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Autify Company Deck

October 16, 2023

Autify Company Deck

Autify company profile deck. (Updated on Oct 16, 2023)

▼About Autify
Autify, Inc. is a San Francisco-based startup that graduated from the US top accelerator “Alchemist Accelerator” as a first Japanese team. Our mission is to use the power of technology to increase people’s creativity, and we provide “Autify”, AI-powered software testing automation platform.

If you are interested in Autify, please feel free to contact us to learn more about our business and organization!

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October 16, 2023

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  1. Company deck
    Last Updated: Oct 16, 2023

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  2. “ ”
    Solving the universal issue in software development
    I've worked as a software engineer in Japan, Singapore, and the
    US (San Francisco). During that time, I came to realize that
    there’s one common problem that software development
    companies in all those countries face; software testing takes
    way too long. That's why I founded Autify. For software
    developers to succeed in a rapidly changing marketplace, it's
    imperative to deliver at a fast release cycle. Software drives
    much of our lives, but developers are struggling to keep up.
    Autify was born to solve this. Our goal is to provide services that
    any software development company can use to deliver quality
    software to their customers faster. If you're ready to take on this
    challenge with us, we want to hear from you!
    - Ryo Chikazawa, CEO, Autify, Inc.

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  3. In a nutshell
    Our Company
    ●︎ A liberal work environment that trusts the individual’s

    ●︎ Staff with diverse backgrounds

    ●︎ Performance is evaluated fairly, and compensation is
      based on performance
    We created this document to provide you, a future member at Autify, an overview of what we have to offer.

    Before going further, here is a summary of what sets us apart.
    Our Business
    ●︎ Software testing is a vast and rapidly changing industry

    ●︎ Autify products are steadily growing to solve the  
      customer’s burning needs

    ● ︎ Solving a universal issue gives us the rare opportunity
      to target the global market

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  4. 01.
    About Us

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  5. Autify’s Mission
    01. About Us
    “ ”
    Enhance people’s creativity by technology
    With a mission to "Enhance people’s creativity by technology," Autify, Inc. aims to create
    a world where developers around the world can eliminate the testing phase and meet
    user needs faster by using Autify from the earliest stages of development.

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  6. Company Information and History
    01. About Us

    Number of staff
    US Headquarters / Japan branch
    Japan Office
    Sep 2016

    Feb 2019

    Jul 2019

    Oct 2019

    Oct 2021

    1390 Market St, Suite 200, San Francisco, CA 94102

    September 2nd, 2016

    Founded in San Francisco, US

    Graduated from Alchemist Accelerator

    Autify’s official launch

    $10M Series A round from WiL, Uncorrelated,

    Jonathan Seigel and existing investors

    Development and sales of Autify,

    an AI-based software test automation platform
    6th floor, Cross-C Higashi Nihonbashi Bldg, 2-22-1
    Higashi Nihonbashi Chuo-ku, Tokyo
    $2.5M Seed round from Global Brain,
    Salesforce Ventures, etc.
    *Solving the customer’s burning needs: the story of how Autify came to be.

    ( )

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  7. Alchemist Accelerator
    01. About Us
    In February 2019, Autify became the first Japanese team to graduate from Alchemist Accelerator, a top

    accelerator in San Francisco, US. Our CEO, Ryo Chikazawa, is also a mentor at Alchemist Accelerator.

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  8. Global VC backed us
    01. About Us

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  9. 02.
    About Our Business

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  10. Revolutionize QA testing with Autify
    QA Teams
    Test Automation Platform

    Tailored to

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  11. The Current State of Software Testing
    02. About Our Business
    Software testing aims to verify that the software is
    working as expected.

    Globally, approximately      of companies still
    test most of their software manually.

    ※1 State of testing report 2019 by PractiTest

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  12. Software Testing has huge potential
    02. About Our Business
    About of the IT budget is spent on testing.

    This amounts to approximately

    of the world’s IT budget.
    $1.3 trillion
    ※1 Proportion of budget allocated to quality assurance and testing as a percentage of IT spend from 2012 to 2019 by statista

    ※2 Gartner Says Global IT Spending to Grow 3.7% in 2020

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  13. Market Background
    02. About Our Business
    If it takes too long to update software in a rapidly
    changing market, you run the risk of failing to meet
    the user’s needs and expectations. A business
    looking to succeed can’t afford to lag behind

    Over      of teams have shifted to agile
    development in the last few years. Among them,
    over    aim to release at least once a week.

