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A more meaningful web

Simon Collison
February 24, 2012

A more meaningful web

IMARK, Reykjavik, February 2012.

Simon Collison

February 24, 2012

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  1. Icelanders are very forward-thinking, and quickly embrace new technologies. The

    web is no exception, and I’m seeing an increasing number of beautifully designed, standards-compliant sites reaching out from the island. A couple of the ones I’ve listed have already impressed the global design community — and for good reason. h p://col.ly/s/61 2nd June 2004
  2. The screen brings with it different kinds of challenges for

    visual design, some of which occur exclusively in interactive media. It’s unrealistic to think our old methods can fill in all the gaps, but new interaction pa erns and visual languages emerge everyday. These are the building blocks for our new design principles. JASON SANTA MARIA, 2008
  3. Cra smanship is a basic human impulse: the desire to

    do a job well for its own sake Richard Senne
  4. Tools are the scaffold for what we produce, the enablers.

    They help us bring our ideas to fruition. Our tools
  5. Inquiring beyond the “necessary” to explore other areas, look at

    things differently, and bring these findings back into our work. Creative inquiry
  6. Web writing is... Good writing adapted to the limits of

    the web as a medium and the needs of users.
  7. User needs... Trust in the the website and information source.

    Brevity and swi delivery of information Retrieval of key facts and information very quickly. Understanding the context of the page and website. Looking for calls to action or next steps. Email, print or respond to information immediately.
  8. Techniques... Relevance, Titles and Headings Blurbs Pull quotes Icons, drop-caps

    and images Descriptions Linkage and Sources Lists Summarise
  9. Carbon Neutral Carbon Trading Cause-based or community investing Cause Related

    Marketing CFCs Child Labour Clean Development Mechanism Climate Change CO2 (Carbon Dioxide) Community Corporate Citizenship Corporate Governance Corporate Responsibility Environmental Impact Assessment Equal Opportunities Equator Principles Ethical Accounting Ethical Auditing Ethical Book Ethical purchasing Ethical screening Ethical trade Ethics Fairtrade Global compact Globalisation Green electricity Human Rights Impact areas Marketplace BITC, CR, CSR, 8000, NGO, SRI, SORI, EHS, EMAS, DJSI, APPG, AA1000 etc Triple bo om line Venture Philanthropy Global compact Equator principles Etc...
  10. What should boards do to ensure companies behave responsibly, and

    why? Both corporate responsibility and corporate governance have climbed the corporate agenda in recent years. But there has been li le consideration of how these two areas interrelate or about the specific board contribution to corporate responsibility. Both the Combined Code on Corporate Governance and the new Company Law Reform Bill give directors duties related to corporate responsibility. This report outlines the challenge boards face in fulfilling them, and the actions they can take in order to do so.
  11. The models people have of themselves, others, the environment, and

    the things with which they interact. Mental models
  12. What are our motives, and why do we go in

    one particular direction? Motive
  13. A longing for the past, or the ephemera of the

    olden days, and the sense that everything was be er than it is today. Nostalgia
  14. The ability to alter the presentation of a website without

    altering its structure should have opened up the floodgates of design creativity. JEREMY KEITH, 2006
  15. To delight someone is to give them a small lesson

    in seeing the world as something good. Frank Chimero