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Profile of Tetsuya Sogo, as of March 31, 2023

Profile of Tetsuya Sogo, as of March 31, 2023

< Notification of Retirement >

Following our Nomination Committee’s direction to retire at the age of 63, I would like to inform you that I am retiring from NTN Corporation as of March 2023 after 41 years of service starting as an industrial engineer in 1982.

I really feel that my experience here at NTN has been always both challenging and rewarding. Especially as CEO of NTN Americas and then CFO of NTN Corporation, I focused on the establishment of a Global Learning Organization under autonomous FP&A functions toward the Value Creation together with growth minded leaders in total NTN group.

My only regret is that I was not able to complete the NTN revitalization scenario and the global management transformation that creates sustainable corporate value. I want to entrust the achievement of that vision to the inspired younger generation.

I would also like to take this opportunity to thank you for the support and encouragement you have provided me during my time at NTN over the past 41 years. Mr. Masaaki Yamamoto will assume a position of CFO, and I look forward to your continued support with the same kindness and friendship to him.

I will not stay at NTN as an advisor, so I will leave NTN at the end of March. Farewell NTN and I wish you all the best!!







Tetsuya Sogo

March 31, 2023

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  1. 1. Name: Tetsuya SOGO (十河 哲也) LinkedIn (http://jp.linkedin.com/in/tsogo/en) 2. Date/Place

    of Birth: December 3, 1959 / Wakayama, Japan 3. Education: Executive MBA (1996): General Management - Kellogg School of Management, Northwestern University BS in Engineering (1982): Industrial Engineering & Management Sciences - Waseda University 4. Present Position: Retired: CFO of NTN Corporation, CEO of NTN Americas 5. Career: ― NTN Corporation ― April 2020 – March 2023 CFO (最高財務責任者) - By effectively communicating "NTN Revitalization Scenario" through my CFO messages and other channels, both internally and externally, I obtained understanding and support while maintaining accountability to financial markets and stock markets. - Simultaneously, I promoted "Fundamental Business Reforms" to steadily improve the overall corporate value and stabilize the financial structure of the NTN Group. - In anticipation of the rapidly changing business environment, I actively pursued the establishment of "Learning Organization" throughout the group, focusing on strengthening a global, self-directed "FP&A" organization dedicated to continuous enhancement of corporate value under any circumstances. - As a result, NTN's market capitalization increased by 1.8 times during my three-year tenure as CFO (FY2020-FY2022), despite the extremely challenging business environment. June 2019 – March 2023 Corporate Executive Officer (執行役) June, 2019: Changed our governance structure to “Company with Nominating Committee, etc. April 2018 – March 2022 Corporate General Manager of Financial Headquarters (財務本部長) 2019-2021: Formulated and implemented a global financial strategy, and steadily improved corporate value through the following preparations and responses to Covid-19: 1) Formulated and executed "NTN Revitalization Scenario" as a global financial strategy 2) Obtained a "Commitment Line" of 100 billion yen from a consortium of banks. 3) Financed 50 billion yen through “Hybrid Bonds” (Equity=50%) April 2014 – June 2019 Senior Executive Officer (常務執行役員)
  2. - Became Part-time Lecturer of Kyoto University, regarding Japanese “Monozukuri”