    ※1 How the World Tests 2018 by Zephyr

    ※2 Testing Trends for 2018 by SourceLabs

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  14. Testing in Agile Development
    02. About Our Business
    Manual testing takes too long, making it near
    impossible to release more than once a week.

    In agile development, where features are released
    gradually, a new feature could cause existing features
    to break.

    This means developers have to test all main functions
    at every release. It also means that the test volume
    increases steadily with each release.

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  15. Burning Needs for Testing Automation
    02. About Our Business
    You cannot accelerate the release cycle
    without automation. However, there are two
    main challenges that prevent developers from
    taking the first step...
    1. Automation talent shortage

    Automation is virtually impossible without the ability to
    write code with Selenium. However, there are not enough
    engineers to achieve this.
    2. Huge cost to maintain test scripts

    Even after automation, agile development means the UI
    and specifications keep changing. Automated scripts will
    soon break, resulting in a significant amount of time
    wasted on maintenance.

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  16. Autify’s Solution
    02. About Our Business
    1. No code unlocks automation at

    2. AI automatically maintains test
    3. AI-driven test maintenance

    Software testing involves a wide range of
    browsers and mobile devices. Typically, the
    same test has to be repeated on all browsers,
    and a variety of test devices have to be
    available; testing has been expensive due to
    the costs associated with securing human
    resources and equipment. With Autify, users
    run test scenarios in multiple browsers
    Traditional test automation requires users to
    rebuild the test scenario when the UI
    changes. Autify uses proprietary AI
    technology to auto-detect UI changes and
    maintain the scenario automatically. This
    greatly reduces the cost of maintenance,
    which was previously a bottleneck.
    Click the record button and navigate as you
    normally would. Autify converts your actions
    into a Test Scenario, allowing anyone to
    automate testing. No coding required.
    Autify for Web Autify for Mobile

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  17. Autify AI Labs
    02. About Our Business
    Since its launch, Autify has focused on developing AI-based UI element recognition technology. We will continue to
    develop AI technology and release AI-powered features that users can use throughout the test flow – from test case
    design, test creation and execution, to test scenario maintenance – and optimize the entire software development
    MLUI ChatGPT


    Self Healing

    Scenario Creation
    Autify Vision
    Just like the human eye,

    Autify’s proprietary AI feature recognizes elements
    AI suggests various ideas

    related to testing
    AI Features
    Core Technology
    Autify Generate

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  18. 02. About Our Business
    In order to become the world’s best test automation platform, we have valued diverse perspectives in our product
    development from the very beginning. Today, Autify is used by many teams around the world to support their agile
    development and accelerate their release cycles.
    Autify’s Solution

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  19. 02. About Our Business
    Since we launched our service in October 2019, Autify has been used by many development teams to automate web
    service testing and app testing. Over the past four years, Autify has run more than 8 million automated tests.
    If each person spends 15 minutes running a test, we estimate that Autify has saved over 200 years in total. This
    time can be spent on other activities instead.
    Autify contribution
    8 million
    Time saved with Autify
    ※as of Sep 2023

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  20. Case Studies
    02. About Our Business
    DeNA Co., Ltd
    “Impossible things became possible. We’ve
    seen many benefits to using Autify, some of
    which can’t be measured in numbers.”
    GA technologies Co., Ltd.
    “After introducing Autify, the cost of creating
    an environment has become zero, and
    maintenance only takes 15 minutes.”

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  21. Case Studies
    02. About Our Business
    Team Spirit Inc.
    “One of the main reasons for choosing Autify
    was that anyone can use it to automate.
    We’ve been able to ensure quality while
    increasing efficiency and sustainability.”
    ZOZO Technologies, Inc.
    “You don’t have to build an environment, and
    it’s cost-effective. Autify is not just a test
    platform; it’s also a tester that can work

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  22. Roadmap
    02. About Our Business
    Test automation is still in its infancy, and
    there are countless ways to improve
    productivity in the software development

    To expand Autify’s capabilities and product
    lineup, our long-term roadmap is divided into
    these three phases.

