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Sogo Castle Ruins in Kagawa

Sogo Castle Ruins in Kagawa

July 18, 2023: I visited "Sogo Castle Ruins" in Kagawa Prefecture and paid my respects at the graves of my warlord ancestors during the "Sengoku period", "Kazumasa Sogo" and "Masayasu Sogo". For today's leaders in Japan, the spirit of "Bushido" holds immense significance. Business executives must constantly introspect, ensuring they have nothing to be ashamed of, reviewing whether their actions and words might evoke customer discontent or cause embarrassment to their employees. This introspection forms the foundation of "Business Ethics" and "Corporate Social Responsibility," and I firmly believe that it paves the way for the long-term growth and development of Japanese companies.

Kazumasa Sogo, a warlord in the Sengoku period, seems to be a samurai that is becoming popular among young history fans today because of his strength, and the historical novel "Biography of Kazumasa Sogo" was published last year. He was feared by other warlords because he was as strong as an incarnation of a demon, but he prioritized building a country where everyone could live in peace and laughter over improving his own status and expanding his territory.

Tetsuya Sogo

July 18, 2023

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