    Culture & Global Management for the Government-sponsored foreign students: April 2016 - Started Executive Development Program with Kellogg School for NTN Americas Region: June 2015 - Made Commencement Speech at Waseda University’s Dept. of Industrial & Management System Engineering: March 2015 October 2013 – March 2018 General Director of Americas Region (米州地区総支配人: CEO of NTN Americas) - Expansion (Groundbreaking) of “NTK Precision Axle Corp. (USA)” in Anderson, IN. : June 2017 - Founding "NTN Drive Shaft Anderson, Inc.(USA)": July 2015 April 2011 - March 2014 Executive Officer (執行役員) April 2011 - September 2013 Deputy General Director of NTN Americas Region (米州地区副総支配人), responsible for profitability improvement and business expansion in Automotive, Industrial OEM and Aftermarket in North and South Americas Region. - Founding "NTN Manufacturing de Mexico, S.A. de C.V.(Mexico)": April 2013 - Expansion (Groundbreaking) of “NTN Bower Corp. (USA)” in Macomb, IL. : July 2012 April 2007 - March 2011 General Manager of Corporate Strategy Headquarters in Japan, responsible for formulating and sharing of overall corporate strategy, planning, negotiation and execution of cross-border M&A, and promotion of corporate communications. - Founding a Joint Venture to Manufacture Automobile Bearings with LYC (China): Jan.2011 - Founding a Hub Turning and Forging Joint Venture with Takao and Asahi (USA): Dec.2010 - Purchase of CVJ Assets of tedrive Brasil (Brasil): July 2010 - Founding a Wind Power Large Bearing Manufacturing JV with Seohan (Korea): Jan.2010 - Purchase of the Forging Plant of SETFORGE Group (France): April 2008 April 2005 - March 2007 Deputy General Manager, Corporate Planning Department of Japan Head Office, responsible for special mission concerning cross-border M&A and strategic alliance, development and promotion of overall medium-term corporate strategy, monitoring and governance of subsidiary companies. - Purchase of the Bearing Manufacturing Company (SNR) of Renault (France): March 2007 - Founding a CVJ Assembly Joint Venture with Seohan (USA): Feb.2007 - Purchase of the CVJ Manufacturing Company of IFA (Germany): April 2006 - Direct Investment into Shanghai Tung Pei (China): Dec.2005 - Founding a CVJ Manufacturing Joint Venture with NEI (India): Sep.2005 August 1996 - March 2005 Project Manager in Corporate Planning Department of Japan Head Office, with duties of negotiation concerning global strategic alliances for the products such as CVJs (Constant Velocity Joints) and Axle Unit Bearings. - Founding a CVJ Assembly Joint Venture with KOFCO and Yulon Group (China): Sep.2003 - Founding a CVJ Manufacturing Joint Venture with Yulon Group (China): Sep.2002 - Purchase of the Additional Shares of Taiway (Taiwan): Jan.2002 - Purchase of the Additional Shares of Unidrive (Australia): May 2000 - Purchase of the CVJ Manufacturing Division of Renault (France): Dec.1998 March 1989 - July 1996 Chief Engineer, Elgin Plant of American NTN Bearing Manufacturing Corporation, one of NTN’s subsidiary companies in the US, with duties of starting up full-blown production of Axle Unit Bearings . Studied at Kellogg School of Management (EMP32: from September 1994 to June 1996) to achieve the successful business expansion in US market. April 1982 - February 1989 Joined NTN Corporation as an Engineer after graduation from Waseda University, and experienced Production Engineering in the major manufacturing locations of NTN in Japan, responsible for enhancing machine utilization rates, stabilization of quality, analysis and standardization of processing conditions for various types of bearings such as Taper Roller Bearings and Axle Unit Bearings.
  3. ― NTN Group Companies ― <NTN USA Corporation (USA)> October

    2013 – March 2018: President April 2011 - September 2013: Executive Vice President <American NTN Bearing Manufacturing Corporation (USA)> October 2014 – March 2018 : Chairman October 2011 - September 2014: Board Director <NTN Driveshaft, Inc. (USA)> July 2014 – March 2018: Chairman October 2011 - June 2014: Board Director <NTN Bower Corporation (USA)> October 2014 – March 2018: Chairman October 2011 - September 2014: Board Director <NTN Manufacturing de Mexico, S.A. de C.V. (Mexico)> October 2014 – March 2018: Chairman <NTN Driveshaft Anderson, Inc. (USA)> May 2016 – March 2018: Chairman September 2015 – April 2016: President <NTK Precision Axle Corporation (USA)> October 2013 – March 2018: Board Director <NTA Precision Axle Corporation (USA)> October 2011 – March 2018: Board Director <NTN Bearing Corporation of America (USA)> July 2017 – March 2018: Chairman October 2014 – June 2017: Board Director October 2013 – September 2014: Chairman October 2011 – September 2013: Board Director <NTN Bearing Corporation of Canada Ltd. (Canada)> July 2017 – March 2018: Chairman October 2013 – June 2017: Board Director <NTN de Mexico, S.A. (Mexico)> July 2017 – March 2018: Chairman October 2013 – June 2017: In Charge as CEO of NTN Americas - Enhancement of Regional Governance to expand the business in Mexico. <NTN SUDAMERICANA, S.A. (Panama)> July 2017 – March 2018: Chairman October 2013 – June 2017: In Charge as CEO of NTN Americas - Enhancement of Regional Governance to expand the business in Central and South Americas region. <Seohan-NTN Driveshaft USA Corporation (USA)> October 2013 – September 2014: Board Director <Taiway Ltd. (Taiwan)> April 2010 – May 2012: Chairman April 2001 - March 2010: Board Director <Unidrive Pty Ltd. (Australia)> October 2009 – April 2011: Board Director <Tung Pei Industrial Co., Ltd. (Taiwan)> August 2003 – April 2011: Managing Director April 2001 - July 2003: Board Director