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Gecogeco Philippines Inc. - Company Intro deck

August 26, 2022

Gecogeco Philippines Inc. - Company Intro deck


August 26, 2022

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  1. Copyright © Gecogeco Philippines Inc All Rights Reserved. We aim

    to be an organization where employees will have an opportunity to grow in many aspects. Get to know Geco and join us to pursue a sexy career! Welcome to Geco! 2 2
  2. Copyright © Gecogeco Philippines Inc All Rights Reserved. 01 ABOUT

  3. Copyright © Gecogeco Philippines Inc All Rights Reserved. Copyright ©

    Gecogeco Philippines nc All Rights Reserved. Gecogeco Philippines Inc. Hiroshi Mitarai CEO PHILIPPINES OFFICE  6th Floor, Pag-Ibig Fund - WT Corporate Tower,  Mindanao Avenue, Cebu Business Park, Cebu, Philippines • IT Business Consulting • Web Application Development and Operation May 21, 2018 www.gecogeco.com 5 JAPAN OFFICE 19th floor, Ebisu Prime Square Tower, 1-1-39 Hiroo, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 150-0012 CORE COMPETENCE DATE ESTABLISHED ADDRESS WEBSITE
  4. WHAT WE DO Copyright © Gecogeco Philippines Inc All Rights

    Reserved. IT BUSINESS CONSULTING IT Strategy and Digital transformation consulting IT Project planning, business analysis and System grand design Web application development and maintenance with Cloud technologies We are certified as AWS Consulting Partner 6 WEB APPLICATION DEVELOPMENT AND OPERATION
  5. Copyright © Gecogeco Philippines Inc All Rights Reserved. WHAT WE

    ARE 7 “AWS Partners can show how many active AWS Certifications their company has collectively achieved and highlight the value AWS Certifications brings to their customers” https://aws.amazon.com/partners/apn-certification-distinction "APN Consulting Partners are professional service firms that help customers of all sizes design, architect, migrate, or build new applications on AWS." https://aws.amazon.com/jp/partners/find/partnerdetails/?id=0010 h00001aDHgTAAW
  6. WHAT WE DO Copyright © Gecogeco Philippines Inc All Rights

    Reserved. 8 In January 2024, Geco became an affiliate of Light Cafe Co., LTD! WHAT’S NEXT? Through this initiative, while maintaining the stable provision of services as before, we will share the strengths and knowledge of both companies, create synergy effects such as strengthening group collaboration, and aim for further business and corporate expansion. Going forward, the two companies will leverage their technologies and knowledge in their respective fields of expertise to provide better solution services that are tailored to their customers. WHO IS LIGHT CAFE CO., LTD? A web system integrator which has been providing Web/IT solutions for over 22 years with 700+ employees in Tokyo, Okinawa, Fukuoka and other locations around Japan. https://www.lightcafe.co.jp/ 8
  7. Copyright © Gecogeco Philippines Inc All Rights Reserved. Providing top-level

    IT project opportunities to talented overseas members. Contribute to solving the shortage of IT resources in Japan. MISSION Fantastic Delivery Gecogeco PH Gecogeco JP ONE TEAM Sexy IT projects 9
  8. Cloud integration and administration specialists Be a group of AWS

    cloud integration and administration specialists with solid delivery capability. AWS as core technology with application layer, both of integration and administration Copyright © Gecogeco Philippines Inc All Rights Reserved. Solid delivery capability Be a group of people who does not only have tech skills but can also realize valuable delivery for clients. VISION 2025 10
  9. We openly share new ideas, opinions, and information to each

    other. We listen, understand and make the most of our individual differences to achieve our goals. Openness helps us to have sexy and fantastic teamwork. v v Copyright © Gecogeco Philippines Inc All Rights Reserved. CONTINUOUSLY LEARNING & KAIZEN PROFESSIONALISM OPENNESS AND TEAMWORK We strive to learn new technology and knowledge, and improve our skills, mindsets, and environment. Continuously Learning and Kaizen leads us and Gecogeco to more sexy and fantastic growth. We focus on providing maximum value to our clients. We do not just follow the latest technology or make proposals based on technology or solutions we have, but think carefully and seek the best way for our clients based on a thorough understanding of their business background, problems and situation. Gecogeco has introduced a flexible work style that takes into account individual productivity and work comfort. We will keep our commitments to ourselves, other geco members, and clients, and we will approach our work with integrity, sense of ownership, and accountability. COMMITMENT TO CLIENT VALUES 11
  10. Hiroshi Mitarai SEPT 2017 : Established Gecogeco Co., Ltd. (Japan)

