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MiKS inc. Company PR en_202404

MiKS inc.
April 14, 2024

MiKS inc. Company PR en_202404

MiKS inc.

April 14, 2024

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  1. MiKS inc. 2024.04 3 Based in Kanazawa, we believe that

    we can create a revolution through the power of design. We believe that "and place" is a comfortable and rich everyday life that is not defined by location, We ourselves live in "and place" and provide value based on branding design. We are always asking "MiKS, Why? (MiKS, Why?) to local norms and common sense, (MiKS, Why?) to local norms and common sense, and provide better value that will serve as a catalyst for mixing people, services, and lifestyles. Scooping up the "why" and asking the "why not". Brand vision Branding design is our core, We are a creative firm that helps make local values shine brighter. MiKS inc.
  2. MiKS inc. 2024.04 5 Affiliated Companies Branding design is our

    core, We are a creative firm that helps make local values shine brighter. MiKS inc. Design, branding, interior, packaging, etc. Linnas Group Based on hotel management, We are a community development company that creates and produces local hubs based on hotel management. Hotel, media, working space, cafe, etc. and more Approach Linnas Design Inc.
  3. MiKS inc. 2024.04 6 Branding Design Management Strategy Consulting Hotel

    Planning and management, and creative are all part of one team. 01 Linnas Design, a group company, is engaged in urban development based on hotel management, and MiKS is able to work closely with Linnas, using creativity as a starting point. We act as a bridge between the production and the client, including Linnas, and help with everything from strategic planning to actual production. Approach
  4. MiKS inc. 2024.04 7 Why? and think about the essence.

    02 MiKS, which means "Why?" in Estonian, is a designer that understands local norms and common sense, but also asks the essential question. We are always looking for the "Why? We seek a better way of being that is in line with the client's narrative. Together, we will create designs that can be seen and loved by our clients. Approach
  5. MiKS inc. 2024.04 8 We value local sensitivities. 03 Our

    base is the regional city of Kanazawa. Kanazawa and other Hokuriku cities, which were not at the center of the accelerated postwar economic growth, have unique business practices, food culture, aesthetics, and customs that are unique to the region. This culture would not have survived if only superficially beautiful and attractive things had been accumulated. I am proud to be working in Kanazawa, a cultural city that has retained its "individuality and character" in the modern age, and I want to be a designer who values its sensibility and aesthetic sense. Approach
  6. MiKS inc. 2024.04 9 We provide value across barriers. 04

    Linnas Kanazawa, a hotel operated by Linnas Design, is a la community- driven hotel based on the concept of "Hygge," which means "cozy time and space" in Scandinavian Danish. It is a hotel that connects people outside and inside the town, transcending barriers, as a "small complex within the town" based on the concept of "food, clothing, shelter, work and play" as the lifestyle of the current era. In order to create a regional hub, we will actively collaborate with players who share our high aspirations and create synergy among them. Approach
  7. MiKS inc. 2024.04 11 Client: Nozaki Bussan Creative Director :

    Tsutomu Yoshizaki (MiKS) 01 Sweets select shop je prends ça We worked on the interior design and concept of je prends ça, a select store located in JR Kanazawa Station that features delicious confections mainly from the Hokuriku region, as well as the design of the brand's website, focusing on package design. We also worked with Mr. Masaaki Nozaki of Nozaki Bussan, the confectionery wholesaler that operates je prends ça, to formulate a mission that would be the axis of je prends ça's activities in the future, and from 2022, to manage je prends ça as a team, the project members shared ideas and the world they should aim for, and explored management strategies in regular meetings. The project members share their ideas and the world they are aiming for, and explore management strategies in conjunction with regular meetings. The design code combines pop and elegance to "express the fun of choosing sweets". Recently, the company established a PB line called je prends ça Premium, and has more than adequately promoted Kanazawa's uniqueness by developing the works of local artists on its packaging. In addition to the retail business, the company is expanding the scope of its activities to include event management, such as the museum shop for the 21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art exhibition, as well as drama and movie filming, in order to realize its concept. Ordinary days filled with sweets. Branding, Shop Design, Package Design, Photograph Project
  8. MiKS inc. 2024.04 12 Client: Chocolate Town Kanazawa Creative Director

