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Reimagining the library

Reimagining the library

Libraries hold an interesting position in modern research institutions: digital scholarship, open access and the increasing availability of information online has resulted in a shift away from the traditional role of the library. Libraries are now required to curate the right information, facilitate communities of practice and provide expertise in research methods, academic sources and scholarly communication.

This talk was first presented at the OCLC's event: The Library in the Life of the User. In it I talk about Modern Human's work with Cambridge University to imagine the academic library of the near future. I talk about applying human-centred design strategically to create a vision for academic library services at the University based on the evolving needs of students and researchers. I also shared some of the 12 concepts that Modern Human created as a response.

UPDATE: I have since updated some of the slides and added a section covering some of the prototypes and pilots we have been running with Cambridge University. I presented this updated deck (albeit from a slightly different angle) at Cornell University in February 2016.

Paul Jervis Heath

October 21, 2015

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  1. MODERN HUMAN REIMAGINING THE LIBRARY Applying human-centred design strategically to

    libraries at the University of Cambridge 
 Presented by Paul-Jervis Heath of Modern Human at Cornell University MODERN HUMAN
  2. MODERN HUMAN http://modernhuman.co @modhuman _ Product and service designer with

    18 years working on ground-breaking projects _ Paul has introduced design thinking and human- centred design methods to many large organisations _ He has led design projects such as in- car information systems, smart home Paul-Jervis Heath PRINCIPAL & CHIEF DESIGNER appliances, concepts for retail stores of the future, and countless other multichannel services and digital products. _ Former Head of Innovation at Cambridge University, lecturer and regular speaker on Innovation and Design Thinking.
  3. MODERN HUMAN http://modernhuman.co @modhuman MODERN HUMAN Imagine what’s next… Modern

    Human is a design practice and innovation consultancy that specialises in imagining disruptive new products, services and experiences then making them a reality.
  4. MODERN HUMAN http://modernhuman.co @modhuman INFORMATION What information is provided and

    at what stage INTERACTION How people use the product or service in order to achieve their goals STRUCTURE The structural relationships between channels, touchpoints, components and features CONCEPT How the product or service delivers the proposition PROPOSITION Value offered to customers from using the product or service DESIGN STRATEGY CONCEPTUAL DESIGN DETAILED DESIGN VISUAL The visual appearance of the product or service
  5. MODERN HUMAN To invent a future that doesn't exist, you

    really have to understand what people are doing today and completely reimagine it ” – Bill Burnett: executive director of the design program at d.school, Stanford. “ MODERN HUMAN http://modernhuman.co @modhuman
  6. MODERN HUMAN Human-centred design is informed by design research, which

    uses ethnographic techniques MODERN HUMAN http://modernhuman.co @modhuman
  7. MODERN HUMAN MODERN HUMAN http://modernhuman.co @modhuman Human-centred design can be

    applied strategically to services like those within academic libraries.
  8. MODERN HUMAN http://modernhuman.co @modhuman department college supermarket solo or collaborative

    medium of discourse transparency necessity of external funding source of funding pace THE STUDENT TRIANGLE DISCIPLINE CULTURES
  9. MODERN HUMAN http://modernhuman.co @modhuman department college supermarket solo or collaborative

    medium of discourse transparency necessity of external funding source of funding pace THE STUDENT TRIANGLE DISCIPLINE CULTURES
  10. MODERN HUMAN A concept is a clearly articulated central idea

    around which the features and benefits of a product or service combine. MODERN HUMAN http://modernhuman.co @modhuman
  11. MODERN HUMAN Spacefinder Spacefinder is a search service that enables

    users to find different types of spaces in which to work and study across the University. MODERN HUMAN http://modernhuman.co @modhuman
  12. MODERN HUMAN MODERN HUMAN http://modernhuman.co @modhuman Appstore The Appstore is

    a curated collection of software tools and apps tailored specifically to academic and student use.
  13. MODERN HUMAN http://modernhuman.co @modhuman IDEA CONCEPT VISION A vision is

    a clear statement of intent that describes the resultant user experience
  14. MODERN HUMAN MODERN HUMAN http://modernhuman.co @modhuman Integrated library search A

    single place to find everything that libraries offer.
  15. MODERN HUMAN MODERN HUMAN http://modernhuman.co @modhuman Once you have a

    vision and an
 strategy it’s time to start making things.
  16. MODERN HUMAN http://modernhuman.co @modhuman ROLE LOOK & FEEL IM PLEM

    ENTATION INTEGRATION Adapted from: What do prototypes prototype? 
 Stephanie Houde and Charles Hill (1997).
  17. MODERN HUMAN http://modernhuman.co @modhuman Source: The future of prototyping is

    now live. David Aycan and Paolo Lorenzoni, Harvard Business Review. What are the different ways we could solve this problem? Does our solution resonate in the marketplace? PURPOSE Can the problem be solved this way? Early to explore options and midway to explore way to deliver specific features Once an opportunity area has been identified to explore market appeal WHEN After functionality has been identified but before means is determined. Low Just enough to appear real in the marketplace FIDELITY High enough to prove feasibility RAPID PROTOTYPING LIVE PROTOTYPING TECHNICAL PROTOTYPING Are the economics attractive enough to justify scaling? Late Very high PILOT
  18. MODERN HUMAN http://modernhuman.co @modhuman 3,637 USERS 2,050 definitely from Cambridge

    2,086 REPEAT VISITS 40.3% of 5,178 visits 5.3 PAGES/VISIT Quantitative data from site analytics showed that the pilot had really strong traffic with a high proportion of people using it more than once. 27,448 total page views
  19. MODERN HUMAN http://modernhuman.co @modhuman “I wanted to write personally, to

    thank you for Spacefinder and tell you how useful students are already finding it. This is an achievement which shouldn’t be underestimated. I thought you might be amused to know that the general response has been one of sheer astonishment that the University have helped produce something so up-to-date and relevant to student life” – Poppy Ellis Logan: CUSU Welfare and Rights Officer
  20. MODERN HUMAN MODERN HUMAN http://modernhuman.co @modhuman WHO HAS…? A pilot

    to discover whether peer-to-peer sublending would remove the need to return books
  21. MODERN HUMAN MODERN HUMAN http://modernhuman.co @modhuman PROTOLIB A pilot that

    applies human-centred design to physical library spaces
  22. MODERN HUMAN http://modernhuman.co @modhuman CONCEPT SKETCH + PLAN
 The Perfect

    Writing Space CONCEPT SKETCH + PLAN
 The perfect reading space PLAN
 The perfect collaborative space
  23. MODERN HUMAN MODERN HUMAN http://modernhuman.co @modhuman NORTH STAR A pilot

    to help academics communicate their research and maximise their impact
  24. MODERN HUMAN This presentation is released under a Creative Commons

    Attribution - No Derivatives (CC-BY-ND) license. This license allows for you and others to redistribute this presentation for commercial or non-commercial purposes, as long as it is passed along unchanged and in whole. When doing so you must acknowledge Modern Human. If in doubt, just ask us. We won’t bite. For more information on what you can do with the content and ideas in this presentation, please visit: http://creativecommons.org/ licenses/by-nd/4.0/ or send a letter to Creative Commons, 444 Castro street, suite 900, Mountain view, California, 94041, USA. Paul-Jervis Heath [email protected] +44 79 7456 7823 @pauljervisheath