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Growth Strategy Toward FY2025 (Update)

February 14, 2024

Growth Strategy Toward FY2025 (Update)


February 14, 2024

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  1. 2 ©Cyber Security Cloud , Inc. 2024 Growth strategy toward

    2025 Providing globally trusted services as a global security manufacturer from Japan To make our products installed by 10,000 companies and become Japan's top security company in the "web security" field To accelerate global expansion and raise overseas sales ratio to 10% Our financial goals are to achieve sales of 5 billion yen and an operating income of 1 billion yen.
  2. 3 ©Cyber Security Cloud , Inc. 2024 Priority policy topics

    for the fiscal year ended December 2023 • Steady implementation of priority measures to achieve financial targets for 2025 ✓ Revamped the referral partner program and launching 'SIDfm' partner sales ✓ Entered an implementation partnership with Ordinary Experts. ✓ Concluded a strategic partnership with istyle Inc. in the field of cybersecurity ✓ Released a pay-as-you-go billing type and updated to comply with AWS Marketplace specifications ✓ Updated in anticipation of expansion in the EU region to comply with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) ✓ Promoted to the highest stage in the AWS Partner Path and exhibited at 'AWS re:Invent 2023' ✓ Released 'CloudFastener' as a new AWS-related product. ✓ Launched a new plan for MSP providers, 'SIDfm VM for MSP,' and the cloud type of 'SIDfm' Priority Measure (1) Strengthen partner support Priority Measure (2) WafCharm’s global expansion Priority Measure (3) Enhanced service lineup Priority Policy Topics
  3. 4 ©Cyber Security Cloud , Inc. 2024 Update on key

    measures to achieve growth strategies • Update on key measures to achieve financial targets for 2025 Priority Measure (1) Enhancing partner support Priority Measure (2) Global expansion of WafCharm Priority Measure (2) Strengthening global expansion within the AWS ecosystem Priority Measure (3) Strengthening the service lineup Priority Measure (1) Enhancing value delivery to major clients ✓ Providing high-quality, multifunctional products ✓ Strengthening alliances with major clients ✓ Reforming our own sales organization Priority measures through 2023 Priority measures for 2024 ✓ Enhancing the quality of 'CloudFastener' and introducing new services in the API domain ✓ Expanding the lineup in the WAF and vulnerability-related areas Priority Measure (3) Strengthening the service lineup ✓ Maximizing the value proposition of 'SIDfm' ✓ Developing services in new areas ✓ Support for partners with strong sales capabilities ✓ Forming alliances with partners in anticipation of global expansion ✓ Improving AWS partner ranking and certification. ✓ Strengthening sales within the AWS Marketplace ✓ Enhancing brand awareness through program acquisition ✓ Acquiring AWS certification programs ✓ Participating in exhibitions and webinars around the world ✓ Enhancing marketing functions centered on sales in the AWS Marketplace
  4. 5 ©Cyber Security Cloud , Inc. 2024 1.0 1.2 1.4

    2 0.3 0.6 0.8 2 0.3 0.4 0.7 1 1.8 2.3 3 3.8~4.0 5 2019 2020 2021 2022 2023 2024 2025 Other WafCharm Shadankun Financial target (1) Achievement of sales of 5 billion yen • Targeting top domestic companies in the 'Web Security' field, CSC aims for a sales revenue of 5 billion yen • CSC aims to achieve an overseas sales ratio of over 10% by not only leveraging WafCharm but also capitalizing on the strong performance of Managed Rules and the introduction of our new service, CloudFastener (billion yen) Achieved Achieved 3.06 2.34 *1 Until the fiscal year ending December 2023, CSC had set a target of over 0.5 billion yen in overseas sales for WafCharm. However, considering the recent growth rate of Managed Rules and the release of CloudFastener, CSC has shifted strategy to target over 0.5 billion yen in overseas sales to AWS-related services*2 *2 WafCharm, Managed Rules, CloudFastener *1 *1
  5. 6 ©Cyber Security Cloud , Inc. 2024 0.14 0.18 0.29

