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Be a Better PM

Brett Harned
October 16, 2013

Be a Better PM

This was presented at the Digital PM Summit on October 14, 2013,

You are not a robot, you're a project manager. You are valuable to your team because you're damn good at what you do. Let's think about project management as a practice, and how we can all be better at what we do, and truly support our teams and projects to make amazing products...on time, under budget, and conflict-free. This talk will hit on how WE, as a community of digital project management professionals, can better our skills and elevate the profession through solid practice in communications, stakeholder management, and a little bit of cheerleading.

**This is published under design only because the categories are...not inclusive. :)

Brett Harned

October 16, 2013

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  1. Conduct a post mortem meeting: ˒ Quick session: Ask “What

    worked?” and “What didn’t work?” ˒ Compile your answers; draft a conversation guideline ˒ Conduct a 1-1.5 hour meeting ✦ Ground rules: no nger pointing ✦ Look for action items; ways to better process ✦ Accept all opinions, discuss them
  2. Every status should include: What’s important? ˒ What was done

    last week ˒ What will be done this week/next week ˒ Action items ˒ Update on timeline ˒ Update on budget ˒ Risks & Issues
  3. What’s it gonna take? Sample task: Create HTML Wireframes ˒

    Brainstorming Session/Sketching (1-2 hours) ˒ Follow-up session (1 hour) ˒ Set up environment to build HTML wireframes (1 hour) ˒ Code wireframes (24 hours) ˒ Internal team review (1 hour) ˒ Edit (4-6 hours) ˒ Make public, present wireframes to clients (2 hours)