    : Tsutomu Yoshizaki (MiKS) 02 #CTK Against the backdrop of Kanazawa City, Ishikawa Prefecture, which boasts one of the highest chocolate consumption in Japan (No. 1 in Japan according to a household survey), a plan was made to disseminate Kanazawa chocolate culture under the slogan #CTK. As one of the projects, "Blunt Color Chocolate" starring Risa Nigaki was filmed to transmit culture through drama, and in 2023, "Blunt Color Chocolate Biennale," season 2, will be made into a movie starring Noa Nakata. He was in charge of art direction for the public relations part of the project, including the logo, flyers, and photo visuals. Because Kanazawa has one of the highest annual rainfall in Japan, there is a food culture that has taken root. The main visual is colored to resemble vivid colors spreading across a dull sky, expressing one of the themes of the drama and film, "unraveling Kanazawa's food culture. At the real event, a live live performance of a song inserted in the drama was also planned, with star Risa Niigaki and other gorgeous members of the audience. In addition, since one of the goals of #CTK is to root chocolate culture in the local community, chocolate packages were created in collaboration with a design school in Kanazawa, and products were made in collaboration with local companies. Chocolate Town Kanazawa Branding, Art Direction, Photograph Project
  9. MiKS inc. 2024.04 13 Client: LIFULL Co., Ltd. Yasutaka Koda

    Creative Director : Tsutomu Yoshizaki (MiKS) Architect: VUILD inc. 03 Nasu Rental villa with sauna “rinne” As the first phase of LIFULL's project to increase the value of idle vacation homes, we developed a sauna unit assembled with digital wood processing technology using a 3D printer, and we were involved in logo design, naming, LP production, copywriting, and other brand design work in the visual domain in conjunction with the launch of "private sauna rental villa rinne" operations. We were involved in branding design in the visual domain, including logo design, naming, LP production, copywriting, and other aspects of the project. The brand name "rinne" has two meanings, "reincarnation" and "slope," and we designed the logo to recall the richness of nature, based on LIFULL Koda's original experience of saunas in Finland. One of the modern design methods is to use an application called Illustrator, which is often used to create drawings, and the finishing touches are often made while importing the data into the application. In the dialogue, we focused on the words "sauna feels the seasons" and "richness of physical sensation and touch," which we expressed through the physical act of "tearing paper" and incorporated into the logo design. It was a very meaningful project for me to be involved in the first phase of LIFULL's project to uncover the potential of idle vacation home sites throughout Japan. Nordic sauna reminds me of my physical senses. Branding, Sign Design, Photograph Project
  10. MiKS inc. 2024.04 14 Client: Kanazawa Coffee Festival Creative Director

    : Tsutomu Yoshizaki (MiKS) 04 Kanazawa Coffee Festival Creative direction for Kanazawa Coffee Festival 2023 held in the basement of Motenashi Dome, Kanazawa Station. We managed the visual design, including the logo, the verbalization of the concept, and the progress of the design part of the project. Kanazawa is one of the top coffee consuming cities in Japan, and we wanted to make Kanazawa the best coffee city in Japan" as a way to enjoy Kanazawa's rich food culture. The event was held under the slogan "Make Kanazawa the best coffee town in Japan! In order to bring the latest and most diverse coffee to Kanazawa, we invited only out-of-prefecture coffee shops from Tokyo, Kyushu, and Australia, as well as Kanazawa-based confectionaries to accompany the coffee. We hope that Kanazawa will become a town where coffee is associated with Kanazawa. We aim to make Kanazawa a city that is known for its coffee. As the moving logo suggests, the KCF logo was designed with the image of the aroma of coffee coming from the underground of Kanazawa Station, and the color of the coffee and the Kanazawa Kodo Gate were expressed as vivid orange. The logo was used on everything from admission stickers, event goods, pamphlets, tickets, exhibition space, and coffee cups, so that on the day of the event, the city of Kanazawa was dyed orange. In order to encourage the 5,000 visitors over the two days, who at one point had to wait in line for two and a half hours, to visit the city of Kanazawa, we tried a number of design tricks, including publicity linked to major local events and the distribution of We want to make Kanazawa the best coffee Branding, Project Management Project
  11. MiKS inc. 2024.04 15 Client: Notice, Komatsu-City Creative Director :

