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Lighting talk on history, status and future of noBackend, given at App Builders Zurich user group.

Gregor Martynus

October 02, 2014

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  1. HI! I’m Gregor. @gr2m on Twitter & GitHub Co-Creator of

    Hoodie (hood.ie) Introduced “noBackend” in May 2013
  2. Where does it come from? Being tired of: 1. Repeating

    my self 2. UX being compromised by technology 3. Knowing there is a better way
  3. The big 5 joined the club: —Apple (CloudKit, 2014) —MicroSoft

    (Azure Mobile Services, 2014) —Amazon (AWS-Services, 2014) —Google (Cloud Plattform, 2014) —Facebook (Parse, 2013)