kuwabara GitHub: @pocke Twitter: @p_ck_ @[email protected]
  2. Before this talk, thanks for all RBS contributors!👏👏 4geru, AaronLasseigne,

    DmitryPogrebnoy, HoneyryderChuck, M-Yamashita01, MITSUBOSHI, MSP-Greg, POPPIN-FUMI, ParadoxV5, TsubasaKawajiri, VTRyo, akito-fujisaki, autopp, buzztaiki, castwide, cky, coorasse, craftscat, dleavitt, fabon-f, fugakkbn, hana-da, hanazuki, hjwylde, hsbt, ioquatix, joker1007, kachick, kaiquekandykoga, kenchan, koic, kotaokubo, koukikitamura, ksss, kymmt90, lauratpa, m11o, mame, meqif, myronmarston, nipe0324, nobu, nogtk, nurse, nvh0412, osatoh, osyo-manga, palkan, paracycle, piotaixr, pocke, raosush, rmitchell-sq, sadgb, sanfrecce-osaka, sevenc-nanashi, shugo, snaka, soutaro, sue445, takahashim, tatematsu-k, thinca, tisonkun, tlvu2697, ujihisa, unasuke, ursm, yassenb, ybiquitous, ydah, yyamanoi1222, yykamei, znz All contributors to ruby/rbs and ruby/gem_rbs_collection from the previous list in the past Kaigi to RBS 3.1 except dependabot.
 This is generated with the following script: https://gist.github.com/pocke/ef809d411bd7f26f02e5850d44db82f2

  3. Agenda This talks has two parts.
 • Part 1: Introduce

    RBS features
 ◦ Introduce new features of RBS 3.1
 ◦ Introduce rbs tools to write signatures (I don't have enough time!)
 • Part 2: Demonstrate writing RBS
 ◦ in an application
 ◦ in ruby/rbs repository (I don't have enough time!)

  4. • RBS basics
 ◦ syntax, usage, etc
 ◦ rbs collection

    • RBS related tools
 ◦ Steep, RBS Rails, etc
 I wrote an article to learn them (Japanese). https://pocke.hatenablog.com/entry/2023/ 05/08/184814
 What I will NOT talk about in this presentation
  5. What is rbs subtract rbs subtract removes duplicate RBS definitions.

 # Display the result of (a.rbs - b.rbs) $ rbs subtract a.rbs b.rbs # Overwrite a.rbs with the result directly $ rbs subtract --write a.rbs b.rbs This feature was developed by Saito-san (@tadd), and I took over it.
  6. rbs subtract behavior $ rbs subtract a.rbs b.rbs # output

    (a.rbs - b.rbs) class C def bar: () -> untyped end # a.rbs class C def foo: () -> untyped def bar: () -> untyped end # b.rbs class C def foo: () -> Integer end You can find more examples from https://github.com/ruby/rbs/blob/master/test/rbs/subtractor_test.rb

  7. Why rbs subtract is necessary It is necessary to modify

    auto-generated RBS files in a maintainable way.

  8. • You are developing a large Ruby app, and you

    want to introduce RBS to the app.
 • You run an RBS generator.
 ◦ It generate RBS files from your codebase.
 ◦ Generator is necessary because it's hard to write RBS files for entire application.
 Why necessary: example situation
  9. Generated code is not perfect.
 $ cat test.rb class C

    def foo(int) = int.to_s end $ rbs prototype rb test.rb class C def foo: (untyped int) -> untyped end Why necessary: generated RBS
  10. If you write a method definition to a separate file,

    you will get a duplication error.
 Why necessary: problem # auto-generated.rbs class C def foo: (untyped int) -> untyped end # hand-written.rbs class C def foo: (Integer int) -> String end # ::C#foo has duplicated definitions in hand-written.rbs
  11. rbs subtract solves this problem.
 It removes well-described method definitions

    from auto-generated RBS files.
 Why necessary: solution # auto-generated.rbs class C def foo: (untyped int) -> untyped end # hand-written.rbs class C def foo: (Integer int) -> String end # subtracted.rbs class C # No `foo` definition end
  12. # Generate RBSs for all Ruby code under sig/prototype directory

