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Facial Expressions: An Introductory ESL Lesson Plan

Facial Expressions: An Introductory ESL Lesson Plan

This is a speaking lesson plan that is great to use to introduce facial expressions. Facial expressions are important to study as they provide non-verbal cues and information. They can provide nearly as much information as spoken words do. They can be difficult to understand but when understood students can remain confident when interacting with others in English. This is a great lesson to introduce to upper-intermediate students that have been looking to develop a deeper understanding of English vocabulary in conversational contexts.

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June 15, 2022

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  2. Facial expressions How important are facial expressions for successful communication?

    What kind of meaning can we convey using different facial expressions?
  3. Different facial expressions to raise an eyebrow to roll your

    eyes to blink to blush to bat your lashes to frown to wink to squint to gaze
  4. How do we use facial expressions? What do these different

    types of facial expressions usually show? Are these actions involuntary?
  5. Smiling Do people only smile when they are happy or

    amused? What else can a person’s smile tell you?
  6. When you’re smiling… to smirk to grin to pout to

    press your lips together to grit your teeth to bite your lip to snarl to smile
  7. Which facial expressions show fear? Which show that a person

    is angry? creased forehead flared nostrils clenched jaw gaping mouth dilated pupils widened eyes a faint smile wrinkled nose
  8. Reading facial expressions Are those readings always accurate? How good

    are you at reading different facial expressions?
  9. Sign language Do you know anyone who uses sign language?

    How do facial expressions help people who use sign language convey meaning?
  10. Genders Are men or women better at using facial expressions?

    Why? Are there any differences between the genders in using facial expressions?
  11. Discuss this quote ‘Few realize how loud their expressions really

    are. Be kind with what you wordlessly say. ’ Richelle E. Goodrich How can your facial expressions help or harm you? Can you control what you express?
  12. Discuss this quote ‘People blush when one of their core

    truths is revealed.’ Do all people blush when they are ashamed or feeling shy? Keith Ablow, Murder Suicide What about you? Are there any other popular misconceptions?
  13. More to talk about! What about babies? Do children show

    their emotions using facial expressions? How much do you know about the range of disorders on the autism spectrum? Can some animals do it as well? Have you ever heard of the study of micro expressions and their use in law enforcement?