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Imposter syndrome | Judas | Gurzu

January 24, 2024

Imposter syndrome | Judas | Gurzu

Imposter syndrome can affect anyone, regardless of their age, profession, or level of success.
Judas talked about Imposter Syndrome and how to combat it, in this episode of knowledge ketchup.



January 24, 2024

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  1. What is Impostor Syndrome? Imposter syndrome is a sense of

    self-doubt related to work accomplishments. Lack of self confidence at work Sensitivity of small mistakes Fear of failing your team Burnout from working too hard
  2. According to research by Asana, nearly two-thirds (62%) of knowledge

    workers worldwide reported experiencing imposter syndrome. Team members in more senior positions are actually more likely than average to experience imposter syndrome. 62% Out of 100% knowledge workers
  3. Characteristics of Impostor Syndrome You might suffer from impostor syndrome

    if: "You feel like you "got lucky" when you actually prepared well and worked hard. You find it hard to accept praise. You apologize for yourself when you didn't actually do something wrong. You hold yourself to incredibly —sometimes impossibly—high standards. You find the fear of failure paralyzing.
  4. Imposter syndrome during the pandemic Pandemic situation in 2020 also

    caused a rise in imposter syndrome. In fact, 47% of knowledge workers worldwide reported feelings of imposter syndrome increasing in 2020. 47% Out of 100% knowledge workers in 2020
  5. Tips to Combat Imposter Syndrome Know you're not alone. Let

    go of your inner perfectionist. Be kind to yourself. Track and measure your successes. Talk about it with a mentor and your manager. "Say "yes" to new opportunities.
  6. How an organization can help to prevent Imposter Syndrome Provide

    immediate opportunities for connection Clarify communication norms Check in frequently Share feedback early and often Support their career growth interests