    Tsutomu Yoshizaki (MiKS) 05 Kutani's Tools Exhibition TOOL Kutani ware is one of the representative crafts of Ishikawa Prefecture. We were involved in the creative direction and design production of the exhibition space, including the logo design, for the "Kutani-no-Tools Exhibition" to be held concurrently with "Kutani-yaki Festival KUTANism," the fourth such event to be held jointly by Komatsu City and Nomi City in 2019. The exhibition TOOL, which focuses on the "tools" used in the production process of Kutaniyaki, is divided into five segments, with the Serabokutani in Komatsu City, designed by architect Kengo Kumi, as the main venue. The exhibition is designed to allow visitors to experience a "journey of Kutaniyaki" by following the five steps of the process (stone, clay, form, kiln, and painting) along with the vessels, following the arrows on the floor. Upon entering, visitors follow the arrows marked on the floor of the Ceraboktani, creating an educational experience for adults, and an exciting experience for children, as they follow the arrows. The design mechanism is interwoven so that visitors can understand the meaning of the five triangles in the logo at the end of the exhibition. Kutani Yaki has five colors used for painting, known as Kutani Gosai, and since the interior of Cerabokutani is ochre, which focuses on "earth," we selected dark blue, which can be considered a captive color among the five colors, and designed it so that each segment can be recognized at a glance. A Journey Through Kutani-Yaki from the Perspective of Tools Exhibition Design Project
  12. MiKS inc. 2024.04 16 Client: Link and Visible Creative Director

    : Aki Matsushita (MiKS) Art Direction : Tsutomu Yoshizaki (MiKS) 06 Okinawa Koza Startup Arcade Koza district, Okinawa City, Okinawa Prefecture. Under the concept of "a place where people listen to their hearts and challenge their passions," we directed and designed the visual identity of the "Koza Startup Shopping Arcade," an open innovation center where people with a willingness to take on challenges from within and outside the prefecture gather. With the aim of creating businesses that can grow sustainably, the project encourages new businesses by providing office space, hosting seminars and social gatherings, and supporting business creation by experienced entrepreneurs and experts. The purple color, which brings a catchy image to the forefront, represents the soul of "purple," which represents the Okinawa music that was active in Koza in the 70s and 80s, and creates an atmosphere of neon music culture in Koza. In addition, pop typography was used to express the "street feel" of the Koza area, and various tools, such as shopping district flags, were dyed with the purple pop logo. Where we listen to our hearts and challenge our passions. Art Direction, Branding Project
  13. MiKS inc. 2024.04 17 Client:YAMAGISHI.Inc. Creative Director : Aki Matsushita,

    Tsutomu Yoshizaki Art Direction : Tsutomu Yoshizaki (MiKS) 07 YAMAGISHI Business card Workshop We designed business cards for Yamagishi Manufacturing, a furniture sales and office design company based in Kanazawa and Hokuryo whose concept is to "support the creation of time to shine as a human being through furniture. Rather than designing a business card based on visuals, we designed a business card as one of the short-term outputs of a series of four workshops with the employees based on the mission, vision, and concept (MVC). The first workshop was titled "Introduction and Divergence," in which participants brainstormed feedback on the information and usage of existing business cards, and considered the communication they would like to create through business card exchanges. In the second session, entitled "Organizing and Considering Information," participants explored the direction the company should take in considering MVC from the management's perspective. In the third session, "Introduction of perspectives," a rough sketch of the business card layout design was drawn up while deriving the MVC from a different angle. The fourth session was "output of organized information" and provided an opportunity for each employee to organize information better by presenting a summary of the previous sessions. The client initially requested us to create business cards, but after repeated interviews and discussions, we decided that the essence of the solution lay in "design thinking," and proposed the creation of business cards based on a workshop that focused on the creation process, providing an opportunity to essentially think about business cards as a business tool. Management and designer thinking for each employee Communication Design, Art Direction Project
  14. MiKS inc. 2024.04 08 18 Client : Toshizane Isao, ArchTank