    2015 – 2017 : CTO - Monstar Lab Bangladesh ltd. (Bangladesh) Established new subsidiary in Monstar Lab Group. Lead tech division to grow 40 members in 2 years. 2013 – 2015 : Manager – Alliance Software Inc. (Philippines) Managed tech division for Japan Market. 2008 – 2013 : Recruit Co., Ltd. (Japan) Started his career as Application Developer. Managed architect team to lead web/mobile projects in several business domains. Copyright © Gecogeco Philippines Inc All Rights Reserved. CEO MANAGEMENT BOARD 13
  11. Ed Austin Sr. Manager Aug 2018 : Joined Gecogeco Dec

    2014 – July 2018 : Accenture Philippines In charge of top layer to bottom layer in back-end development. While doing development, he also managed project members. Apr 2010 – Nov 2014 : Alliance Software, Inc Team lead and designed for the application architecture. Apr 2005 – Mar 2010 : CIT University Cum Laude, Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering Copyright © Gecogeco Philippines Inc All Rights Reserved. March 2019: Joined Gecogeco November 2017– Feb 2019 : Accenture Philippines Promoted from Senior Software Developer to Team Leader, handled Verizon Visible Apr 2010 – Nov 2014 : Kyocera Analysis, design, coding, and maintenance of solutions involved in the management of printers in a network 2009– 2013 : University of San Carlos Bachelor of Science in Information Technology Sr. Architect Ced Sarigumba MANAGEMENT BOARD 14
  12. Miki Fujimoto JP Corporate Office Manager April 2022: Joined Gecogeco

    2019-2022: Freelancer Supported more than 20 tech companies in the recruitment area 2017-2019: NexSeed inc. Acted as HR Generalist and CEO Assistant 2013-2016: Goverment office Administrative Staff Copyright © Gecogeco Philippines Inc All Rights Reserved. March 2023 : Joined Gecogeco 2022-2023: Freelance 2021-2022: ZEALS inc. Talent Acquisition 2017-2021: AEON Financial Service inc. HR Project Management & Labor 2015-2017 AEON Credit Service inc. HR and SV PH Corporate Office Manager Maika Ogo MANAGEMENT BOARD 15
  13. Copyright © Gecogeco Philippines Inc All Rights Reserved. KENNETH LU

    Tech Lead An avid full-stack engineer with 7+ years of hands-on experience in designing, developing, and implementing applications and solutions using a range of Frontend/NodeJS technologies. He is now leading experienced software engineers at Geco and ensuring that the team is in the same direction. Furthermore, he is also managing the technical quality of team deliverables. REO TOGASHI Manager He kicked off his career at Hitachi, Ltd. as a Systems Engineer and for 5 years focused on systems development before moving to Geco. His first assignment at Geco involved crawling system development and system migration to AWS. Currently, his project is on solutions development for a LINE app campaign, and he is in charge of its AWS design and construction. His tasks also include backend development using Node.js. GECO MEMBERS 16
  14. Copyright © Gecogeco Philippines Inc All Rights Reserved. PAMELA DENISE

    GIDAYAWAN Sr. Software Engineer Previously worked for 4 years in a Japanese firm focusing on back-end services as a software engineer, gaining hands-on experience in design, development, implementation, and testing. Furthermore, she supported infrastructure setup, monitoring, and maintenance. DICO KEVIN Tech Lead Geco has allowed her to work on front-end and back-end projects which primarily use JS, Java, and AWS services technologies. She appreciates working with a diverse team of skilled engineers at Gecogeco. GECO MEMBERS 17 I started my software engineering career nine years ago in multiple roles and industries - software development for an HRMS application, software testing for automotives, IIoT for factories, and software and hardware test automation for retail. I'm now technically leading a small team of developers and work directly with a bridge engineer to support multiple services and projects.
  15. Copyright © Gecogeco Philippines Inc All Rights Reserved. LEARN ABOUT

