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Chaos V-Ray Render Pool Manual [EN]

Studio Zen
September 04, 2023

Chaos V-Ray Render Pool Manual [EN]

Chaos V-Ray Render Pool Manual

Studio Zen

September 04, 2023

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  1. Chaos V-Ray For Render Pool 01 How to create VRScene

    for rendering on Render Pool 02 Render Pool usage guide for Chaos V-Ray Proxy Scene File setup Render Pool Workflow
  2. 2 01.Render Setting To render V-Ray on Render Pool, Your

    scene will need to be exported as V-Ray Proxy Scene (VRScene) which is a cached scene that is need to exported in order to render on Render Pool. 1.For the first step, please be sure to set your Render Setting before rendering locally or on Render Pool. Make sure to set your animation as standard and set your start, end frame, Resolution, and Renderable Camera File setup-How to setup scene
  3. 3 02. File Export setting Compared with other renderer, V-Ray

    provides simple workflow. 1.Click on V-Ray ->Tools->Archive V-Ray Scene 2.A new window will open, make sure to have “Archive to ZIP file” checked to export VRScene with textures in one zip file. Once exported, a zip file will appear on the exported path, you are now ready to upload on Render Pool. File setup-How to setup scene
  4. Renderpool Workflow 6 • 01.Upload 1. Press the BROWSE FILES

    button and select the .blend/zip file to upload. You can also drag and drop the file into this zone. 2. Press UPLOAD FILE to start uploading. 3. Uploaded files are added to the zone at the top. 4. After completing the upload, click "Start Rendering" to go to the render setting.
  5. Renderpool Workflow 7 • 02.Render Queue Inside Render queue, you

    have option to override contents below 1. File Format-Choose either EXR or PNG 2. Target Frame-Choose Start Frame and End Frame within the exported V-Ray Proxy Scene (VRScene) 3. Resolution-Override resolution setting 4. Camera-override camera setting to use other camera in the scene
  6. Renderpool Workflow 8 • 02.Render Queue Inside Render queue, you

    have option to override three contents 1. Resolution 2. Target Frame 3. Sampling Sampling method will override contents inside Maya’s Arnold sampling
  7. Renderpool Workflow 9 • 03.Rendering Each frame is automatically distributed

    to servers in various locations. The job being rendered is ∟ If Success:Job can be confirmed on the success page and rendered page ∟ If Failed:Job will move to the Failed page ∟ If PAUSE in the middle:Job will move to the Pause/Cancel page If stuck at the end of the rendering process. Some servers are taking a long time to process the rendering. Please wait for a while and it will be processed. If the rendering still does not proceed, please contact us. If you are in a hurry, please pause and resume rendering again.
  8. Renderpool Workflow 10 • 04.Download You can download the rendered

    image on the Rendered File page from the cloud Icon. And you can download render pass/AOV from “GENERATE AOV” Add a check on the AOV you want to download.
  9. 1 2 3 High-volume rendering made much more efficient Render

    Pool and cloud storage are integrated via API to auto-render the specified Maya file and blend file. Rendered files are placed in the indicated folder. Enables large number of renderings to be done at the same time. Automatic scene file creation Maya files are automatically converted to rpr files and rendered. Do detailed customization with CSV. Rendered files are placed in a designated cloud storage location so data can easily be exchanged Cloud-based data exchange among affiliates PNG / EXR Data exchange in the cloud * User provides cloud storage (Box, Dropbox, etc. recommended) *This is a client application for Windows desktop only. *Please contact us for pricing information. Applications automate the entire process for rendering more scenes Auto-rendering CSV Render Pool Client App (Optional) 12
  10. Starts rendering 1000+ scene files at once Render Pool Client

    App To cloud storage File Upload Scene files/CSV files Upload to cloud storage at once full automation Run in Render Pool Client App Create scene files Execute rendering with Render Pool DL the rendering result to the specified entire period Composite Copy images in a specified folder to a working folder Copy the images in the designated folder to the working folder and work on them Typical could rendering services Create scene Compile and zip data for scene Upload to site Download Rendering setup and start Copy to work folder Upload from software Render Pool Client App (Optional) 13
  11. Render Pool Client App Render Pool Client App is available

    to enterprise users individually. If you are interested, please contact our staff or reach out at the email below. [email protected]