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Bringing a new WordPress product into the market

November 07, 2017

Bringing a new WordPress product into the market

If you're trying to break into the WordPress ecosystem, and have been told that the space is too congested, or that all the good ideas are taken, my presentation corrects and informs.


November 07, 2017

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  1. 3 @CHRISLEMA And while not all of them will go

    up in flames, some will. Literally.
  2. 4 @CHRISLEMA You might think that’s the worst that can

    happen. But no. Leakage. That’s worse.
  3. 5 @CHRISLEMA People will tell you that it’s all about

    market research. TIME AWARENESS OF NEED Few people know they have a need. The need is obvious and multiple folks are working competitively.
  4. 6 @CHRISLEMA What if we turn elsewhere for our new

    product development innovation?
  5. 8 @CHRISLEMA Take two product attributes that have never been

    connected, and connect them. Connect the Dots
  6. 11 @CHRISLEMA Simplify your product by using the features of

    other products that are nearby. Leverage What’s Nearby
  7. 13 @CHRISLEMA Take two products found in regular proximity, and

    create a new combined product. Connect What’s Nearby
  8. 17 @CHRISLEMA Beyond the product definition, you can make other

    changes. Change the customer segment. Change the offer and pricing. Change the distribution model. Change the architecture.
  9. 23 @CHRISLEMA Core needs- why you buy groceries. Improvements- why

    you pay for counseling. Pain reduction- why you pay the doctor. Risk reduction- why you buy car insurance. Goal acceleration- why you buy books. Long-term savings- why you join Costco. Larger payouts- why you invest in stocks. Entertainment- why you to go the movies. Experiences- why you go on vacation. Remember why people pay for stuff
  10. 24 @CHRISLEMA Be very clear who you are selling to.

    “Everyone” isn’t an answer.
  11. 25 @CHRISLEMA Be clear what motivation you’re selling to. Selling

    to a developer is often just goal acceleration (less value).
  12. 26 @CHRISLEMA Your product and its features are a small

    part of the decision criteria. Tell a better story.