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OpenID Foundation updates

OpenID Foundation updates

OpenID Technight #21向けのスライド。
2024年4月のOpenID Foundation Workshop、Internet Identity Workshopの内容のおさらい。

Naohiro Fujie

May 15, 2024

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  1. Death & the Digital Estate Community Group 12 Copyright ©

    2024, Naohiro Fujie, All Rights Reserved
  2. 18

  3. Use cases - Notify the wallet in case the credential

    got revoked before end of TTL window. - Notify the wallet in case a new credential type can be requested. - Notify the wallet the data for one credential got updated and a new credential with the updated data is available. - … クレデンシャルの有効期限が切れる前に取り消したいケースなど、主にクレデンシャルのライフ サイクル管理に使いたい、っていうところです。 SSF的にはライフサイクル管理とリスク検知〜通知の使い方が主な用途なので、今回の提案は 前者が中心ですね。
  4. OID4VP over Browser API 23 Copyright © 2024, Naohiro Fujie,

    All Rights Reserved https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mZeSVNK0jlw
  5. OID4VP over Browser API 24 Copyright © 2024, Naohiro Fujie,

    All Rights Reserved const digitalCredential = await navigator.identity.get({ digital: { providers: [{ // Protocol extensibility: protocol: "oid4vp", // An example of an OpenID4VP request to wallets. // Based on https://github.com/openid/OpenID4VP/issues/125 request: { nonce: "n-0S6_WzA2Mj", presentation_definition: { // Presentation Exchange request, omitted for brevity } } }], }, }); // To be decrypted on the server... const encryptedData = digitalCredential.data;