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KCDSpain / DevBCN 2024: Serverless Platforms on Kubernetes

June 13, 2024

KCDSpain / DevBCN 2024: Serverless Platforms on Kubernetes

for more information visit: https://www.salaboy.com


June 13, 2024

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  1. diagrid.io salaboy.com @Salaboy • Software Engineer and CNCF Ambassador. •

    Author of “Platform Engineering on Kubernetes” (Manning). • @DaprDev @KnativeProject @KeptnProject Mauricio Salatino
  2. Openfunction recap https://openfunction.dev • Great initiative, great abstractions, but •

    Does it work for you? • Does it provides the right abstraction for you? • Are the right tools? (GitHub Actions, GitOps) • Do you need to learn about all the tools used in the background to use the platform?
  3. Knative https://knative.dev • From Container to URL • Simpli fi

    ed interface (Knative Service) • Autoscaling simpli fi ed and Tra ffi c Splitting • But.. what about: • Application concerns such as observability, resiliency and access to infrastructure?
  4. Dapr recap https://dapr.io • Application concerns via APIs for developers

    to use • Separate infrastructure from application code, supporting di ff erent providers • Help platform teams to provide uni fi ed APIs across environments • But what about provisioning and con fi guring infrastructure across environments?
  5. Crossplane recap https://crossplane.io • Manage cloud resources declaratively as Kubernetes

    resources • Compose higher-level abstractions to simplify usage and cover domain- speci fi c scenarios • Distribute and share abstractions across teams
  6. If you are in this journey… Learn about the companies

    behind these projects • Knative Serving • Is being shipped as part of Red Hat Openshift and VMware Tanzu • Google Cloud Run expose the Knative Serving interface
  7. If you are in this journey… Learn about the companies

    behind these projects • Dapr • Run as a managed service on Azure Container Apps, this means that you have the Dapr APIs available for your containers • Diagrid o ff ers two products • Diagrid’s Conductor to manage and operate Dapr at scale on your Kubernetes clusters • Diagrid’s Catalyst managed service that you can use from any Cloud Provider, including your on-prem setups.
  8. If you are in this journey… Learn about the companies

    behind these projects • Crossplane • Upbound runs a managed platform, so you don’t need to install and manage Crossplane • Upbound Cloud can be run on your compute, so you have full control on your Crossplane instances
  9. Sum up • Building Platforms is hard • Focus on

    having the right abstractions • Prioritise enabling teams to do their work • Don’t do it alone! Talk to other companies