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Work at Bosch

February 02, 2024

Work at Bosch


February 02, 2024

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  1. What's Bosch Leading company that has supported the mobility business

    worldwide for more than 100 years Global company, founded in Germany in 1886 Wide range of business operations, from automotive parts to industrial equipment and home appliances Worldwide, nearly all automakers are our customers In Japan, automotive- related business accounts for more than 90% of sales
  2. Corporate Slogan Invented for life Innovative technologies that benefit people

    and society. Bosch aims to improve the quality of life for people all over the world through its innovative and inspiring products and services.
  3. Unique Management System Although Bosch is one of the world's

    largest automotive parts suppliers, it remains privately held. Bosch's special management structure separates "management (voting rights)" and "shareholders (profit dividends)”, which is uncommon in the world. Robert Bosch Stiftung GmbH (Robert Bosch Foundation), an independent organization, owns 94% of the shares, but has no voting rights (management rights). The majority of voting rights are held by Robert Bosch Industrietreuhand KG, an industrial trust that does not have profit benefits. By adhering to the management style of "giving money, but not giving orders", it is possible to focus on stable management and R&D from a long-term perspective, rather than short-term profits. Voting Rights Robert Bosch Industrietreuhand KG Corporate Governance Distribution of Profits Largest Shareholder Robert Bosch Stiftung GmbH Active investments in philanthropy and R&D
  4. R&D Expenses An environment in which no expense is spared

    to bring about innovation and continually take on new challenges. Sales Approx. 10 trillion yen R&D Expenses Through Bosch’s special management structure, approximately 8% of sales are invested in R&D every year. (Approx. 800 billion yen) 1 trillion yen 500 billion yen 2019 2020 2021 2022
  5. Product Portfolio Mobility Electronics Mobility Aftermarket Wide range of products

    and the latest technologies that are indispensable for cars. Mobility Electronics Mobility Aftermarket Power Solutions 48V Battery Gasoline Direct Injection Fuel-cell power module TwinBox Cross-Domain Computing Solutions Driving Assistance Systems Cockpit integration Perfectly Keyless Electric Power Steering (EPS) Antilock Braking System (ABS) Electronic Stability Program (ESP®) Electromechanical Brake Booster Vehicle Motion
  6. Division VM Division Vehicle Motion Division Mission One division devoted

    to safe & comfortable vehicle control Business Overview The Vehicle Motion Division is comprised of five technical fields: vehicle motion management, braking, steering, passenger safety systems and vehicle dynamic sensors and focuses on development of solutions for vehicle control and safety related functions. Electric power steering Electric power steering Antilock Braking System (ABS) Active safety Actuation & brake components Passive safety & sensors Traction Control System (TCS) Vehicle motion management Vehicle motion management Electronic Stability Program (ESP®) iBooster (electromechanical brake booster) Vacuum brake booster Occupant protection system (airbag control unit) Wheel-speed sensor
  7. Division XC Division Cross-Domain Computing Solutions Division Mission We shape

    the future of vehicle electronics and software Business Overview We develop and realize innovative solutions for modern E/E architectures, driver assistance systems and automated driving as well as cockpit solutions, software and services. Assisted and automated driving Automatic emergency braking High-frequency radar Assisted and automated parking Remote park assist system Near-range camera Modern E/E architectures Integration platforms Powernet guardian Cockpit solutions Interior sensing solutions Cockpit integration Software and services Automated valet parking Connected map services *Partial list of our business activities
  8. Division PS Division Power Solutions Division Mission Leading the powertrain

    transformation from Japan Business Overview The powertrain, which covers all aspects of the vehicle's movement, is developed from the perspectives of both the internal combustion engine and e-mobility. Electrified vehicles equipped with Bosch products are in operation worldwide. The PS Division provides a wide range of solutions for passenger cars, trucks, buses, and ships. Electrified mobility Vehicle control unit 48V battery Fuel-cell power module TwinBox Passenger cars (including small commercial vehicles) Gasoline direct injection CVT push belt Commercial vehicles / Industrial machinery Diesel fuel injection system Exhaust gas treatment system
  9. Division 2WP Business Unit Two-Wheeler & Powersports Business Unit Mission

