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vandapokecz-brightonseo-presentation-September 2023

vandapokecz-brightonseo-presentation-September 2023

In this presentation Vanda gave an insight into the SEO Product Management World. Specifically she talked about product discovery and design sprints.

Vanda Pokecz

September 15, 2023

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  1. Are SEOs like Architects? An SEO Product Manager’s Story Vanda

    Pókecz Ladenzeile GmbH Speakerdeck.com/vandalillapokecz @vanda_lilla
  2. Option 1 Handymen €25000 +€ 2500/yr Option 2 Architect +

    handymen €50000 #brightonSEO @vanda_lilla
  3. Understand user needs Define, validate and prioritise problem to solve

    Ideate Prototype Test #brightonSEO @vanda_lilla
  4. How might we make our product card adaptable to users’

    product specific information need? #brightonSEO @vanda_lilla
  5. User Testing Type of test: Mix of remote and in-person

    moderated interviews Number of participants: 10 Tester target specs: 25-54 years old, German speaking, familiar with the concept of comparison sites #brightonSEO @vanda_lilla
  6. User testing does not always need to be expensive or

    complicated #brightonSEO @vanda_lilla
  7. If you opt for a design sprint your designer should

    take drive on picking exercises #brightonSEO @vanda_lilla
  8. List of exercises #brightonSEO @vanda_lilla Definitions (goals, metrics, risks, problem)

    Sketching (Crazy 8, Solution) Mapping Decision (heat map, speed critique, straw poll, super decision) How Might We Storyboarding Lightning demo Empathy mapping Sorting