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Design for loading

June 20, 2014

Design for loading

Presentation by @htmlboy and at WebVisions Barcelona, on June 2014.


June 20, 2014

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  1. The average webpage was 
 1.46MB in June 2013. 

    Mostly images. Source: httparchive.org
  2. The average webpage in 
 June 2014 is 1.78MB. 

    Mostly images. Source: httparchive.org
  3. 74% of mobile users won’t wait
 longer than 5 seconds

 for a page to load. Source: bit.ly/5secondsmobile
  4. “1. Optimize an existing feature or asset.
 2. Remove an

    existing feature or asset.
 3. Don’t add the new feature or asset.” – Steve Souders –
  5. How much time does a van 
 need to hit

    the water when 
 falling from a bridge?
  6. “We don't have any 
 non-JavaScript users…
 No, all your

    users are non-JS 
 while they're downloading your JS.” – Jake Archibald –
  7. <div class=container> <header> <!- -Logo and headings- -> </header> <nav>

    <!- -Navigation links- -> </nav> <section class=content> <!- -Err… content- -> </section> </div>
  8. Consider a lazy load on the 
 first visit, and

    display only 
 cached webfonts.