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ReactConf 2018: Presenting Docz

Pedro Nauck
October 20, 2018

ReactConf 2018: Presenting Docz

Pedro Nauck

October 20, 2018

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  1. Zero config and easy ⚡ Blazing Fast Easy to customize

    MDX Based Pluggable Typescript and Flow Support Solution
  2. 95 Pull requests 241 Issues closed 77 Releases 11k+ Stars

    on Github 72k Downloads onNPM 58k Page visits
  3. To learn new things * To show your skills *

    To help and build communities * To meet people * To create experiments *
  4. You’re better than you know Always look at the highest

    * Don’t think that you can’t do something big * 1
  5. Let your open source senses tingle You can only build

    things you use yourself * Try to find a company that support you * Small and focused projects can perform better * 2
  6. Be professional Manage your project like it was your startup

    * Choose a good name * Create a logo * 3 Setup a baddass repo (readme, guideline, issue templates) * Licenses matter *
  7. Reinventing the wheel Think out of the box * You

    don’t need something new. You need something different. * 4
  8. Simplicity, Always! Create something simple is complex * Try to

    explain why you're important is the first impression * 5 Don’t be so technical *
  9. Improve your project constantly Try to release versions frequently *

    Use semantic version with a clearly changelog * 6
  10. Learn about marketing Twitter is one of the best places

    to release * Use videos and gifs to make your releases * 7 Find communities related to your project * Tag relevant people. Don’t be ashamed. * Contact some newsletters. People still see email. *
  11. Learn english If you want to reach a lot of

    people you need to learn english. * 8
  12. Have someone who ♥ and supports you Find people to

    put by your side who really care about you and the community, not just about your project or stars * 9