    Contribute to safer, more efficient and comfortable riding without compromising riding pleasure Business Overview Two-Wheeler & Powersports business unit develops and provides future system solutions for a wide range of vehicle types with “Assistance systems”, “Connectivity systems” and “Powertrain systems and Electrification” technological expertise; from large motorcycles with cutting-edge technologies, to small two-wheelers which are commonly utilized as a vehicle for daily commute, and powersports vehicles for hobby. Motorcycle anti-lock braking systems (ABS) Motorcycle stability Control (MSC) TFT cluster Engine management systems Electrification solution Assistance systems Connectivity systems Powertrain systems and Electrification Advanced rider assistance systems (ARAS)
  10. Business Scale Sales revenue 12trillion yen (88.2 billion euros) Associates

    421,000 Number of countries Approx. 60 R&D locations 128 R&D locations in Japan 12 Number of automated driving patent applications 5th in the world 2207 *Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry Patent Office: From "2020 Patent Application Technology Trend Survey" Approx.
  11. C E A P Vision Future Business Development During this

    period of transformation in the automotive industry, Bosch is implementing a growth strategy centered on four elements (PACE) . Personalized Providing personalized services in anticipation of a shift toward a society in which individuals choose their means of transportation according to their own needs. Automated Promoting the development of automated driving in order to create a safe and secure means of transportation for everyone. Currently undergoing research and development to attain Level 4. Connected Utilizing wireless and communication technologies to develop the "Perfectly Keyless" solution, which enables a smartphone to act as a key to lock/unlock vehicle doors and start the engine. Electrified Providing a "48V mild hybrid" that delivers improved fuel efficiency despite its low cost and compact size, and the "eAxle" that integrates a motor, inverter and transmission. Additional software engineers are essential for Bosch in the future.
  12. Management Message Bosch Corporation Head of Driver Experience Business Unit

    Daisuke Abe Joined Bosch in 1999. After gaining experience in the Viecle Motion Division, currently Head of the Driver Experience (DX) Business Unit in the Cross-Domain Computing Solutions (XC) Division. Until now, Bosch has placed manufacturing at the center of its business and focused on hardware. However, as the automotive industry is said to be facing a once-in-a-century transformation, Bosch is also facing a period of change. That is, as automotive systems rapidly replace hardware with software, there will be an even greater need for software-savvy associates. That is why we would like to ask people who can add new value to cars through software to join us and lend a hand. You do not need prior knowledge of cars, because you can learn about them after joining Bosch. Rather than knowledge of cars, we are looking for software skills and one's mindset or way of thinking in software development. We sincerely look forward to those who will make use of their experience in other industries and take on the challenge of transforming Bosch together.
  13. FUSION Project In 2024, a new research and development center

    will be opened in Tsuzuki Ward, Yokohama City. In order to strengthen development capabilities in the software field in Japan, Bosch is constructing a new research and development facility that will consolidate approximately 2,000 associates, with an investment of approximately 39 billion yen . This is the largest capital investment since Bosch's entry into the Japanese market in 1911.
  14. Grow Opportunities for Growth A wide range of programs to

