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Tale of Datta — AI-generated comic on mythology of data

Tale of Datta — AI-generated comic on mythology of data

A comic about mythology of data, created by Rasagy Sharma with a bunch of AI tools.

This comic was created in under 24 hours for the DeepHack AI hackathon in Bangalore, and presented on April 1st, 2023. I wrote the script, and the comic was created using a set of AI tools such as ChatGPT, Lexica, Stable Diffusion, VectorizerAI, Adobe Enhance & BeatovenAI.

The comic narrates a fictional world where a man challenged gods, blending themes from Hindu mythology, current innovations in technology & some puns.

For more details on the process of creating this comic, and my reflections on making AI-generated art for the first time, read: https://rasagy.in/projects/datta/

Rasagy Sharma

April 01, 2023

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