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The Difference Between Value Stream Mapping and Management

The Difference Between Value Stream Mapping and Management

In 5 slides! Designed for change and transformation agents to gain quick wins, particularly with leaders and executives.

Helen Beal

May 02, 2024

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  1. www.vsmconsortium.org What is Value Stream Management? Delighted customers mean higher

    organizational performance Optimizing flow and value realization results in sublime customer experience “Value Stream Management is a combination of people, process and technology that maps, optimizes, visualizes, measures, and governs business value flow through heterogeneous software delivery pipelines from idea through development and into production.” Forrester Value stream management optimizes flow and value realization
  2. www.vsmconsortium.org VALUE STREAM MAPPING VALUE STREAM MANAGEMENT A collaborative exercise

    A set of practices Human-centric, storytelling, and narrative Tools-centric, science, and insights Opinion-driven, qualitative Insights and data-driven, quantitative Visual collaboration Visibility and continuous inspection Walls and post-it notes (virtual!) Integrations, dashboards and AI Creates and recreates business case Ongoing incremental optimization Highlights waste and assumptions Automates for continuous compliance Dependency identification Dependency mitigation Defines present and future Records past and present Team oriented Organization oriented
  3. www.vsmconsortium.org The VSM Implementation Roadmap Connect the digital parts of

    your product delivery pipeline, aligned to the steps in your value stream map to start getting real-time data & insights into your value stream’s flow Connect Start Get going from wherever you are. Assess Where you are today? Scale your assessment from super-light, to whatever weight you need to spark the depth of evolution you want. Vision Set your long term vision and goals. Identify Identify your value streams—anything that delivers a product or service. You’re aiming to accelerate the flow of value to the customer. Organize Find the people accountable for every step in each value stream. Map Bring the players in your value stream together for a mapping exercise. Find where the idea starts, and track every step until the value is delivered. Inspect You’ve automated your value stream map, now use it! Set goals for your value stream and use retrospectives to determine where you are. Adapt Use your insights to design and perform experiments that adapt and optimize your flow so you can continually delight your customers. Mapping is one of the practices of Value Stream Management and a common entry point
  4. www.vsmconsortium.org Your organization is made of value streams You Exist

    in a Value Stream Network Define Design Develop Deploy Enable Test Define Design Develop Deploy Enable Test Define Design Develop Deploy Enable Test Define Design Develop Deploy Enable Test Define Design Develop Deploy Enable Test Product A Cloud platform Product B Sales & Marketing APIs Define Design Develop Deploy Enable Test Product C
  5. www.vsmconsortium.org Join us today! The Value Stream Management Consortium is

    a not-for-profit enterprise funded by our members for our members.