    enhance your career . Career Design Program This program gives associates the opportunity to easily think about their careers. Associates can design their own careers while working on various tasks with several colleagues and combining the viewpoints of others. JADP (Junior Associate Development Program) This is a selective training program for associates in their 20s. In addition to clarifying career goals through carefully selected programs, associates will also undertake project work on business challenges provided by executives. XC Dojo (Divisional Voluntary Study Sessions) Associates in each business division actively hold study sessions with each other to provide opportunities for sharing trends in the mobility market and to learn about technologies that will be indispensable for future cars, such as AI, IoT, and DevOps. Career Workshops & Follow-up Measures This is a career development program for associates in their 40s and above. Bosch provides opportunities for associates of this generation, who are starting to become stable, to think anew about their own careers. Combined with a one-year follow-up measure, this program encourages career development activities to become a habit. Support for Qualifications Subsidy for TOEIC test expenses Support for the acquisition of qualifications for skill improvement, such as subsidies for the IPA (Information Technology Engineers Examination) fee Topics Expenditure of 280 billion yen over 10 years to reskill associates Bosch Training Centers, specialized organizations that provide training and learning tools, have been established in seven locations around the world, including Japan, to promote a company-wide learning culture. Bosch Training Centers provide a place where associates can learn cutting-edge skills, such as software skills and coaching, even if the skills are not related to their current job. This provides associates with opportunities for new career development at Bosch.
  15. Grow Examples of Career Paths H.K. Cross-Domain Computing Solutions Division

    Driver Experience (DX) Engineering Systems and SW Engineering Technologies and Services Department General Manager Former job In charge of embedded software development related to LTE and WCDMA at a foreign- affiliated telecommunications manufacturer. 2015 Joined Bosch Application engineer, in charge of developing embedded software for airbag ECUs (deployment algorithms and threshold settings). 2nd year Project manager, in charge of leading the airbag project and negotiating with customers. 4th year Appointed as manager of the project management team. While running the project, also involved in management. 6th year Transferred to the current department as a general manager (GM) candidate. Appointed as general manager one year later. Engaged in a development project for automated driving level 4. Y.T. Vehicle Motion Division Engineering Brake Systems Engineering Software Department General Manager Former job In charge of advertising sales at a design company. Also involved in website production. 2007 Joined Bosch Software test engineer, assigned to the Vehicle Motion (VM) Division. 7th year Assigned to India as a team leader. Two years later promoted to manager of the Software Testing Group. 11th year Returned to Japan and the VM Division. Appointed as manager of the Software Development for Vehicle Manufacturers Group. 14th year Appointed as general manager of the Software Development for Customers Department, and concurrently serves as general manager of Engineering Process/Digitalization related operations.
  16. Enjoy Work-Life Balance Bosch's working style helps associates to enjoy

    a balance of both work and private time . Rate of taking paid leave Maintain rate around 100% Remote work rate 80% *Survey results excluding manufacturing sites Average overtime 12 hours Turnover rate 2.5% Percentage of associates taking childcare leave Male 25% Female 100% *2020 data
  17. Enjoy Childcare Leave for Male Associates An environment where both

    genders can balance childcare and work. At Bosch, where it is natural for both men and women to participate in child- rearing, in recent years the number of male employees taking childcare leave has exceeded that of women. Social gatherings for employees on childcare leave provide opportunities to share concerns about childcare. In addition, the Family@bosch community of associates is also active. Changes in the number of associates taking childcare leave 50 60 70 80 90 100 110 0 20 40 60 80 100 120 08 09 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 Women Men Rate returning to work (%) (Associates) (%) *Number of associates who have taken childcare leave: Number of associates who started taking leave in that fiscal year *Number of associates returning to work: Associates who have taken leave after fiscal 2021 may still be on leave *Fiscal year 2022, as of May 9, 2022 M.Y. Joined Bosch in 2017 Cross-Domain Computing Solutions Division Advanced Network Solutions System Architect I took two months of childcare leave when my first son was born, and four months when my second son was born. I returned to work following childcare leave for my first son, but my child often cried at night and I had a lack of sleep for about a month. Based on that experience, I extended the childcare leave when my second son was born. For me, childcare leave also had a lot to do with caring for my wife's physical and mental wellbeing after giving birth. In addition, before and after childcare leave, my boss who has a child consulted with me, and together we thought about how to build a career while valuing family time. (Fiscal year)
  18. Inspire Leadership & Culture At Bosch we believe that we

