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Styleguides for the Web (2011)

Styleguides for the Web (2011)

By looking at common design patterns present in Brasilia's architecture, I show how similar thinking can be used on the Web.

Paul Robert Lloyd

April 13, 2011

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  1. Built-in flexibility We wanted to create something that is flexible

    enough to allow our brands their full expression whilst uniting them into a coherent user experience. Bronwyn van der Merwe Head of Design and User Experience, Central Team, FM&T
  2. In order to embrace designing native layouts for the web

    we need to shed the notion that we create layouts from a canvas in. We need to create layouts from the content out. Responsive Design Mark Boulton ‘A Richer Canvas’
  3. Credits Vitor Sá flickr.com/photos/19967853@N00/18391299 Bruno Coutinho flickr.com/photos/coutinhobr/3979927536 AC Moraes flickr.com/photos/26022184@N03/2488214984

    Palácio do Planalto info.planalto.gov.br/exec/inf_fotografiagrande.cfm?foto=05042006P00028 Lu Monte flickr.com/photos/48555438@N00/2683556544 Chris Diewald flickr.com/photos/chris_diewald/2657599016 flickr.com/photos/chris_diewald/2656782975 flickr.com/photos/chris_diewald/2656781421 Florian Knorn flickr.com/photos/el_floz/1424610618 Francisco Domingos fotopedia.com/items/79doga0qi4mic-9MsmKS0UNyI