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RenderPool Blender Cycles Usage Manual-Part 2 Renderpool UI

RenderPool Blender Cycles Usage Manual-Part 2 Renderpool UI

RenderPool Blender Cycles Usage Manual-Renderpool UI

Studio Zen

June 10, 2022

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  1. • What is Renderpool? 3 • Preparation on Blender 5

    • Render Pool / Home 12 • Render Pool Workflow 13 • Other Features 18 2 目次
  2. Render Pool / Home Switch to English: Switch to English

    from here Render Pool is a Cloud Rendering service that renders Radeon™ ProRender or Blender Cycles Files 4
  3. Render Pool Workflow You can upload scenes that you want

    rendered ① Press the BROWSE FILES button to launch Explorer and select the zip file to upload. You can also drag and drop the zip file into this zone. ② Press UPLOAD FILE to start uploading the zip selected in BROWSE FILE. ③ The file selected in (1) will be added to this zone. ④ After uploading is completed, click START RENDER to move to the Create Queue page. ① ② ③ ④ 5
  4. Render Pool Workflow RESET SETTINGS: Resets the changed settings to

    default. RENDERER TYPE: BlenderCycles3.0, BlenderCycles2.93 can be selected ITERATIONS / SAMPLING: Sampling value. By default, in Blender's Render Properties> Sampling tab Contains the value of Max Samples. FILE FORMAT: Export Format(EXR, PNG) RENDERING TARGET FRAME START FRAME VALUE : Specifies the beginning of the frame range to output. END FRAME VALUE: Specifies the end of the frame range to output. ⑤Set each parameters If Rendering 200~300frames、 200f START FRAME VALUE: 1 300f END FRAME VALUE:101 Example) 6
  5. Render Pool Workflow Running ⑥You can check what is being

    rendered from this page The job being rendered is ∟ If Success :Job can be confirmed on the success page and rendered page ∟ If Failed :Job will move to the Failed page ∟ If stopped in the middle :Job will move to the Cancel page 7
  6. Render Pool Workflow ⑦ On the Rendered File page, you

    can download the Compositor node image from the cloud Icon. <Others> Trash Icon:Delete rendered file Caution:The exported data will be deleted from the oldest one after being stored for a certain period of time. ⑧You can download File Output node render pass from GENERATE AOVs Add a check on the AOV you want to download ⑧ ⑦ 8
  7. Render Pool / Other Features You can cancel render job

    from here You can check what job is being rendered from Running page
  8. Render Pool / Other Features You can render again without

    re-uploading from upload page <Original File> ①Start Render : Proceed to Render queue page ②Cloud Icon:Download uploaded file ③Trash Icon:Remove uploaded file from the upload page Note: The exported data will be deleted from the oldest one after being stored for a certain period of time. ① ② ③ 11
  9. Render Pool / Other Features Failed job will be listed

    on the Failed page You can download the data up to the point where you have rendered. Jobs that go to the Failed page will not consume points at this stage. But if you press GENERATE FILE, the points that was rendered will be consumed. 12
  10. Render Pool / その他の機能について Cancelled job will be listed on

    the Cancel page You can download the data for the rendering completed. Points have already been consumed for the data used at the time of rendering. Jobs deleted after a certain period of time After pressing GENERATE FILE, you will see a button called View File. You can check the Job information. 13
  11. Render Pool / Other Features Success job will be listed

    on the success page You can check your rendered file from view details。 You can check your render settings, thumbnail from here 14
  12. Render Pool / Other Features Credit History Billing History Purchase

    Credits You can check the number of points used for one job Billing history for the points you have bought You can purchase points by registering credits. 15
  13. Render Pool / Other Features PURCHASE CREDITS: Buy points for

    rendering CURRENT BALANCE: Number of balance points ESTIMATED CREDIT USAGE: Estimated number of points consume on job ESTIMATED FINAL BALANCE: Estimated number of points after rendering CANCEL: Cancel current job rendering START RENDER: Register the job and start rendering You can check the estimation of points that may use for the job. 16