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GeoServer used in fun and interesting ways - FOSS4GNA 2023

GeoServer used in fun and interesting ways - FOSS4GNA 2023

GeoServer is the start of so many great open source success stories.

This talk introduces the core GeoServer application and explores the ecosystem that has developed around this beloved OSGeo application. Our presentation draws on the GeoServer ecosystem for use-cases and examples of how the application has been used successfully by a wide range of organizations.

Each use-case highlights a capability of GeoServer providing an overview of the technology drawn from practical examples.

- Andrea iAme is on hand to share success stories highlighting GeoServer use in managing vulnerable ecosystems, agriculture information management, and marine data management.
- Jody Garnett will look at how GeoServer technology powers cloud services
- Gabriel will look at am amazing remixes for Cloud Native GeoServer
- GeoServer technology powering the OSGeo community, including GeoNode, geOrchestra
- A showcase of examples collected from our user list

Attend this talk to learn what GeoServer is good for out-of-the-box, and for inspiration on what is possible using GeoServer and the FOSS4G community.

Simone Giannecchini

October 31, 2023

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  1. Jody Garnett [email protected] @jodygarnett GeoCat Government Geographic Data publishing Andrea

    Aime Technical Lead [email protected] @geowolf GeoSolutions Innovative, robust, cost-effective solutions leveraging best-of-breed Open Source products. This presentation is brought to you by
  2. GeoServer at a Glance Java Web Application to share and

    edit geospatial data. Publish data from any major spatial data source using open standards. Core Protocols WMS – maps WFS – vector WFS-T – editing WCS – coverage WMTS – tiles TMS – tiles WMS-C – tiles Extension/community protocols WPS – process CSW – search OGC API - json + rest standards OGC STAC - spatio-temporal asset catalogue
  3. Powered by GeoServer GeoServer is a real open source, and

    OSGeo, success story in its own right. • Open Source GPL License • Established project first released in 2001! • Diverse global development community • Open Source Geospatial Foundation Project since 2011 • … but that is not what this talk is about! GeoServer, as a component, powers a wide ecosystem of great solutions!
  4. Before we start! The following GeoServer examples are here: •

    Provide confidence • Inspire with what is possible • Illustrate flexibility We want you to feel safe in your technology choice: - GeoServer can take on very challenging situations! - Most situations are not so challenging! Be amazed not terrified please!
  5. Images and videos where available Attribute information helps to understand

    the origin of the sign. Data was collected by the deaf community and the images designed by deaf designer. Estonian Sign Language
  6. DLR (German Space Agency) GeoWebServices • Sentinel, AVHRR, MetOp GOME,

    TerrasarX, RapidEye, other global maps • GeoServer Cluster • WMS service with time dimension + WCS + direct download + STAC
  7. EUMETSAT Eumetview • Near real-time ingestion and dissemination of 120+

    Eumetsat products • 2.5 years data retention and counting • GeoServer Cluster + PostgreSQL Cluster on K8s ( Private Cloud) • WMS service with time dimension + WCS + WFS + Asynch Download
  8. Luxembourg Copernicus Collaborative Ground Segment • 56 million products •

    43 PB data online • Landsat 1 + Landsat 2 • GeoServer + PG cluster • OpenSearch for EO • View & Download
  9. Regione Liguria GeoPortal • GeoServer Cluster + Elastic cluster for

    metering and logging • Peak throughput 600+ req/s • WMS, WFS, WMTS • 1000+ layers to cover mobility, land parcels, orthophoto, environment, etc..
  10. City of Genoa GeoPortal • GeoServer Cluster + Oracle Cluster

    (Yeah, I know….) • 1000+ datasets powering one of the most important EU port cities • Tightly integrated with various stakeholders (region, county, utilities)
  11. BEV (Austrian ministry) - address register • GeoServer Cluster +