    Phase1 -
    First, we will provide a product that can automate a greater
    proportion of test cases that are currently being tested manually.

    Increase automation coverage

    Phase2 -
    Currently, test coverage varies from person to person. We will
    provide a product that increases the test coverage along with the
    automation percentage.

    Increase overall test coverage

    Phase3 -
    The test phase is for verifying that all operations work as
    intended after development. If we can automate tests at the
    initial stage of development, development can be driven by tests.
    Once all tests pass, the software can be released without a
    separate test phase.

    Eliminate test phase

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  23. 03.
    Our Team

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  24. Autify values
    03. Our Team
    These are the values that Autify members live by.

    We discussed what actions we need to take to achieve our big goals in the long-term and narrowed
    them down.
    Solve burning needs
    Aim high, stay grounded
    Be selfless

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  25. Solve burning needs
    03. Our Team
    Solve burning needs
    We identify core issues and solve them in the fastest and most effective way in every situation.
    - Problem first

    Always think about the fundamental problem, and discuss while distinguishing problem from solution, and
    fact from speculation.
    - Find the shortest path

    Produce results in the shortest time without spending too much time searching for perfection.
    - Dig deeper

    Uncover the true intention by asking appropriate questions, and step into their shoes without making

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  26. Aim high, stay grounded
    03. Our Team
    Aim high, stay grounded
    We continue to learn while remaining humble and boldly challenge ourselves to reach high goals.
    - High and clear ideals

    Always set high and clear ideals.
    - Self-driven

    Draw a concrete path to fill the gap between the goal and the current situation and move yourself and others
    independently and proactively
    - Self-awareness

    Capture your current position objectively and correctly without being over-confident or conceited.

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  27. Be selfless
    03. Our Team
    Be selfless
    We do what is best for Autify, rather than for yourself or your group, and take initiative.
    - Bird's-eye view

    We broaden our viewpoints and look at things from a company-wide perspective.
    - Feedback-oriented

    We proactively socialize our ideas, give feedback, and act on diverse perspectives.
    - Transparency

    To share the context and grasp the full picture, we actively seek out information and share it with peers.

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  28. Management Team
    03. Our Team
    Ryo has been worked in software development for over ten
    years. Having worked as a software engineer in Japan,
    Singapore, and San Francisco, he has developed a #1 social
    game at DeNA, led product development as a product
    engineer at Viki in Singapore, moved to San Francisco to
    participate in a local startup as an initial member. He founded
    Autify, Inc. in 2016.
    Thomas has 16 years of experience as a software engineer
    and a technical leader, having worked in France, Australia, and
    Canada in various industries, including telecommunications,
    nuclear waste logistics and medical imaging. He was the
    Director of Application at SSENSE, the largest fashion
    commerce retailer in Canada, and joined Autify in 2022 as VP
    of Engineering. He has managed many engineers and worked
    to develop no-code test automation technologies that utilize
    AI and emerging technologies.
    Takayuki developed and operated a social game software
    targeted towards overseas users at DeNA. He joined FiNC
    Technologies in 2014, launching services for corporations and
    managing PM and the quality department. As the executive
    officer VP of Engineering, he oversaw product development
    and organizational management of the entire company.

    In July 2020, he was appointed as COO at Autify Inc.

    Chiharu joined Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu LLC in 2012, where
    he worked in audit and consulting mainly for startups, and
    helped several companies go public in Japan. In 2016, he
    moved to Deloitte Singapore and was responsible for assisting
    local companies in Singapore, Myanmar, and Cambodia with
    audit, tax, and incorporation. He joined Autify in March 2022
    and is now Vice President of Finance, responsible for investor
    relations, bank communications, business planning and
    management, and legal affairs. Chiharu holds Japanese and
    American CPA licenses.
    Ryo Chikazawa
    Thomas Santonja
    Takayuki Shimizu
    Chiharu Goto
    VP of Engineering
    VP of Revenue
    VP of Finance

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  29. Organization char t
    03. Our Team
    People & Culture
    Public Relations
    Revenue, US
    Sales & Marketing
    Revenue, JP
    Solution Architect
    Revenue Operation
    Customer Success
    Customer Support
    Product Management
    UI / UX
    Product Engineering
    Engineering, Web
    Engineering, Mobile
    Engineering, Growth
    Technical Support