    GECO's MEMBERS 18 Gecogeco PH Gecogeco JP 35 Sexy Growth Multicultural Team
  16. TECHNOLOGIES TECHNOLOGIES - development - AWS Glue Athena QuickSight SNS

    SQS EC2 Auto Scaling Beanstalk Lambda DynamoDB RDS Code Build Code Deploy Code Pipeline SageMaker CloudWatch CloudTrail AWS Config Management Console Trusted Advisor API Gateway CloudFront Route 53 PrivateLink VPC ELB GuardDuty ACM IAM AWS WAF EBS S3 ・・・ etc JAVA / Spring NodeJS ReactJS Angular Backend AWS Frontend We focus on web application development with the latest technologies and integrate it with AWS solutions. Copyright © Gecogeco Philippines Inc All Rights Reserved. 20
  17. Copyright © Gecogeco Philippines Inc All Rights Reserved. v PROJECT

  18. WHAT WE DO Copyright © Gecogeco Philippines Inc All Rights

    Reserved. • Specializes in digital marketing support. • Considering platform renewal to stabilize and expand marketing solutions. • Based on the experience in business operation these are following needs: NEEDS OVERVIEW Should be able to quickly run the enhancement cycle even as the platform scale grows. Millions of LINE messages are expected to be delivered during peak hours, so there are concerns about delivery problems and processing speed. Internalize eventually but no technical guys available as of now. (´・ω・`) TAKEN ACTIONS Design the authentication infrastructure and each subsystem in a loosely coupled configuration from the infrastructure to the application layer. Adoption of serverless/event-driven mass message delivery processing and load verification. Support for recruitment of personnel to oversee the technical organization, and maintenance of documents in preparation for the transfer of internalization. Loose Coupling Performance Internalization Copyright © Gecogeco Philippines Inc All Rights Reserved. Listed company TECHNOLOGIES - SampleWork (LINE linked marketing platform) 22
  19. SUBSYSTEM A - WHOLE Admin screen: SPA configuration • React(FE)+

    Java/Springboot(BE) LINE distribution : Utilizes fully managed services • Lambda, S3, SQS, DynamoDB, CloudWatch Events. Security design•configuration • CloudFront, WAF, AWS Shield, GuardDuty, Amazon Inspector, Security Group, etc. • Follows IPA「How to Secure Your Web Site ver.7」 • External security diagnostic tool「ScoutSuite」 Copyright © Gecogeco Philippines Inc All Rights Reserved. TECHNOLOGIES - SampleWork (LINE linked marketing platform) 23
  20. LINE Messaging API link • Rich menu creation, deletion and

    link with user ID. Performance • Delivers 10 million messages in less than 5 minutes and it is serverless, making it highly scalable. • Delivery of about 100-200 messages can be completed in almost real time (around 1-2 seconds). Cost • Achieves a cost structure that is easy to scale, with delivery at~$1 / month per client. •Significantly improved execution time and memory for serverless configurations by tuning file loading and asynchronous processing. Copyright © Gecogeco Philippines Inc All Rights Reserved. TECHNOLOGIES - SampleWork (LINE linked marketing platform) SUBSYSTEM B - WHOLE 24
  21. WHAT WE DO Copyright © Gecogeco Philippines Inc All Rights

    Reserved. Copyright © Gecogeco Philippines Inc All Rights Reserved. WORK ENVIRONMENT 26
  22. WHAT WE DO Copyright © Gecogeco Philippines Inc All Rights

    Reserved. COMPANY ACTIVITIES Copyright © Gecogeco Philippines Inc All Rights Reserved. 27
  23. WHAT WE DO Copyright © Gecogeco Philippines Inc All Rights

