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"reality or just science fiction"

Maleeha Fatima

May 03, 2020

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  1. NEEDS • People feel that they do not have enough

    time to do everything they wish to do. • Many people think what they accomplish in life go in vain when they will die. • They want to increase their life span through using a technique called cryonics.
  2. INTRODUCTION -Preservation of a person's entire body after death. -To

    revive them when medical technology advances in future. -Type of cryogenics. -Application of nanotechnology. RESUSCITATION-process of bringing a person or animal from a state of cryopreservation to life.
  3. HISTORY ❑ The idea was given by Robert Ettinger in

    1964 through his book "The Prospect of Immortality". ❑ The first person to be cryonically frozen was Dr. James Bedford at Alcor Life Extension Foundation that claims his body is still in a good condition.
  4. COMPANIES OFFERING CRYONICS • Life Extension Society • Immortalist Society

    • American Cryonics Society • Alcor Life Extension Foundation • Cryonics Institute • 21st Century Medicine • Suspended Animation • Kriorus
  5. STEPS Follow these steps to be a cryonaut: 1-Pick a

    company. 2-Become a member. 3-Put a bracelet all time. 4-Death. 5-Transfer to cryonics facility ASAP.
  6. CRYONICALLY FROZEN PEOPLE *TED WILLIAMS-cardiac arrest -baseball player *FM-2030-pancreatic cancer

    *JOHN HENRY WILLIAMS-leukemia-baseball player *DICK JONES-AID’s-actor

    host *SIMON COWELL-TV show judge *BRITNEY SPEARS-Singer
  8. VITRIFICATION ACHIEVEMENTS ✓ Frozen tardigrade brought back to life after

    30 years. ✓ In 1992, Dr. Paul Segal successfully revived a dog whose heart beat stopped for three hours. This experiment was carried out at Alcor life extension foundation.
  9. ✓ In 2016, researchers from 21CM’s preserved the rabbit brain

    and successfully reanimate it without any synaptic damage. This experiment marks significant breakthrough in the field of cryonics. It boost the prospect of one day bringing frozen human brains back to life.
  10. BENEFITS ➢ Another chance at life ➢ Reunite with loved

    ones ➢ Renewed youth and health ➢ Witness the future ➢ Live longer ➢ Organ preservation ➢ Preserve endangered species ➢ Future cures for today’s diseases
  11. RELIGIOUS ASPECTS: ❖ Resuscitation belief ❖ Concept of death ❖

    Funeral concept SCIENTIFIC ASPECTS: ❖ Vitrification damage ❖ Harmful effects of liquid nitrogen
  12. ARGUMENTS ▪ Consciousness ▪ Loneliness ▪ Acceptance ▪ Boredom ▪

    Uncertainty ▪ Saving other’s life ▪ Advancement of science ▪ Insurance
  13. CULMINATION ❑ Cryonics is the method of putting an organism

    either human or animal on a pause into a state of suspended animation. ❑ Cryonicist endorse Ettinger’s view that cryonics is ethically defensible and death is a metaphysical concept that will be changed in the future. ❑ Some cryobiologists predict that the first cryonics revival might be occurred in 2040.