    Technical Platform
    21 4 6 34 11

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  30. 04.
    Work Environment

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  31. Basic Information
    04. Work Environment
    Basic Work Ruled
    W Work Hours: FlexiblV
    W Place of Work: Remote or Tokyo officV
    W Holidays Saturdays, Sundays, National holidays, Year-end and
    New Year holidayd
    W Annual Leaves: Unlimited (Legal paid leaves: 10 paid leaves
    and 5 sick leaves)
    W Social Insurance System: Health insurance, Nursing insurance,
    Social pension, Accident insurance and Unemployment insurancV
    W Remotework Allowance ¥10,000/montƒ
    W Rental PC and Deviced
    W English Learning Support Program (Only for those who need helpw
    W Skill-up Support Allowance: up to ¥10,000/month

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  32. Diversity & Inclusion
    04. Work Environment
    We don’t think an organization with only Japanese staff can create a service that will succeed in the international
    market. At Autify, we value diversity and welcome members from a wide range of backgrounds. We celebrate diverse
    values and work styles.

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  33. In general, all employees work remotely. However, in January 2021, we opened the Autify Tokyo Office in Higashi-
    Nihonbashi as a place where employees can come to work and meet whenever they want. It's used for quarterly all-
    hands meetings, as well as when it's difficult to work from home or when they want a change of scenery.
    Japan Office

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  34. Work-Life Balance
    04. Work Environment
    We have introduced a full-flex system to accommodate family demands and work comfortably. Members
    communicate with their team and set their own working hours.





    Pick up

    Drop off
    12:00 24:00
    0:00 6:00

    Family time,

    Childcare friendly

    Chores & hobbies
    Hobby life

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  35. Compensation System (Japan Branch)
    04. Work Environment
    Compensation consists of the following three components.

    Bonuses are paid twice a year, semi-annually. The amount is calculated by multiplying 1/2 of the basic salary by a
    performance coefficient.

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  36. Evaluation System
    04. Work Environment
    Autify is still a small organization with less than 20 staff. We could manage without an evaluation system, but we expect to
    expand rapidly. This is why we created a system that allows a fair evaluation of each staff. We are working to build a strong
    organization that can continue to achieve challenging goals in the long term.
    Members are evaluated twice a year, and the Job Grade and Experience Level are reviewed based on the

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  37. Job Grade and Experience Level
    04. Work Environment
    Compensation is determined by the combination of Job Grade and Experience Level. There are 7 Job Grades in
    total. The Experience Level divides each Job Grade into three stages. (For example, Intermediate II/Growing)
    Junior Intermadiate I Intermadiate II Senior I Senior II Staff I Staff II/VIP
    G1 G2 G3 G4 G5 G7
    Partially meets requirements
    Meet requirements
    Consistently meets requirements with high reproducibility.

    Meets the requirements for the following Job Grade
    Experience level

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  38. Compensation ladder - general
    04. Work Environment
    Junior Intermadiate I Intermadiate II Senior I Senior II Staff I Staff II/VIP
    G1 G2 G3 G4 G5 G7
    Grade Percentage of Full-Time Employees as of April, 2023








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  39. C o m p e n s a t i o n l a d d e r - S a l e s & M a r ke t i n g , E n g i n e e r i n g
    04. Work Environment
    Junior Intermadiate I Intermadiate II Senior I Senior II Staff I Staff II/VIP
    G1 G2 G3 G4 G5 G7






    Grade Percentage of Full-Time Employees as of April, 2023

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  40. Stock Options granted from Autify, Inc., US
    04. Work Environment
    Since Autify is headquartered in the US, staff are granted stock options.

    The stock options have a four-year vesting period, with a one-year cliff. After one year of service, you will receive the first 25%
    of the options, after which you will receive 1/48 of the options every month for the remaining three years. All staff is eligible,
    and additional options may be granted depending on performance.

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  41. 05.
    Autify’s Technology

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  42. Autify’s Technology
    01. テキスト
    Autify isn’t your average web-based service.
    Our tech goes one step forward. For all of you
    development engineers, let’s take a look at
    the strengths of Autify’s technology.