    Reserved. KENJI TAKEMORI Manager KENNETH LU Tech Lead TAKETOSHI KITAMORI Software Engineer Due to the small number of members participating in each project, we can work on tasks with great discretion. Therefore, it is rewarding that the degree of contribution to the project is directly reflected by one's own technical ability, and it is motivating to further improve the technical ability, so that it is possible to pursue a fulfilling career as an engineer. I find it rewarding. Aside from being a front-end developer, I get to learn new things such as AWS services, infrastructure design, and many more. We have a strong image even with a small number of elite people. We are in- charge of everything from design to implementation, testing, and release. So, we can acquire a wide range of business abilities. Also, basically, the server side is the main responsibility, but sometimes I also get an opportunity doing front-end work, so it is a full-stack experience. WHAT OUR TEAM HAS TO SAY… 29
  24. WHAT WE DO Copyright © Gecogeco Philippines Inc All Rights

    Reserved. CEDRIC SARIGUMBA Sr. Architect JERIK BELTRAN Sr. Software Engineer Career in Gecogeco is full of challenges and new learnings. It offers competitive salary, top-notch technologies and has excellent leaders. Great management & coworkers. Everyone is friendly and reliable. We work hard and smart, but we know how to have a good time. Technical and hands-on leadership. Leads are very technical, willing to assist and gives great feedback. Reviews and imparts excellent advice during career and performance appraisal. It is a great workplace since office is new and ambience is relaxing. Lastly, HR is very considerate & helpful when it comes to HR related matters. Upon joining Geco, a world of opportunities opened up for me. I had the chance to learn cloud services like AWS, participate in planning and designing backend architectures, and take on the design and implementation of applications. I am supported by Geco, which invests in employee training and development, and continue to pursue a wide range of learning opportunities such as serverless architecture, API development, and React front-end web applications. WHAT OUR TEAM HAS TO SAY… LOUIE ANTHONY ICARO Manager 30
  25. Copyright © Gecogeco Philippines Inc All Rights Reserved. 0 3

    6 8 12 Software Engineer Sr. Software Engineer Team Lead or Technical Lead CxO Exp year guideline (up or stay) 2.75 M Including allowances * Assures competitive, top-level salary range in the Market Sr. Manager or Sr. Architect Manager or Architect 2.25 M 1.75 M 1.10 M 0.8 M 3.40 + ESO Copyright © Gecogeco Philippines Inc All Rights Reserved. Yearly range (pesos) COMPETITIVE SALARY RANGE : Engineer 32
  26. Copyright © Gecogeco Philippines Inc All Rights Reserved. BENEFITS •

    10 days VL and 5 days SL (unused leave credits can be converted to cash) • Additional company holidays and up to 5 VL credits depending on the length of employment • Semi-flexible working hours • Follows Cebu’s holiday calendar • Day off is every Saturday and Sunday v HMO Day Off/Holidays/Leaves • Manager and up are entitled to one dependent • For positions not entitled to have a dependent, an optional enrollment for your dependent is available. 33
  27. Copyright © Gecogeco Philippines Inc All Rights Reserved. BENEFITS •

    Certification incentive (AWS, Salesforce, Java, Linux, JLPT..) • Transportation allowance • Referral incentive v Annual Profit Share Allowances/Incentives • Every March & September, 20% of the yearly profit is shared with employees. (Distribution will be decided based on your position and the results of your yearly evaluation.) v Advance Your Career! • Paid training and certification exams • Provision of a laptop with good specs for working and learning • E-books and E-learning support(Kindle books, Udemy..) • Work with awesome colleagues 34
  28. Copyright © Gecogeco Philippines Inc All Rights Reserved. APRIL SEP

