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Brighton SEO 2023 - Advanced Link Analysis

Bill Hartzer
September 15, 2023

Brighton SEO 2023 - Advanced Link Analysis

In this session, Bill Hartzer will not only answer those questions, but he will go through the advanced process of analyzing link profiles.

Bill Hartzer

September 15, 2023


  1. @bhartzer #BrightonSEO Links that will count: The link isn't a

    nofollow, sponsored, or on a sponsored post.
  2. @bhartzer #BrightonSEO Unnatural Links Many domains have no links of

    their own. 74 domains 98 links 1.32 links / domain
  3. @bhartzer #BrightonSEO PBNs and Link Networks? We assume that Google

    can easily see PBNs. Google may not care or they may not see them. Some PBNs still work. Some are ignored.
  4. @bhartzer #BrightonSEO Link Networks That Aren’t Networks Some link networks

    aren’t really networks. Domains don’t link to each other. Example: SEONitro linking system w/ thousands of sites.
  5. @bhartzer #BrightonSEO Dynamically Controlled Linking U.S. Patent No. 9483563 The

    Linking Patent – Link Management System And Process For Dynamically Updating Backlinking And Non-Backlinking SEO Criteria Profiles
  6. @bhartzer #BrightonSEO Dynamically Controlled Linking Link Management System – SEONitro

    Use their sites, or your own sites. Dynamically control the links and anchor text. Copy a link profile from Majestic, assign same link percentages as competitor’s link profile. Or manual link building to mimic percentages.
  7. @bhartzer #BrightonSEO Importance of Tiered Links Some tools only show

    tier 1 links. Example view of Tier 1 links only view
  8. @bhartzer #BrightonSEO Trust Flow, PageRank, Link Juice Flows Tiered Links

    allows you to see more authoritative sites. BrightonSEO.com Example of Tier 2
  9. @bhartzer #BrightonSEO On Topic Links Search Engines understand the difference

    between 'natural’, contextual links and unnatural and non- contextual links.
  10. @bhartzer #BrightonSEO Evaluating Links and a Link Profile • Look

    at Overall Summary of Links • Trust Flow, DA & DR, Authority Score
  11. @bhartzer #BrightonSEO Check Historic vs Fresh Backlinks How much of

    a difference? Did site lose a lot of links?
  12. @bhartzer #BrightonSEO Replicating a Link Profile You will probably not

    rank a fresh, new site without being close to # of links other competitors have.
  13. @bhartzer #BrightonSEO Replicating a Link Profile You could use expired

    domains & redirect for links. Can be very tricky. Risky.
  14. @bhartzer #BrightonSEO Finally • On Topic links are key •

    Concentrate on links that count • Evaluate profiles based on tiered links, not just tier 1. • Be able to identify PBNs. • Check for 301 redirected links, historic vs fresh links. • Anchor text, review the percentages of links. • Recreate link profiles of sites that are currently ranking.