    0.39 0.5 0.65~0.75 1 2019 2020 2021 2022 2023 2024 2025 Financial target (2) Operating income of 1 billion yen in 2025 • CSC plans to execute aggressive marketing activities to expand recognition both domestically and internationally, with a focus on our new service. • While making preemptive investments, CSC also aims to continue profit growth and strive to achieve an operating profit of 1 billion yen by FY2025. Achieved 0.41 (billion yen) Achieved 0.54
  6. 7 ©Cyber Security Cloud , Inc. 2024 [Priority Measure 1]

    Enhancing value delivery to major clients Security Environment Surrounding Japanese Companies Increase of cyber attacks (2.8 times in 4 years) Shortage of security personnel Revision to laws and guidelines (e.g., Personal Information Protection Act) Three Pillars for Strengthening Value Provision 1. Providing high-quality, multifunctional products CloudFastener and the API domain, that meet the standards demanded by major clients. 2. Strengthen partner alliances Expanding coverage to major customer segments through the conclusion of new development and sales partnerships, starting with Fuji Soft Incorporation Shift from the on- premise to the cloud • As cyber attacks become more complex and sophisticated, the scope of monitoring and defense continues to expand, while there is a chronic shortage of security professionals • To comprehensively solve security challenges, CSC aims to enhance service value that meets the standards demanded by major clients 3. Rebuilding our own sales organization Building an organization capable of implementing new sales strategies, centered around individuals with sales experience with major clients and experience in the security industry
  7. 8 ©Cyber Security Cloud , Inc. 2024 [Priority Measure 2]

    Strengthening global expansion within the AWS ecosystem • Accelerating strategic initiatives within the AWS ecosystem • Enhancing marketing functions with a focus on sales in the AWS Marketplace To strengthen sales within AWS Marketplace To raise awareness in the AWS community ✓ Participating in exhibitions and webinars around the world ✓ Acquiring technical certification programs. ✓ Promoting joint sales programs with AWS ✓ Designing a more accessible purchasing pathway ✓ Conducting study sessions for AWS and sales partners ✓ Releasing new plans for the global market Accelerating Growth Proving technical expertise and service quality to establish a global presence By improving reliability, it becomes easier to propose to end-users Aiming to be a globally representative AWS Marketplace Seller Moving towards the implementation of various measures through a track record of global sales Measures to be implemented Measures to be implemented
  8. 9 ©Cyber Security Cloud , Inc. 2024 [Priority Measure 3]

    Strengthening the service lineup • Accelerating the enhancement of 'CloudFastener' and the expansion of services in the API domain • In the area of WAF and vulnerability-related products, CSC aims to expand the lineup and strengthen functionalities 12/2013 12/2017 12/2020 02/2019 10/2023 ✓ Expanding the lineup of the WAF business that has been offered for many years ✓ Shifting to comprehensive security services ✓ Expanding business by leveraging expertise related to AWS ✓ Continuing to enhance the functionalities of 'SIDfm' 01/2024 ✓ Accelerating service expansion in the field of API protection, starting with the launch of 'sasanka' as an OSS WAF-related areas Vulnerability Management Domain MSS domain API domain
  9. 10 ©Cyber Security Cloud , Inc. 2024 Through preparing this

    material, our company assumes that the information we were able to collect is complete and accurate. but we do not warrant or represent either the accuracy or the completeness of this information. Also, the assumption or the outlook of future dates after this information is released may include assumptions based on plans but this information regarding the future is built on rational decision-making based on information we have collected, and the information does not mean that we will warrant the achievements. The difference between assumptions and actual achievements may be influenced by changes in the economy, customer needs, user preference, competition between competitors and laws and other various changes. Due to many of these factors, there is a possibility that these results may vary. Furthermore, upon releasing this material, we do not have any obligation to update or revise this material in the case new information or future events occur. Disclaimer To create a secure cyberspace that people around the world can use safely