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Fast Flow - Blockers & Pitfalls @ Fast Flow BCN, Jan 2024

Manuel Pais
January 18, 2024

Fast Flow - Blockers & Pitfalls @ Fast Flow BCN, Jan 2024

Based on his experience helping customers with Team Topologies during the last 4 years, Manuel will rant about share what are the most common blockers to fast flow in tech organizations. From the classics originally illustrated in the Team Topologies book to the "new kids on the block", some of which come from misinterpretations of ideas in the book! This rant talk also contains personal reflections on what we would have done differently if we had to rewrite the book today.

Manuel Pais

January 18, 2024

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  1. TeamTopologies.com @TeamTopologies Fast Flow Blockers & Pitfalls Manuel Pais co-author

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  3. 6 A flow-based process delivers information on a regular cadence

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  4. 25 “Teams are locked in to services, we can't adapt

    to significant market changes”