    to OCT MARCH APRIL *Evaluation steps are NOT aplied to employees under a probationary Mission/Goal Setting Progress Assessment 1st Half End/ 2nd Half Start Meeting Progress Assessment Evaluation/ Appraisal Renew Position and Salary JUN to JUL DEC to JAN 1 2 3 4 5 6 1. Set yearly mission and goal with your direct supervisor 2. Revisit and realign the mission and goals and evaluate the progress 3. 1st half progress, achievement alignment meeting, and 2nd half discussion with direct supervisor. 4. Revisit and realign the mission and goals and evaluate the progress 5. Evaluation and achievement alignment meeting with your direct supervisor - The management team will have an evaluation and promotion meeting. 6. Promotion and Salary increments will be announced by the end of March - New position and salary amount changes will be applied from April YEARLY EVALUATION STEPS 35
  29. OUR CULTURE We start from thinking with the client in

    solving their business issues. Our IT solutions should be designed for that. We love latest technologies only when it matches our business goals! BUSINESS DRIVENNESS v OPEN-MINDEDNESS TEAMWORK As a global team, we work remotely with several nationalities in order to deliver IT project and enjoy working. We believe it’s the key factor. We love sharing thoughts, listening to others and finding a way together! Before technical skills, we’re looking for fantastic engineers who agree and fit our fundamental culture. v COMMITMENT TO LEARNING Copyright © Gecogeco Philippines Inc All Rights Reserved. Every guys in Geco including the CEO should continue to learn new things if we want to keep working in a fantastic environment. We love working with passionate guys. NOT just bossy guys! 36
  30. Copyright © Gecogeco Philippines Inc All Rights Reserved. WEEK 1-2

    WEEK 2-3 WEEK 3-4 WEEK 4-5 Technical and Aptitude Test HR Interview Technical/Final Interview If you succeed all Phase 1-3, a Job Offer letter will be sent to your email. ADDITIONAL NOTES : • Though steps might take time, we prefer to have mutual understanding during the hiring process. PHASE 1: ONLINE EXAMINATION PHASE 2 : HR INTERVIEW PHASE 3 : TECH/FINAL INTERVIEW PHASE 4 : JOB OFFER Copyright © Gecogeco Philippines Inc All Rights Reserved. RECRUITMENT PROCESS TIMELINE RECRUITMENT PROCESS TIMELINE 38
  31. Copyright © Gecogeco Philippines Inc All Rights Reserved. WHAT CAN

    OUR NEW MEMBERS EXPECT? • New hires will be assigned to a buddy who is a regular employee. • Buddy sessions will be held during the first 6 months for newbies through short casual meetings. • Assist newcomers in adjusting, identifying, and resolving issues promptly. v Onsite Onboarding Buddy System • For the first 2 weeks, new hires will work at our Cebu office to help them transition into their new roles and work environment. • A round trip airplane ticket and accommodation will be provided by the company for outside of Cebu hires. v Onboarding Course • A month long training course with theoretical and practical activities. • Familiarize important policies and documents and get to know the company more. • Prepare the new member to have the necessary skill and knowledge that will be required on actual project tasks 39
  32. WHAT WE DO Copyright © Gecogeco Philippines Inc All Rights

    Reserved. ERIKA ALMADEN Software Engineer YUTO KUROKI Sr. Software Engineer CHARMINE BANNISTER Software Engineer What do you like most about the 2 week onsite onboarding program? Since for the most part we are working from home, I think it's good to see other workmates in real life especially when you are just starting in the company. It also allowed me to gauge the other people's energy and if they are happy where they are. What was your impression of your first few days? I had some apprehension before joining the company, but the HR staff was very helpful and made me feel at ease. What's your overall feedback about the onboarding program? It is a good experience, overall. Most of the info a new employee needs is documented and the tasks serves a great intro to the tech and tools used in actual work. I've learned how to use tools I haven't used before during the onboarding, and I can self-pace the tasks as well. I also have a cheerful buddy assigned to me, which made me feel more at ease when interacting with other members, as well. WHAT OUR NEWBIES HAVE TO SAY… 40
  33. Scan QR codes for more company information! Copyright © Gecogeco

    Philippines Inc All Rights Reserved. PLEASE CHECK OUR SNS! 41 Click here! Click here! Click here! Click here!
  34. THANK YOU the frog in the well knows nothing of

    the great ocean © 2024 gecogeco Co., Ltd 43 43