    At Autify, there are three main technical
    fields; frontend, backend, and machine
    learning. Each engineer is a professional in at
    least one field, but they all interact with the
    main application, Rails.

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  43. Frontend
    05. Autify’s Technology
    Will you become proficient in programming languages and frameworks? Absolutely! But that’s not all. You
    will also have the opportunity to take a deep dive into cutting-edge frontend technologies through
    running E2E tests on various web services.
    Going beyond the framework:

    Rethinking frontend technology

    Frontend engineers at Autify carry out a wide range of
    tasks. We use JavaScript for handling parts that are visible
    for users, as well as in logics that are responsible for test
    execution. Frontend engineers also develop the Chrome
    Extension with which users record Test Scenarios. Because
    of the nature of E2E testing, you will need to have a deep
    understanding of how technologies such as HTML, CSS, and
    JavaScript are used in the user’s web services.
    Proactively add value by thinking and
    implementing excellent UI and UX

    One of our main selling points is that anyone can use
    Autify to automate E2E testing. This is why the frontend
    has the critical role of creating an excellent UI and UX.
    Also, because the value that Autify provides is an increase
    in productivity through automation and increased
    efficiency, the frontend quality directly impacts the
    advantage and value of the service.

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  44. Backend
    05. Autify’s Technology
    Layers below the main application written in Rails, including the mechanism that executes
    tests, are collectively called backend.
    An efficient and scalable solution for handling a
    large number of complex requests

    A base mechanism for executing tests must respond
    quickly to general requests to web services and E2E test
    requests. E2E test requests are challenging to handle
    because they are executed at random times, whereas
    execution time and resources are handled as a batch.
    Apply the expertise in container technology to achieve
    a high level of speed, flexibility, and reliability

    We heavily utilize container technology to execute tests and
    return the results to users cost-effectively. While we
    proactively adopt new technologies in areas where unique
    solutions are necessary, there are some areas where we have
    chosen orthodox technology. That’s how we achieve faster
    development, flexibility, and reliability.

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  45. Machine Learning
    05. Autify’s Technology
    Autify uses the power of AI to automatically detect changes in the test target during tests. But that’s not all. As we
    continue evolving, we will utilize machine learning in various other ways.
    A large amount of data is accumulated every day

    Autify accumulates various data related to E2E tests, such
    as the Test Scenarios executed so far, the modification
    history, success/failure history, and change in the test
    target. The more we use these types of data to improve
    Autify, there will be more demand for our services. This will
    lead to more data, creating a positive feedback loop.
    Reimagining test experience with ML

    Using this data for machine learning opens up new
    possibilities. Not only can we detect changes, but we can
    also start proposing Test Scenarios based on the
    characteristics of the test target.

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  46. 06.
    Recruitment Process

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  47. Recruitment at Autify
    06. Recruitment Process
    Recruitment Process
    One of the most significant issues in recruitment is that evaluation isn’t consistent between interviewers. To
    solve this, Autify has created structured interviews which have standardized criteria for selecting

    We also focus on hiring people who agree with our business vision and can make a long-term contribution by
    confirming candidates from each set of perspectives at each interview.

    Nervous about going straight into the recruitment process?
    Autify holds casual interviews to clarify any questions that candidates may have. These interviews are not

    The purpose of casual interviews is to help you understand our mission and vision, why we are hiring that
    particular position and the job responsibilities.

    If you are interested in taking part in a casual interview, please apply here

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  48. Recruitment Process
    06. Recruitment Process
    Recruitment Process
    Casual Chat
    Resume Screening
    Online Coding Test(Only technical positions)
    HR interview
    Technical Interview
    Final interview
    Based on the initial interviews, our Management Team will make a final confirmation whether you are compatible with our company.
    We will consider whether your personality, motivation, vision/culture matches ours to determine if you’re the type of person who can work with us towards the
    same goal.
    We will check other skills such as your thought process during problem-solving. We will review how you can immediately start contributing to the team. In addition,
    we will consider whether you will realize your career aspirations at Autify to prevent any mismatch of expectations.
    You will take a coding test on Hacker Rank to showcase your basic technical skills.
    Offer Meeting
    Reference Check
    Casual Chat Offer Meeting
    HR interview
    Online Coding






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  49. https://autify.com/careers
    Join us. From anywhere

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