    Jenkins ingestion chain for orthos • 10TB of RGB-NIR orthos • WMS, WMTS with INSPIRE Compliance • Dump every 3 months of ⅓ of the map (flight campaign). Ingestion cycle went from 1M to 1W. Ingestion chain based on GDAL scripts.
  12. European Maritime Security Agency • GeoServer with SDK for Electronic

    Nautical Chartts • Near real-time ship position ingestion, enrichment, dissemination and correlation • Azure databricks store + Kafka + Spark
  13. Precision agriculture • Satellite imagery, index calculation, drone data, IOT

    data, you name it… • Terabytes of imagery, hundreds of millions of vector records
  14. NOAA nowCOAST • Near Real Time Weather Data + alerts

    + hazards • Radar + satellites + Model • GeoServer Cluster + PostgreSQL
  15. Cloud Native GeoServer Gabriel (camptocamp) has a neat project -

    distribution of GeoServer components optimized for a cloud-first environment: • spring-boot • microservices • Replaced a 60 nodes cluster Now an official GeoServer repository: https://github.com/geoserver/geoserver-cloud
  16. GeoServer Enterprise (GeoCat) Commercial open-source distribution: • Long-term-support • Pre-configured

    WAR no need to install extensions Includes GeoCat Bridge publication from comfort of your Desktop GIS
  17. GeoCat Live Spatial-Data-Infrastructure (SDI) in a box • Catalogue services:

    GeoNetwork • Mapping services: GeoServer • Spatial database: PostGIS Includes GeoCat Bridge publication from comfort of your Desktop GIS Software-as-a-Service provided by a company dedicated to sustainable open source
  18. https://www.georchestra.org/ geOrchestra provides independant and interoperable modules to build your

    own custom spatial data infrastructure: • a data catalog based on GeoNetwork version 4.0.6, • a map and feature server: GeoServer version 2.18.3, • an advanced data access list manager: GeoFence, • a map tiles server: GeoWebCache version 1.16.2, • an advanced web map viewer with query, styling, editing functions, • a data extractor to extract, reproject and download datasets from OGC services, • a user, orgs & roles manager (“ldapadmin”), • a module to display data usage statistics (“analytics”).
  19. Cascading WMS for reprojecting / caching Ian Turton has helped

    use GeoServer to “supplement” less capable servers and clients. • Added reprojection • Caching for performance GeoServer WMS WMS WMS WMTS Web Clients
  20. Cascade WFS for Business Intelligence styling Jody Garnett helped use

    GeoServer to provide dynamic styling of Business Intelligence data cube content • Used SLD=<sld content> to draw visualization produced by BI system GeoServer WFS WMS BI Dashboard WFS
  21. GeoServer Keycloak OAuth2 Single Sign On security integration Example is

    from GeoCat Live, which uses Keycloak via OAuth2 in order to authenticate against a range of single sign on options such as ADFS. Keycloak Clients ADFS OAuth2
  22. Custom mosaic plugin Worldwide coverage, optimize data access at the

    strip level, custom filtering and security inside the mosaic itself
  23. Store, index, query, and transform spatio-temporal data at scale in

    Accumulo, HBase, Cassandra, and Kafka. Distributed Spatio-temporal Database - Built on Hadoop and Accumulo - Scales to billions of features - Written in Scala - Apache License, v2.0 Informal: “Distributed PostGIS” Cloud Stack and Distributed Resources K A F K A HDFS Accumulo
  24. Connect distributed computing and key-value stores with modern geospatial software

    to store, retrieve and analyze massive geospatial datasets Distributed Spatio-temporal Database - Spatial index for Accumulo, HBase, Cassandra, Dynamodb - Scales to billions of features - Written in Java - Apache License, v2.0 Cloud Stack and Distributed Resources K A F K A HDFS Accumulo
  25. Cloud blob-store / COG integration • GeoWebCache Tiles can be

    stored in S3, Azure (supported) • COGs can be read from S3, Google Storage, Azure Storage (community) Image mosaic WMS WMTS Google Storage Cloud Optimized GeoTIFF “blobstore”