    all have a leadership role. In other words: "We all lead Bosch". We have established three principles for achieving leadership and are implementing various measures. INITIATIVE RESPECT SPARK Positioning leadership as a required competency for all associates, regardless of their position, and evaluating and providing feedback Developing a framework that provides a large number of leadership information sessions, events, and tools, and establishing an environment in which everyone can learn and put it into practice Establishing an environment in which associates can participate on their own initiative in company-wide activities to communicate about leadership (associates can form teams with senior associates from different divisions, occupations, and positions, and work together as colleagues)
  19. Inspire Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Diversity is our advantage. Bosch

    strives to create an environment where associates can work in their own way , regardless of race, gender, age, nationality, etc. Ex. Diversity Initiatives: LGBTQ Ally Activities Many associates, including the president, declare themselves allies and implement initiatives to promote mutual understanding Established a personnel system to certify the partners of associates who are not legally married as "registered partners" within the company Promote dialogue by holding networking events with associates and allies (LGBTQ+AllyTalk Sessions) * An ally is a person who understands LGBTQ issues, accepts and supports their activities, and acts together.
  20. Work #LikeABosch Member J.H. Vehicle Motion Division Engineering Brake Systems

    Engineering Software Department Software Engineer Profile I worked for a Japanese automotive parts manufacturer for about 5 years, and was in charge of designing resin parts for fuel tanks. I joined Bosch in 2022 and changed careers to software engineering even though I was inexperienced in it. Currently, I am involved in the development of software to control brakes and I am working hard to improve my skills. Reason for joining Bosch The parts development for fuel tanks that I was in charge of was downsized due to the global trend of reducing carbon emissions, so I thought about changing jobs. Actually, I had applied for a job at Bosch when I was a new graduate. At that time, unfortunately I was not recruited. However, the reason I joined Bosch in 2022 was that I received a proposal from a recruitment agency and I thought that I would try again. Merits of working at Bosch Although I started without experience as a software engineer, I was able to acquire basic knowledge through OJT and study sessions. It is a great merit that Bosch has a good training environment. Also, I think it is attractive that there is a lot of diversity in careers, just like I myself made a career change from another area. Daily schedule 10:0 0 Start work Check email, etc. 10:30 Meeting with customer Discuss future development and existing issues 12:30 Lunch 13:30 Team meeting Share each member's progress, questions, and challenges 14:30 Software development Perform specification analysis, software implementation, etc. 16:30 Simulation test Check whether the implemented software works properly 18:00 Meeting with overseas sites Share information with sites that are collaborating on development 19:00 Finish work
  21. Job Categories VM Division Vehicle Motion Division Hardware Development Responsible

    for hardware development, technical negotiations, analysis, testing, and evaluation, as a point of contact for customers in projects such as next-generation electronic braking systems, electronic stability control systems for vehicles, and airbag control units. Software/System Development Responsible for functionality development and software development of next-generation electronic braking systems, electronic stability control systems for vehicles, and airbag control units. Also carries out a variety of functional design, software analysis, specification creation, design, coding, simulation and unit testing, and functional verification in actual vehicles. Development Using Actual Vehicles Responsible for active safety products for mass production projects for customers. Conducts actual vehicle driving tests and adjusts parameters to meet the specifications required by automotive manufacturers. In addition to repeating actual vehicle tests on a test course to maximize the performance required by customers, also in charge of proposing development schedules and development processes.
  22. Job Categories XC Division Cross-Domain Computing Solutions Division Driver Experience

    Responsible for components such as cameras and radar sensors necessary for driver assistance and parking assistance technology, as well as system software development, hardware development, application development, system integration, etc. Cockpit Technologies Responsible for software and system development for infotainment functions (IVI) in the cockpit, including car navigation systems, dashboard meter clusters, and in-vehicle monitoring systems. Automated Driving Responsible for functionality development, software/architect development, system development, vehicle adaptation, and technical project management for automated driving technology and system development. Advanced Network Solutions Responsible for developing software functions that meet customer specifications, in the development of vehicle integrated control computers and digital keys using smartphones (Perfectly Keyless).
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