    inc. Creative Director : Yasumasa Hayashi (ArchTank) Art Direction : Tsutomu Yoshizaki (MiKS) Hiroshima Akitsu Toshizane Coffee Akitsu Toshizane Coffee is a home-roasted coffee shop in the town of Akitsu, Hiroshima Prefecture, which has a peaceful atmosphere facing the Seto Inland Sea. The owner of the store, Toshizane, helped with the concept and package design of the "Setouchi Akitsu Seven island Tour" coffee drip bag set, created with the hope of passing on to future generations the legends associated with the seven islands that dot the Seto Inland Sea in Akitsu Town. We worked with Yasumasa Hayashi of ArchTank, a partner of MiKS inc. as total director, to research the history and landscape, and came up with a theme that would convey the atmosphere of the town of Akitsu, along with its fragrance. In designing this project, we first wanted to have a relatively light impact on the town of Akitsu, to generate interest in the town with coffee as a starting point, so we decided to convey the "atmosphere" as photographs and graphics rather than history in text form. Based on a landscape depicting the seven islands of Akitsu, the colors were changed to match the seven types of coffee to visually differentiate each product. In addition, a ride was enclosed with a color chart that depicts the unique colors of the town, based on careful field research in Akitsu, to convey a sense of the atmosphere along with the coffee. The rich soil and water of Akitsu are represented as red and blue, and the package conveys this atmosphere with a photo overlooking the bay of Akitsu Town. The window-paned box was designed to allow for flexible change of the atmosphere by changing the design of the enclosed leaflet, and to accommodate the changing atmosphere of the town of Akitsu, which is attracting players who are looking forward to its future development. The joint project was a strong indication that the brand will become even stronger through the total direction of Mr. Hayashi, who designed the store's architecture, crossing over to areas outside of the architectural field. Scenting the air of Setouchi Communication Design, Art Direction, Photograph Project
  15. MiKS inc. 2024.04 20 CEO / Creative Director / Designer

    / Photographer Born in Kanazawa. After studying architectural design and urban planning at the Okazaki and Matsui Urban Planning Laboratory at Niigata University, he was involved in practical and comprehensive commercial space design, including signage and displays, with a focus on store design at a local firm in Kanazawa. In parallel, he established his own private design firm, Zakkerooni Design, in 2017, which will be incorporated in the spring of 2022. In collaboration with Linnas Design, Inc. he established MiKS Inc. to expand his creative field. Awards and publications (including those of his former clients) 2017 Kanazawa City Tourism Division official tourism poster (installed at Tokyo and Kanazawa Stations) 2019 "Grand Prize", Photography Contest, Italian National Tourist Office 2019 Ishikawa Interior Design "Chairman's Prize" 2019 Ishikawa Advertising Landscape Award "Kanazawa Mayor's Prize" 2019 Ishikawa Design Exhibition "Chamber of Commerce and Industry President Award" 2020 Shoten Kenchiku December "Akitsu Toshizane Coffee" 2020 TURNS44 "FUTSUZEN 2020 Ishikawa Interior Design "Komatsu Ryoichi Memorial Prize 2022 Contributed to "Curry Column Spicy's Life" in the January-March issue of Zouss. 2022 Ishikawa Interior Design Grand Prize "Ishikawa Governor Prize Exhibitions 2017 Yutori no Shashin Exhibition, Organizer 2017 Nothing Special Photo Exhibition, Organizer Affiliation ɹTsutomu Yoshizaki Member
  16. MiKS inc. 2024.04 21 Brand Director / Hotel Producer Born

    in Tokyo in 1990. Graduated from Chuo University, Faculty of Law. Studied abroad for a year and a half at Tallinn University in Estonia as a student. After graduating from university, worked in real estate management at Jones Lang LaGrasseur Co. In October 2015, he joined the hotel venture Emblem Hotel Corporation as the first employee. He was involved in the opening of four new lodging facilities and experienced a wide range of hotel management operations, including marketing, hiring, and operations management for all facilities. In April 2021, he opened his first lifestyle hotel, LINNAS Kanazawa, in Kanazawa. He enjoys traveling and has been to 64 countries around the world. WEB / Linnas Design inc. WEB / LINNAS Kanazawa WEB / S-TOKYO ɹAkihiro Matsushita Member
  17. MiKS inc. 2024.04 22 We are looking for members to

    collaborate as partners. At MiKS, we want to scoop up as much of the individuality of each project as possible. Therefore, we are looking for partners to build mutual understanding and values. In a local area with limited human resources, the connections among creators will surely become a powerful force that can give back to the city. We will continue to evolve the city we live in and the city we are involved in into something better. MiKS Friends Member

  19. MiKS inc. 2024.04 26 FAQ www.miks-inc.com/contact Please feel free to

    contact us with questions about any budget or size of consultation. If you do not know where to start, please contact us. Company