    $ rbs prototype rb --out-dir=sig/prototype --base-dir=. app lib # Write type definitions by hand $ $EDITOR sig/hand-written/foo.rbs # Remove hand-written methods from generated RBSs $ rbs subtract --write sig/prototype sig/rbs_rails sig/hand-written # Type-check with the RBS files $ steep check A simple example workflow
  13. This feature is implemented in ruby/rbs#1287.
 The design is described

    in a HackMD document. https://hackmd.io/seoMijXwRdG2uFITm2lLq w
 For more information
  14. What is rbs parse • rbs parse parses a .rbs

    file and report syntax errors.
 $ rbs parse valid.rbs # Print nothing $ rbs parse invalid.rbs test.rbs:4:0...4:3: Syntax error: cannot start a declaration, token=`end` (kEND) This feature is available since the first release (ruby/rbs#207).

  15. What's New Two kinds of options has been available since

    RBS v3.1 (ruby/rbs#1252).
 • -e CODE ◦ Same as Ruby.
 ◦ We can use this command without saving RBS code to a file.
 • --type, --method-type ◦ It specifies parsing context.

  16. Example: -e Previously we need to save RBS code to

    a file to run rbs parse
 $ $EDITOR test.rbs && rbs parse test.rbs Since RBS 3.1, you do not need to save a file.
 $ rbs parse -e "class C end"
  17. Example: --type and --method-type These option is useful with -e.

    # Check whole RBS code $ rbs parse -e "class C def f: (Integer) -> { code: Integer } end" # Check only method type $ rbs parse --method-type -e "(Integer) -> { code: Integer }" # Check only type $ rbs parse --type -e "{ code: Integer }"
  18. rbs collection • It manages dependent libraries' RBSs.
 • In

    short, Bundler for RBS.
 See my slides at RubyKaigi Takeout 2021 for more details https://rubykaigi.org/2021-tak eout/presentations/p_ck_.html

  19. Other tools I also uses the following tools in the

 • Steep
 ◦ Steep is a type checker working on RBS.
 ◦ https://github.com/soutaro/steep
 • RBS Rails
 ◦ RBS Rails is an RBS generator for Rails applications.
 ◦ https://github.com/pocke/rbs_rails

  20. Editor Integrations Today I use VS Code and the following

    two extensions for the demonstration.
 • RBS Syntax
 • Steep
 But you can also uses other editors that support LSP.
 https://github.com/ruby/rbs/blob/master/d ocs/tools.md

  21. Demonstrations There are two one demos.
 • Introduce RBS to

    an existing app
 ◦ On ruby/rubyci
 • Show development experience using RBS
 ◦ On ruby/rbs

  22. https://github.com/ruby/rubyci
 1. Introduce rbs collection
 2. Introduce Steep
 3. Introduce

    rbs subtract
 4. Write .rbs files with subtract
 Introduce RBS to an existing app
  23. 【Money Forward x Shippio】 BaySide Tech Nite • Shippio and

    Money Forward host this event.
 • Talk about RubyKaigi and Ruby in English
 • 2023-05-19 Tokyo
 https://moneyforward.connpass.co m/event/281065/
 Unfortunately I cannot attend this event😢

  24. • I, mame-san, and sinsoku-san will talk about OSS contribution

    in this event.
 • 2023-05-25 Tokyo and Online
 • Talk in Japanese
 https://timeedev.connpass.com/event/ 279568/
 OSSへのコントリビュート - Techmee vol.7 (Contribute to OSS)
  25. • I shared new features of RBS 3.1 ◦ rbs

    subtract is a useful tool when you introduce RBS to a large app.
 ◦ rbs prase evolved with new options.
 • I shared demonstrations of introducing RBS.
 Thanks for listening to my talk!
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